CyberSafeHaven: Shielding your Business with Security

Ramakrishnan R | Seshagiri | Founder & Ceo | Cyber Safe Haven
Ramakrishnan R | Seshagiri | Founder & Ceo | Cyber Safe Haven

The nature of cybersecurity is difficult to predict. Hence, being very proactive at all times is necessary. It means having real-time visibility into all the key activities within the organization, automating as much as possible within the realm of security like patching, configuration management, etc. Most importantly, keeping one abreast with latest developments in the industry is the only way to minimise the distance in the race between the attacker and the protector.

CyberSafeHaven stands in minimizing these distances and providing ace level security solutions to everyone. CyberSafeHaven protects all of your digital assets. It provides all types of cybersecurity advice under one roof, ranging from simple risk assessments/audits to the most detailed threat hunting reports.

Ramakrishnan R. Seshagiri, Founder and Chief Consultant, provides clients with unique solutions in the risk assessment space. His 25 plus years of experience in technology, primarily in product development and security makes him stand out. He is an asset for the CyberSafeHaven.

Focused Security Solutions

CyberSafeHaven consulting is a firm that specializes in end-to-end security consulting with special focus on start-ups and small businesses. The range of cybersecurity consulting services include secure software architecture, application security, DevSecOps, threat modelling, and cloud security.

Inspirational Ideal

Ramakrishnan R. Seshagiri also known as Ramki, is the Founder and Chief Consultant of CyberSafeHaven Consulting. He has extensive experience in field of security starting early 2007, when he started building enterprise-class web and network security products. Since then, he has acquainted himself with industry and practical knowledge through interacting with clients worldwide and an array of highly recognised certifications like CISM, CCSP, and AWS-Security Speciality.

Mission Security

Cybersecurity has been rated as one of the most important future skills required by world economic forum (WEF), Forbes technology council and various other important worldwide industry bodies. The threats, not just to large corporations but also to, small companies, and businesses are increasing exponentially day by day.

This leaves a large gap in terms of need and supply of such skills. Apart from being one of the fastest growing segments within technology, there are immense opportunities to create products, which suit specific needs. Last but not the least, this is an area where the company has and will continue to build expertise on, as the landscape keeps going through series of changes.

Expert Solutions

The core offerings of the company are around application security (secure software architecture and design review, API security, secure code review, DevSecOps) and cloud security (we are being registered AWS and Azure consulting partners).

The company also provides unique offerings like CyberRISK4Board, which is an offering for boards of companies and top management to understand the various business, financial, technical, and compliance risks resulting from the cyber security practices of the company and its employees.

It helps the board understand what cybersecurity gaps are still prevailing and help focus spending on the right items. Another differentiating offering is around cyber-liability insurance or cyber-insurance consulting since many companies do not understand what the risk is being covered and how much of it left exposed.

Difficulties on the Journey

There are two primary challenges while entering the sector and is still largely relevant. First, the risks posed by threat actors (many times highly experienced hackers outside the national boundary) would like to extort by encrypting key company information through ransomware and/or extract confidential customer as well as company data to be sold in the dark web.

These risks are least understood by most small businesses and think that they are too small to affect by cybersecurity risks. Secondly, the nature of the threats is continuously changing as protection for the companies increase making it a very fast cat and mouse game.

Expert Advice

Aspiring cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts need to understand that cybersecurity is a very vast domain, which requires varied skill sets within this domain itself. Many of them largely concentrate on penetration testing since that sounds ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘cool’.

However, the youngsters need to realise that there are several other important jobs involving incidence response (SIEM), cyberforensics, application security, DevSecOps many of which require good programming expertise also.

Key Goals

The key areas where the company sees major transformation happening for are:

  • Expanding the niche offerings to integrated threat intelligence and remediation.
  • Creating first-of-a-kind products in some white spaces that are specific to certain markets.