Bachpan Play School: Redefining Education by Instilling Holistic Values

bachpan play school
Tijay Gupta | COO | Bachpan Play School

It is not uncommon for parents to spend a lot of time searching for schools that nurture their children in the best way possible. Parents value the school systems that offer an optimal opportunity for their children to grow and learn. This is a primary why they seek out schools that boast of high-test scores and cultivate positive student/teacher/parent relationships.

While it is true that seeking an exclusive pre-school is essential if you have little ones in your house, building a solid foundation for an excellent education starts with pre-school. When you explore and find a proper environment, your children get exposed to a plethora of elements that enhance creativity, bolster social skills, and develop an extensive base for a bright, education-driven future.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the variety of pre-schools available, you can conclude your search for an incredible preschool, look no further! Bachpan Play School uses state-of-the-art teaching methods amidst an environment of endless learning opportunities.

Under the profound leadership of Mr Tijay Gupta, COO, Bachpan play school instils a spirit of joy and fervour in children for learning new things and outshine in the competitive world. Being one of the most renowned nursery schools, Bachpan has all that a growing toddler needs to complete his early education!

In an interview with CioLook India, Tijay Gupta shared valuable information highlighting the significance of Bachpan Play School in the education sector.

Please enlighten our readers about Bachpan Play School and its significance as a recognized pre-school in the education sector.

Bachpan Play School, which started in 2004, pioneered a curriculum for children in our country that has never existed before. Our Nursery Schools are devoted to children’s early development and systematically and creatively introduce them to organized learning. We now have a nationwide presence, with over 1100 preschools across the country.

There is a list of services that are continuously updated for our students too. At Bachpan, we offer kids a mixed bag of innovation, technology, and lots of fun. We believe in making everything as easy as possible so that they don’t take the burden of any activity and can learn flawlessly. We take assistance from smart classes and virtual reality to foster a kid’s learning.

Tell us about your school’s uniqueness in providing amenities and educational programs for pre-school children.

Our USPs are unique in the industry and cover every aspect of modern education. Speak-o-Kit, Robotime, Virtual Reality, and Robotime are a few of those USPs that are regularly used in our preschools everywhere to foster learning for kids.

Robotics fosters critical thinking and is a popular hobby among Bachpan students. Smart Classes are essential for new-age education, as youngsters must be able to comprehend topics using learning tools. This is truly fascinating at Bachpan. The VR headgears allow you to travel to different locations while sitting in a classroom. Learning has never been this simple and more accessible with the latest Bachpan 360 App’s useful features.

The Speak-O-Pen, which works in conjunction with the Speaking book, has significantly improved the approach of our preschool education system. It comes with a Speak-O-Kit for kids that they can use to listen to the printed material and study at their own pace.

What strategies and programs does Bachpan Play School implement in teaching preschoolers phonics and early literacy skills?

We make every effort to make learning enjoyable for children. Bachpan has successfully raised the green flags in linking technology to preschools by starting the Technology Application. We are regularly introducing the idea of edutainment into the classroom curriculum and serving the educational sector following a chain of glorious hardworking years. We ensure Absolute Concentration on Holistic Values.

As children’s education guardians, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility to provide the little ones with an exact recipe for emotional, social, value-based, intellectual, and cognitive growth. We are raising children who will be able to endure the competitive spirit.

According to our instructors, childhood is the most significant era in a person’s life, and it forms them according to the strokes. It all depends on how parents or teachers nurture childhood and prepare the road to give it a specific shape and educate the small tots’ future.

We’ve reached a level of complete improvisation in the usual play school curriculum, thanks to our technical enterprise, Prismart. Prismart offers Smart Classes, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Robotime to help students learn more effectively.

How do you plan to enhance Bachpan Play School’s readiness to increase engagement with children?

Together, we Recreate. Our preschool platform provides an open field for children to engage in recreational activities with a wonderful relationship between technology and education. Bachpan’s learning is distinct and fruitful due to its unique pedagogy and cutting-edge infrastructure. Regular engaging activities are conducted for kids, which gives them reasons to come and enjoy the school daily. Our infrastructure is well-equipped and filled with engaging and needed varieties.

How do you envision Bachpan Play School’s operations with the emerging technology and K-12 education that is revolutionizing the education industry?

As I have stated earlier, technology is the need of the hour, and we have inculcated every bit of it in our curriculum and daily activities. We are constantly striving to make everything easy and comfortable for the kids and would adopt every possible method to make kids learn and grow in the best form.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding entrepreneurs willing to venture into the education industry?

The advice is straightforward: stay focused on what you’re doing, and don’t be scared to make major decisions when the time comes. Because it requires a lot to get back on your feet once you’ve fallen behind. Once you’re ready to go, believe in yourself and make the correct decision at the appropriate moment, as we did when the country’s educational system needed to reform.