FLUODIGITAL: Mastering the Art of Creating Strategies from Consumer Data Analysis.

Rahul K. Soni | Founder & Director | FLUODIGITAL

A bunch of ingenious minds of the marketing world came together to form a marketing agency named as FLUODIGITAL that works on providing high end conversions to the clients.

FLUODIGITAL is data driven performance marketing and research firm. The firm currently works with a very limited set of clients, as it believes in giving quality output to its clients.

A Strategist Behind Inception

At the helm of the FLUODIGITAL is its Founder and Director, Rahul K. Soni. Having 15 years of experience into digital media, he has strong understanding of Technical, strategies and coding. He is a PGP in Mass Media from Welingkars Institute of Management. He holds a Certification of Google Marketing Solutions and keen of learning data mining solutions. More than 15 years in the industry, he has worked with some of the leading brands like YES BANK, REDDIF and IBM and is now working on developing his own product in data mining. After working with brands and agencies throughout his tenure, he identified few gaps and thus wanted to start on own. He found two major problems – not putting many efforts in researching and identifying the audience with a strong data points based on the cohorts.

“Prioritizing on the strong BRAND-CUSTOMER relationship, we operate on our grounds of continuously working with the brand gaining and updating consumer insights”

Rahul spent 5 years with Rediff.com and he realized tremendous scope in data analysis and how businesses can drive value from it. FLUODIGITAL started its journey in 2017 but the company was incepted in mid-2018. Then one day he decided to quit his job and asked for a financial support from his brother and in return made him investor and mentor in the company. That moment marked the start of a roller coaster ride. Initially, he didn’t have any clients nor any projects and stayed with zero revenue for first 6 months. Eventually, he got his first client. After lockdown occurred, everything changed and after few months he found the company in stronger position as it took its own time to grow while focusing on client ROI and building processes with a focused attention to limited set of clients.

Stack of Offerings

FLUODIGITAL has currently divided the teams into two major verticals i.e. Performance marketing and quantitative research. For performance marketing, it directly works with SME’s, Funded startups and chooses its clients onthe basis of the nature of the industry and their need. The company believes in building long term relationships. Rather than focusing only on retainers, it chases the consistent result. Whereas, for research-based products the firm directly works with creative agencies in which it gives them insights on different parameters.

For agencies, the company provides services such as Audience Segmentation, Creative Testing, Path to Purchase Analysis, Media Planning and Buying, Campaign Analysis, and Brand Tracking.

For brands and publishers, its services differ so as to include Customer Segmentation, New Product Development, Market Intelligence, Social Media Strategy, Budget Allocation, Brand Tracking, Campaign Analytics and In-house Media Planning.

Shedding Light on the Effects of Pandemic

In the opinion of Rahul, pandemic has increased the digital adoption in the country and tremendous opportunities for all size of media agencies. His team has seen little drop in the media budgets at the start of the pandemic but after that it has tremendously increased. His team shares some of the data point it found during the research-

  • Increased openness to new digital offerings introduced during the pan-demic (84.8%)
  • Increased value placed on digital experiences (83.8%)
  • Greater acknowledgment of companies’ attempts to “do good” (79.1%)
  • Lower likelihood to buy (67.2%)
  • New customers have attracted to their products and services (65.4%)

Inculcating Customer-First Strategy

According to Rahul, today, customers expect relevant content in relation to what they’re doing anytime, anywhere in the format and in the device of their choice. It’s their journey that dictates the strategy of marketing companies. In order to keep up with this new kind of “always-connected” customer, those companies must embrace technology to deliver an unmatched customer experience. Fortunately, putting the customer first is already at the center of many organizations’ strategy. With the same strategy, FLUODIGITAL has scaled up.

A Top-notch Product in Progress

Rahul believes that competency brings the innovation in you and always prompt you to give your best. To sustain the competency, FLUODIGITAL is building a product which is currently its service right now. The company aims to automate the entire process of research in order to simplify it and give dashboard access to its clients, so they won’t need to rely on the company for the data or having an inhouse resource work for them full time. As a result, FLUODIGITAL will get a chance to focus on other areas of businesses.

As a data driven agency, the team at FLUODIGITAL understands the importance of data in the marketing and how to use it in a right way and thus, it is consistently adding best in class data analysts and data miners for the same.