CGR MINDS INC: Making a Difference in the Consulting Business.

Ramneek Kumar Talwar | President | CGR MINDS

The current pandemic has impacted the large economies globally. However, some organizations have a strong belief that it is always easy and good to write on a clean slate rather than trying to fill the spaces left on a filled slate. There is always a possibility to grow from zero with more clarity and focused vision. Obstacles are always there when one is doing good or not doing good.

But the major obstacle is the changing paradigm and now this is the time when one must bring the paradigm shift to start doing the business the way they want. One pandemic is passing by and others may come, but life must go on and one must be open to explore the opportunities either in front of them or one can search it in the area one desires.

Ensuring the hygiene levels has always remained an area of importance in our working and life, the only thing is that this pandemic has taught all of us about hygiene and safety procedures to be maintained at all levels. Since ancient times and ages, there have been advices all the times, about various safety procedures should be adopted, now same has been reinforced scientifically.

“We help companies to multiply their bottom line & expand their business to convert their aspirations to reality, through a team of highly experienced and result-oriented consultants”

One company with a similar belief in starting afresh is CGR MINDS. It is not just a business consulting company; it is on a mission to transform businesses. As consultants, CGR MINDS support business leaders to achieve their ambitious targets across the globe resulting into consistent growth for their companies. “Our association with our clients always writes and inspires success story for the institution and energises their teams for a sustainable growth,” says Mr. Rajesh Shukla – Vice President of CGR MINDS.

The company was started as a consulting company with a clear vision to support organizations, to convert their aspirations into reality by multiplying their bottom-line. Its major clients are from SMEs, MSMEs having a vision to attain exponential growth and expand their business across the border.

CGR MINDS’ consistent growth is a result of continued support and confidence of its clients, over a period of time. Its team shares, “We serve industries such as Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Energy, Business services, Education, Consumer products, Information Technology, start-ups etc.”

 Dynamics of CGR MINDS

The company is having its presence in Canada, Mexico, Thailand and India for providing services to clients. It has accomplished different types of projects in quite diverse industries such as Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Construction, FMCG, and Mining just to name a few.

CGR MIND and its team has conviction in their own capabilities and belief that victory is just beyond the obstacles. “We are pro-active with a culture of advance planning, planning to enable productivity and results, reviewing current reality and taking expeditious actions,” states Mr. Gerard Char.

The company believes in transparent communication, acknowledging accomplishments and breakdowns, standing for its potential and improvement scope. It respects celebrating diversity in skills, perspectives, and backgrounds, respecting every member in the company and at client place, respecting roles and accountability, listening deeply, differing perspectives, respecting itself.

“We work with clients only when we are confident that we can multiply their profits and bring sustainable changes in their organization, we remain engaged and a stakeholder through the course of the implementation period, along with our clients and partners,” shares Ramneek Kumar Talwar, President of CGR MINDS.

CGR MINDS’ team designs the payment structure to benefit client in such a way, that client finds a complete win-win for all stake holders. The company always take the prior approval with the client about the complete solution, before starting the engagement and shares the knowledge base while transferring competent resources to ensure the self-sustaining growth.

A Distinguished Personality

Ramneek is having expertise in providing breakthrough leadership to achieve corporate strategies, build coalition to support business growth, implement and manage change to drive organizational performance. Extensive experience with C-Level decision makers of large companies throughout globe.

Ramneek as President of CGR MINDS help companies to create their own Decisive Competitive Edge and brings the whole organization on path of ‘Process of On-Going Improvement’

He is an accomplished Senior Executive with the vision and leadership insights to strategic plan, direct and control company operations to capitalize on emerging business opportunities, by way of creating a Decisive Competitive Edge. Ramneek has proved his consulting capabilities in Projects and Sales and Marketing. He resulted in major financial structuring for cross-border deals, led significant engagements of joint venture and collaborations across the globe.

Ramneek has expertise in providing breakthrough leadership to achieve corporate strategies, build coalition to support business growth, implement and manage change to drive organizational performance.

Expert Services

CGR MINDS is helping SME and MSME companies in FMCG, Food and Beverages, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceutical, Infrastructure, IOT, Research and Development in Health Sciences etc. to convert their aspirations to reality, primarily launching their ‘products and services.’ It is assisting the clientele in creating and managing effective distribution network, sales and marketing activities, client’s operations with planned strategic implementation across border i.e. India, Thailand, Canada, Mexico etc.

The team of CGR MINDS is also providing Project Management services to Government, IT, Infrastructure, Major Maintenance and R&D organizations to complete projects within time, budget, and scope along with advisory and solutions related to Cyber Crime and Investigations. The team assists in complete launching of innovative Startups in different verticals.

Guiding young entrepreneurs, Ramneek conveys, “One should possess listening skills and be a good and effective, communicator with proper articulation. One must focus on relationships with trust, throughput & transparency, rather than revenue.” According to Ramneek, one should sell results, rather than the service. All consulting delivery structure should be flexible to accommodate the client’s success. One must use various proven management tools and always close all type of communications, rather than keeping them open.

In long run, CGR MINDS aspire to be the leader with proven footprints, helping most of the small and medium organizations across the globe and grow them by multiplying bottom-line. “We believe that by doing so we can create and provide unlimited job and business opportunities and bring happiness among all,” concludes Ramneek.