Cura Property Services: Adding Care to Your Property

Cura Property Services
Dipty Paranjape | Co-founder | Cura Property Services India

Home has an emotional bonding with the people who live there. It is more than a physical place, as it becomes synonymous with people’s lifetime of memories, their interpersonal relationships, their joys, their happiness, their celebrations, and everything. In fact for many people home symbolises their entire life, wishes, desires, dreams, ambition, and heart feelings.

However, many times, due to various reasons people have to leave these homes. But you could not leave your home just like that, or with people for whom it is just a property. This is where you need professionals who would take care of the house.

Cura Property Services, a division of DAP Consultants Private Limited, registered in India, is precisely doing that. The idea of establishing Cura Property Services came from its Managing Director’s personal experience. During their stay in Seattle, Dipty and Anvay faced a few challenging and difficult situations in respect of their multiple properties in Pune.

Handling issues relating to their properties remotely was a hassle. At that time, there were no professional service providers who could manage their properties completely. Due to this hurdle, the thought of a professional property management company crossed their minds and today we have Cura which is the first professional property management company in Pune.

Mrs Dipty Paranjape, one of the co-founders of Cura Property services has completed her BBM and MBA from Bangalore specializing in Marketing and Human Resources. She interned at Companies like Britannia and IBM to gain and strengthen her skill sets. Coming from a family with a defence background, traits of Self-discipline, punctuality, determination, and hard work were inculcated since childhood.

After getting married to Mr Anvay Paranjape, she moved to Seattle, USA. While in the US, she started a small venture in the food industry. She and her husband moved back to India for good after staying in Seattle for about eight years.

Mrs Dipty spoke in an interview with CIOLOOK India about their successful journey so far and how they are planning Cura’s future.

Please describe Cura Property Services in detail.

Cura Property Services: One-stop Platform for making the process hassle-free by adding care to your property.

Established in 2010, Cura Property Services is a one-stop destination quenching the needs of the property owners across Pune. The company rolls out exclusive services for Pune properties, owned by NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) or NRPs (Non-Resident Puneites).

The company is well-equipped with an experienced team of professionals handling around 500+ such properties across Pune, currently. Offering end-to-end solutions has helped the company to be a one-of-its-kind service provider in the property management landscape in Pune. Today, it is a preferred name in Pune providing comprehensive assistance to its clients related to property management, renting, buying, and reselling of properties.

What were the initial challenges after venturing into the industry and what are the challenges now?

  • Real estate being an unorganized industry and dominant sector it was tough to provide professional services.
  • Initially property management services being new to the industry creating awareness and capturing the set of clients was not an easy job.
  • Challenges now faced are being in a competitive sector and having customized services is not cost-effective in today’s times. Also, since property services involve onsite physical presence, expansion to new cities becomes difficult without a trustworthy setup.

What services/solutions do you provide to your clients?

  • Cura feels ‘Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.’ And so, we at Cura take utmost care to safeguard the feelings of our clients.
  • Prospective clients can look forward to hassle-free/value for money /no travel required/peace of mind and transparency in transactions.
  • We work on behalf of the owners on a contractual basis and the services vary from owner to owner.

To be precise we provide the following services:

  • Property Management Services
  • Tenant Search Services
  • Complete Sales Services
  • Inspection Check Service
  • Repair and Restoration of the property.

What are the immersive benefits of the services/solutions/products that you offer?

With concrete efforts and paramount excellence, the company is bringing in professionalism and transparency to the property consultants’ sector with an aim to be a trustworthy channel for its clientele.

Better returns on investment, efficient rental management, and maintenance. Here is how we address and handle key concerns of the clients:

  • Ascertaining the rental price after thorough market research
  • Aiming at keeping the property vacant to the minimal and ensuring timely rent transfers
  • Conducting business in a transparent manner
  • Working on improving tenant retention rates
  • Grievance redressal and resolving tenant queries
  • Increasing the value of the concerned property
  • Hassle-free and quality maintenance of client’s properties

What are the USPs that make you stand out as a trusted company in the niche?

Experience has its rewards and ten years plus in this industry taught us to handle unique situations which further helped us prioritize effective communication, organized processes and build trusted customer service by adopting transparency.

Cura is a professional property management company whose USP lies in the fact that it believes in competing with itself. For Cura, success comes down to two factors taking care of and valuing clients. Feedback, challenges, and experiences help us get better constantly.

As an established industry leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the industry you are catering to?

Being successful frequently entails learning from those who have already achieved their objectives. Having a mentor is a wonderful gift for any entrepreneur, but not everyone is fortunate enough to find one in person. Transparency, hard work, and communication are essential components of real estate. Real estate is an unorganized market and commitment is the key. Real estate is a service industry and not a product industry.

At the end of the day, you must set the right expectations by going above and beyond and maintaining open lines of communication. Communication is essential in this situation. Every disagreement can be resolved with the right amount of communication and determining exactly what the problem is that needs to be solved. Proper goals and vision have to be addressed in order to enter this field of real estate.

How do you envision further strengthening Cura Property’s stronghold in 2022 and beyond?

Problem-solving, decision making, empathy, planning and strategizing, presentation skills, multitasking, and emotional regulation are the most important skills that Cura incorporates and will continue for years together to ensure its success. Cura also plans to focus on Automation and digitization to enhance its service portfolio.

Cura also plans to integrate their business development and sales functions so that it can work in tandem with its advertising and marketing goals. Cura intends to maintain the same level of work quality as before. As the demand grows, future call for expanding to other cities in India.