Vault Infosec: Mitigating Cyber Risk in this Digital Era

Vignesh Chandrasekaran | Co-founder & CEO || Sudhakar | Co-founder & COO
Vignesh Chandrasekaran | Co-founder & CEO || Sudhakar | Co-founder & COO

The number of fraudulent activities online are increasing at an alarming rate, and it is affecting the common man and governments. Cyber security becomes the first wall of defense against it. Privacy is a concept that is understood by few, but it should be protected with utmost priority.

Cyber security is a well-developed field that is swiftly growing and is anticipated to become one of the most challenging professions in the coming decade. Keeping up with this constant growth is also crucial for survival.

Ethical hacking, which is a part of cyber security is almost like an adventure sport. It is the holy grail of a complex puzzle that requires intense decoding to solve.

There is one such company, Vault Infosec that is proficient in decoding these puzzles. Currently, it is working on understanding the futuristic aspects of security automation that can help businesses understand the security controls required during the design phase. The team believes this would help the company to constantly innovate within the industry and helps it embrace the changes.

Powerful Vision

Vault Infosec is a cyber security service and product company from India providing security solutions to various market segments. It is a team of 25 vibrant people led by two competent leaders. Its vision is to assist the world with the best available security solution for the progressive data-centric world.

It believes in an open-door work policy and aspires to have a four workday work culture. It is a bunch of ambitious individuals who have bootstrapped their venture to offer the best solutions to the clients.

Its client base is spread across various industries like manufacturing, IT, SaaS, Insurance, Banking, E-commerce, and Non-banking financial sectors, etc. The profession is like the modern-day soldiers, it protects the data an individual creates.

Exceptional Leaders

Vignesh is a tenacious person who has built his career in the cybersecurity field for the last eight-plus years. He started his career with another cybersecurity startup as an intern and got inspired by the work to continue a career in the same field.

His next step was to join a corporate workplace and play in the big leagues, he began his journey with Wipro as a project engineer for over two years. During which he was exposed to various verticals of the domain, which equipped him to gain a better understanding of the industry.

He went back to his roots and began his journey with Freshworks, a promising start-up. His experience with this venture inspired him to act and think like a founder while simultaneously learning the crucial tricks of the trade.

Mr. Vignesh Chandrasekaran, currently, he is the co-founder and CEO of Vault Infosec. He continues to pass on his ambitious energy to his team and supports them with their ventures.

Sudhakar is a critical thinker of the team with nine-plus years of experience in cyber security. He also began his journey with the same start-up as Vignesh and from there, their friendship grew into the perfect partnership.

Later, he moved onto Computer Science Corporation (CSC) to gain deeper expertise in the industry along with leadership experience. His next jump was to Mindtree, where he worked as a consultant offering cyber security solutions.

He even got the opportunity to work with the World Bank Group and offer his expertise to them on the same. After that, Sudhakar joined Vault Infosec to offer his full-time expertise as the Co-founder and COO of Vault Infosec, he is also in charge of the project deliveries.

Journey to Look up to

“One fine afternoon, I decided to experiment with my hacking skills and took a swing at the loopholes that are generally missed by a lot of companies. Long story short, I hacked 50+ companies in 6 hours,” said Vignesh.

This inspired him to explore the ethical side of this profession, which is more challenging. He feels the importance of data security in India requires more awareness. This was a big concerning point for him, so he took it upon himself to educate and help people around him. With digital transformation becoming the backbone of the nation, every individual needs to be educated about cyber security.

Contributions for Better Results

The company provides end-to-end cyber-security solutions for any domain. It offers services in application, web-based, cloud-based, and network-based security solutions. Its work from home security solutions is one of its recently developed services, following the pandemic to help business continuity.

With the increasing need for compliance for smooth functioning of the business, audits like ISO27001, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, SOC2, FedRAMP, etc., are all within the company’s expertise.

One of its USPs is ThreatXpert, its product will be launched shortly. This product will be able to assist the developers to anticipate and know the threats during the design phase. Another ace in the company’s hand is its expertise in reputation analysis, it is one of the best and most utilized services recommended to the clientele.

Hurdles on the Way

Acquisition of customers was the biggest challenge. Cyber security often comes off as an expense to the company, but the ROI on this expense is something that cannot be measured.

Since the skill sets required for this profession are vast, the talent pool that is currently available in the country with the right knowledge base is minimum. Vault Infosec believes a maker can only be a breaker, the company practices this mantra when it hires.

Keeping up with the Change

The entire world decided to cut down on manpower and salaries when the pandemic hit, but on the contrary Vault Infosec hired and offered hikes to all its employees. This transformation also led to better customer acquisition and retention.

The pandemic was a blessing in disguise concerning business opportunities in cyber security. The entire world moved to connect virtually, increasing the requirement of cyber-security solutions.

Vault Infosec supported its employees to the maximum by accommodating work from home culture instantly and it has successfully cultivated a good work from home culture. The company even managed to expand its office space during the pandemic, but unfortunately, it never got to it for a long period.

Innovative Tips

The company believes every entrepreneur needs to have patience as the core quality to thrive in any business. When you start your venture, you will be starting from scratch, which requires high aspiration levels and the ability to keep money in the second position after customer satisfaction.

The company highly recommend every entrepreneur to invest more in hiring the right talent pool and enabling them to face customer confidently by prioritizing them. According to the company, failures are the biggest lessons life can teach and learning from them and more importantly practicing them is very crucial for survival.

Cyber security is a vast space, identifying the right target customers is the key to unlocking success, there are ample opportunities available for everyone. A founder should be ready to grow into a leader and constantly learn from the process.

Future Endeavors

The vision is to become the best solution provider for cyber-security services by personalizing the services and products appropriate for every customer. The company also want to be the pioneer in identifying new talent that keeps emerging within the industry.

Vault Infosec – as an expert in offering security solutions for businesses across industries who may not have enough awareness on the same, is all the team wants. It aims at automating the security requirements of businesses that are repetitive and focus on prioritizing and mitigating the more complex risks that may arise.

Current Insights

Cyber security requirements in the post-pandemic era are extremely high due to the increased usage of remote working possibilities. With the increasingly growing digitalization of data across industries, it is also a great contributor towards the growth of cyber security solutions.

Since it is a growing field with unlimited opportunities and similar problems, the talent required for this is also opening more opportunities. The government is also on the verge of passing a privacy bill (PDP) that would protect the data of individuals across the country, thus encouraging cyber security solutions.

The company has a developed product called ThreatXpert, it is a threat modeling platform that is specially equipped to assist an individual during any design phase. The company will be shortly launching this product to the world, and it takes pride in the fact that it is completely one of a kind and has state-of-the-art technology.

It is a DIY based product that does not require immense knowledge on security control, it is designed to help anybody securely design and appropriate implement controls before reaching out to the market.

The company is currently personalizing its security solutions following its customers depending on the business requirements. This solution is offered to its clients annually and the charges entirely depend on the usage. The best part of its SaaS (Security as a Service) solution is that the unused solutions can be transferred to the next year as well.