Be Well Hospitals: Pioneers of a Robust and Affordable Healthcare Delivery Model

Be Well Hospitals
Be Well Hospitals

First, we must congratulate ourselves for emerging from the global pandemic, though with a widespread impact, which would have been lessened if not for our healthcare industry’s unorganized and fragmented nature.

This fragmented nature is why we consider healthcare a place to visit to get well. From now on, there is an urgent need for us to change our mindset if we wish to tackle similar situations henceforth.

Be Well Hospitals – a pioneering network of multispecialty hospitals with a focus on Emergency, Multispecialty, and Preventive Care is effectively fulfilling the modern mindset demand of creating a holistic, well integrated and sustainable “SECONDARY” healthcare ecosystem amidst the primary and tertiary layers of network that prevails currently.

Dr C. J Vetrievel, the FounderChairman and Managing Director, believes that any robust Healthcare delivery model should have organized interconnected primary, secondary and tertiary care established systems. No one is thinking of creating a secondary care network. “We at Be Well are pioneers in this for the benefit of healthcare sectors.”

Only Choice for Trusted Networked Higher Secondary Care Provider

Furthermore, in India, everyone who wants to utilize healthcare services goes to bigger hospitals even for secondary care procedures (as there is no choice of a trusted secondary care provider). The cost in bigger hospitals are expensive due to overheads and complexity “So to reverse the healthcare seeking behaviour of our country, we are aiming to create a Be Well network and thereby work towards putting money back into the patient’s pocket through our innovative model.”

Started in 2011, today, Be Well Hospitals is located in 12 semi-urban/towns across Tamil Nadu – Tambaram, T Nagar, Kilpauk, Poonamalle, Anna Nagar, Ambattur, Pondicherry, Pudukottai, Tuticorin, Erode, Cuddalore and Nagercoil.

Being an Emergency and Multispecialty Secondary Care Hospital, the healthcare delivery model ensures accessible and quality healthcare. The goal of Be Well is to continuously spread health awareness among the Indian population in meaningful and engaging ways in order to attain well-being of one and all. Be Well became the first organized private player in this “Secondary Plus Healthcare Model”, an integrator between primary and tertiary care hospitals.

Optimum Efficiency 

Sharing insights about Be Well Hospitals’ offerings and aspects that make it stand out in the cutthroat competition; Dr. Vetrievel states that they are establishing a unique healthcare model with just 50-75 bed facilities in semi-urban and district headquarters towns, with accessibility and affordability being their clear focus. “Because of our sheer efficiency, capital planning and centralized cost optimization, we can offer affordable services,” he insists.

Looking at the secondary procedures and the costs involved, 60-70% of admissions in big sector hospitals are currently secondary care procedures. Presently, Be Well charges only 1/3rd of what is being charged in other renowned brands, absolutely with no compromise in providing efficient and quality healthcare services.

Dr. Vetrievel has practised medicine for a decade at various international medical institutions in Maldives, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

Before founding Be Well Hospitals, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the Projects Division of Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and held many senior positions in the Apollo Hospitals group and was in charge of Setting up large-scale hospitals in India and abroad.

Fostering a Tech-Optimized Network 

Being an experienced leader, he shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts today’s healthcare sector and how Be Well is adapting to the change. He claims that AI and ML can analyze vast amounts of patient data to provide personalized treatment plans tailored to the individual’s needs. It can lead to more effective treatments and improved patient outcomes.

AI and ML can automate administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling, billing, and medical record-keeping, freeing healthcare professionals’ time to focus on patient care.

“Though at an early stage, we are also working with experts to maximize the benefits of technology.”

Considering the current industry scenario, he reveals that they face multiple challenges and needs to continuously overcome them. “The Health Care Delivery System is fragmented in our country compared to developed countries. There was a compelling need for an organized network of hospitals like Be Well (addressing accessibility, affordability and quality care to all), which could disrupt as to how health care services is being delivered in our country currently.”

All is Well with Be Well Ecosystem

Running a distributed small-format hospital chain contains numerous challenges. At Be Well, they have understood and streamlined SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for all activities. They have in-house training, continuous know-how & updates involved, and knowledge enhancement drives to overcome the challenges.

In his advice to budding professionals who are aspiring to venture into the healthcare sector, Dr Vetrievel says, “Focus on real-time problems, innovate and find solutions. Capital is available, and you should be prudent in expansion”.

There is always a peril when you scale. Fundamentally, ensure that you build a strong foundation and dream of creating institutions that will last generations and thereby help improve the lives of the common person”.

On envisioning scaling of Be Well Hospitals’ operations and its deliverables in the future, he divulges the strategies that are in the making: Its goal is to expand by setting up of 50 hospitals in the state of Tamil Nadu and eventually establish 500 branches Pan India.

To speed up the process of ensuring easy access to quality and affordable healthcare, they also utilize their expertise and experience to help others in India and developing countries set up hospitals that meet high-quality standards. “We support several upcoming healthcare brands by offering Consultancy, right from evolving the concept to commissioning and facilitating everyday operations, which is also one of our niches which we will be running in parallel in the near future,” he concludes.

Be Well Hospitals’ Hall of Fame:

  • Be Well Pudukkottai awarded Pioneers in Emergency Medicine by IIEMS- Hyderabad.
  • IMA, TN & UNICEF, Chennai awarded Be Well Pudukkottai as a “Mother & Baby friendly hospital.”
  • Best Primary Healthcare Hospital” Award at The 6th Annual Medical Excellence Awards – 2022.
  • Received Corona Warrior Award – by our Medical Director and our Drs Team from CTACIS by Our Honourable Minister for Health and Family Welfare of Tamil Nadu, Mr Ma. Subramanian.
  • Received Best Multispecialty Hospitals Award from Global Healthcare Innovation Award and Conference 2022.
  • Received India’s Best 20 Hospitals of 2022 Certificate from the Industry Insights.