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Avinash Chandra | Founder & CEO | Brandloom Consulting

In the following interview with CIO Look India, Avinash Chandra, the founder and CEO of Brandloom Consulting shares his take on the booming scope of digital marketing and how his firm is leveraging every opportunity there is to carve its niche.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Give our readers a brief overview of BrandLoom, its vision, and its journey since inception

Since its inception in 2015, BrandLoom has emerged as one of India’s most trusted digital marketing and branding companies. We aim to help our clients grow sustainably and ethically. Our vision is to establish our company as the goto name in our field and keep exploring newer avenues to offer innovative solutions to our clients.

BrandLoom has been working with brands from various industries like healthcare, apparels, F&B, farming, FMCG, education and more. Some of our clients have been- Wipro, Tata, Jubilant Indus-tries, Groversons, Hero Cycles, etc.

What makes BrandLoom a preferred choice over its competition?

What makes BrandLoom stand out is our unique brandingecommerce approach. Our digital marketing services help us establish brands. We understand the brand first, and then deploy our digital marketing services to create a selfsustaining ecosystem that help establish and grow a brand in the long run.

As a branding agency, we specialize in finding a brand’s market niche, designing its visual branding aspects and strategic branding for the long term. The strategies we design to build a brand are all based on data, focused on ROI and are tailor-made for each client. We always insist on sustainable strategies, which helps our clients thrive in the long-term.

To ensure that a brand grows sustainably, we deploy a host of digital marketing services ranging from SEO, content marketing to social media marketing, website development, logo designing, email marketing, online PR, video marketing, graphic designing and more.

We are happy to say that our clients have been reaping the benefits of our solutions and are growing organically.

Being at a leadership position of your company, what is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the Indian business ecosystem?

The pandemic has affected India’s business ecosystem severely. India has been getting back on its feet, slowly but steadily. However, many businesses are finding it difficult to step up because they are not yet prepared for the digital era.

If the pandemic has shown us something, it is that businesses have to go digital if they want to survive. If the Indian business sector has to step into the new age, as a whole, we have to upgrade our systems and ways of doing business. In my opinion, businesses that cannot adapt to this environment will become unviable in the long run.

As an experienced leader, according to you, how necessary is it to align one’s business with the latest technological developments?

Being the head of a digital marketing company and having headed the marketing departments of various MNCs before that- I can say with certainty that if you cannot align your business with the latest technological developments, you will suffer.

Technology is affecting the ways customers are finding, testing, and interacting with brands and products. Their expectations are different, and the market has also changed today be-cause the internet has changed everything.

You have to adopt relevant technologies to do and manage your business, design new products, interact with customers and grow your business. If you do not change with time, time will march on leaving you behind.

What have you envisioned for your company to sustain its competency in the future?

Definitely, as a team, we have envisioned a future where we become the go-to name in our field. In our field, we must stay on top of technological advances- and we have aimed to adopt more agile methods in handling our projects.

This, of course, means we are paying attention to remote collaboration. Another reason for going agile is that we want to build a team with the best talents. We do not want a physical location to be a hindrance to that- and it helps increase employee satisfaction.

We are also a women-friendly company: the majority of our employees are women. In our experience, if women are offered a working environment which allows them to have a better work-life balance, they can contribute their best. Companies that are not women-friendly lose out on tapping a vast reservoir of talent to their detriment. We never want to be like them.

We want to grow pan-India, that these are some things we feel will sustain our competency in the long-term.