Coral Telecom Ltd: Bridging Technologies, Enriching Businesses

Coral Telecom Ltd
Coral Telecom Ltd

The sudden onslaught of the global pandemic in 2020 brought the entire world economy to a standstill as there were strict restrictions on movement. Businesses and several industrial sectors struggled to continue through the only hope of remote communication.

People spent more time at home that included work, leisure, or education. This led to the extensive usage of broadband, mobile and data center operators as the demand for both voice and data surged exponentially. With the rapid growth in the telecom industry, there were several challenges also propped up in the due course of time.

The growing demand for the high volume of data due to the usage of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Smart TVs created new requirements in the customers expecting to receive services through digital channels. Telecom companies were required to provide and implement the digital transformation process to improvise and upgrade the ways of communication and customer experience. Consumers are increasingly using multiple communication channels and apps such as Skype, Zoom, Teams, Google Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and more to communicate with brands. Therefore, customers expect to receive service through digital channels and also in communicating through multiple channels.  Approximately 72% of consumers prefer to use multi-channel to connect with brands and businesses. Most customers prefer to communicate through multi-channel, something telecom companies should deeply consider. Consumer preferences create a new standard for customer service in the telecom industry.

To overcome the challenges, Coral Telecom Limited has offered to implement smart omnichannel solutions that help in upgrading the ways of communication and customer experience. Spearheaded by its visionary Managing Director, Rajesh Tuli, Coral Telecom has created a benchmark by offering unique solutions in amalgamating the technologies of wired as well as modern Wi-fi networks.

A Dynamic Preface

Coral Telecom Limited is a single-product company catering to “enterprise communication” solutions. It has successfully adopted the latest telecom technologies in a domain characteristically marked with fast-changing technologies to meet the requirements of its customers. Starting in 1991, when Coral was designing telecom switches based on conventional SDM / TDM technology, they have now been replaced with IP switching platforms that support unified communication for voice, video as well as data.

Recent changes in technology coupled with the Government’s proactive encouragement of setting up converged “Captive non-Public Networks” has opened up yet another demand for converged networks that will have both desk phones and wireless devices (mobiles) working seamlessly on the same switching fabric. Coral has played the role of a lead player in integrating these technologies to build solutions for discerning customers. It has upgraded the switching matrix of its IP PABX systems to become 3GPPP compliant which will seamlessly support switching for LTE and 5G networks while providing all the features and functionalities that discerning enterprise customers need from Unified enterprise communication systems.

Outstanding Forte

Cutting-edge technologies integrated into its “converged enterprise networks”, that merge present-day wired communication in the enterprise with captive 4/5 G handsets working seamlessly is a unique product offering that will find applications in every large organization. Converged networks will radiate private 4/5 G services that will act as a transport medium for the high-speed low latency data needs of the industry. Services like IOT, SCADA and surveillance will ride on these omnipresent 4/5 G networks contributing to automation and robotics thus ushering in an era of Industry 4.0. Biometric surveillance, Access control, Perimeter fencing, and Industrial automation will become the hallmark of these high-speed low latency radiating platforms.

Coral has experience designing various user-specific applications over the years for the communication needs of Call centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Railways, and Defense for their wired networks. Now, all these custom applications will become an integral part of this journey of building converged platforms.

Committed Authority

Rajesh Tuli is the promoter of Coral telecom, who started this entrepreneurial journey in 1991 from a small trading setup in Mumbai and slowly started to design and manufacture enterprise communication systems or EPABX systems as they were called. Deeply committed to the design and development of technologies in India for many years is one of the strongest advocates for Aatamnirbhar Bharat.

The government has recognized Coral as a product champion for enterprise communication systems and awarded Design let PLI scheme. The government is also actively supporting the company in design initiatives in the segment.

Commendable Traits

Team building, Encouraging entrepreneurs and “Start-ups” in an effort to build a domestic design and manufacturing ecosystem are the hallmark of one’s personality that clients as well as Government appreciate.

Coral has helped start-ups build autonomous vehicles and drones that seamlessly work on the CNPN network. These initiatives will not only help start-ups but will also build an end-to-end complete Indian ecosystem since end customers require end-to-end solutions that are plug-and-play. Coral has similarly encouraged NMS companies, network switch companies as well as Camera companies to build an integrated plug-and-play Indian ecosystem.

Advancing with Tech-transformation

According to Rajesh, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the technologies of the future, and they will influence each technology domain, and more specifically, the domain Coral is into in more ways than one. As telecom technology moves from 5G to 6G, it would have a significant role in AI. The Artificial intelligence and self-learning models will determine the direction and channelization of 5G transmission. It will decide how the beamforming should take place and determine the prioritization of RF (Radio Frequency) radiation for certain critical applications or devices.

Energy conservation and hibernation of radiating medium would be dynamic and optimized. Rajesh identified that AI will determine where the decision-making takes place and if the packet goes up to the central decision-making core or does it gets addressed at the edge device itself or somewhere in between. All this will make telecom networks energy-efficient, and optimized for the best delivery in given circumstances. Railway control and command communication will need complex AI algorithms to handle trains moving at over 240 Kmph.

Like AI, machine learning will have an equally important impact since high-speed, low-latency networks would become the media on which machines will talk to each other as a part of industrial automation. Automation and robotics coupled with AI and ML techniques will be the main drivers of future technologies, with 4G/5G enterprise networks becoming the highway in which all these services will ride within the Industry, Hospital, Hotel, or a large campus.

Conquering Challenges

Keeping pace with technology is a challenge, especially when this domain is changing at a breath-taking pace. While it is a challenge, it also opens new opportunities for challengers to compete and excel ahead of incumbent players on every turn of technology.

Pieces of Wisdom

Speaking as advice to the budding industry professionals, Rajesh said, “Take the technology challenge as an opportunity and use understanding of technology to stay ahead of the curve.”

Leaping into Broader Horizons

Coral’s unique ability is to offer converged 4/5 G core for seamless communication between LTE / 5 G-based radio networks that support mission-critical and MCX-based floor control services to facilitate PTT (push-to-talk) features for audio and video broadcast, so critical for Utility companies, Police and paramilitary forces. The solution supports autonomous vehicles, Robotic arms, IOT, and M2M applications for Mines, Submarines, and Oil rigs and can cater to the needs of Industry 4.0 in general. All this with Common NMS, plug-and-play Gateways, and other IP devices makes puts Coral in a unique position to provide custom solutions to its clients.

The adoption of AI techniques along with custom solutions for niche segments, will make Coral Telecom a formidable player in the segments it represents.

Inspiring Recognitions

Coral is a formidable player in the “enterprise communication segment”. The company has some of the largest deployments of IP-based next-generation communication solutions to meet requirements of Secured communication at ISRO, DRDO, Indian defence forces etc. Our largest aircraft carrier Vikramaditya, Western Naval command, Porbandar Naval base, Jodhpur core with multiple remote stations, Sukhna, and Patiala Core rely on us for communication needs. Entire voice communication at Konkan Railway and 60% of voice communication for Indian railways go through Coral PBX systems. Enterprises like L&T, NTPC and hospitals like Artimis, AIIMS, Sir Gangaram, and Safderjung hospital use its systems.