Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt Ltd: Leading the Way in IT Security Training and Services with a Proven Success Record

Since its inception in 2013, Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as the leading provider of IT security training and services in Pune. With a proven track record of success and 100% placements, Cybervault has become the go-to institute for CEH, ethical hacking, and other information security certification training.

As an authorized training center for EC-Council Certifications, Cybervault offers international certification in the field of cybersecurity, providing customers with the peace of mind that their data is in good hands. The team at Cybervault helps customers identify vulnerabilities in their network and applications, providing detailed reports and recommendations for quick fixes.

Managed services offered by Cybervault allow customers to focus on their core businesses while leaving IT infrastructure management in the capable hands of experts. Cybervault not only delivers services to clients but also builds long-term relationships, as evident in their list of satisfied national and international clients.

Extensive IT Security Services

Cybervault provides various IT security services, namely: vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT), web application testing, Wi-Fi testing, mobile application testing, cyber forensics audits, and information security audits. All of the above audits are required by ISO 27000/HIPPA/FISMA/SOX standards and must be completed as part of IT security compliance.

VAPT helps identify vulnerabilities in the IT network of the organisation. This is done using specialised software tools in both a manual and automated approach. The results are analysed, and suitable patches are suggested to secure the network from attacks. Patching ensures the smooth working of the IT network. Cybervault has a team of experienced and certified professionals. Web application testing finds vulnerabilities in software applications deployed over the internet. Web applications testing is critical where payment gateways, exchange of confidential data, or access to critical confidential data are involved. Similarly, mobile application testing is also performed on iOS, Android, and Windows applications using the mobile platform. Information security audits provide recommendations consistent with compliance and industry practises. Cybervault has a cyber forensics investigation team for cybercrime and recovery cases.

The core competence was always delivering the best service. Highlighting the key issues and securing our clients data or applications, thereby saving their money and reputation, led to the success of Cybervault. Hard work and efforts were combined and directed in a productive way to highlight the findings, analyse the results, and give apt recommendations to the clients. With such a rapidly increasing market presence in the field of security, Cybervault is emerging as a brand to bank upon. The director, Mr Anil Raj, maintains that strong foundations are the key to huge success. Hence, step by step and client by client, the company grew and shall continue to grow to establish bigger benchmarks.

The Visionary

Cybervault was founded by the visionary leader Mr Anil Raj after an extensive experience in the field of information security spanning many years with various multinationals. Cybervault was founded as a core IT security service company. The main idea behind starting the company was to bridge the gap between industry requirements and smart technological solutions. Brick by brick, the company started taking shape.

Mr Anil Raj started his career in the IT industry as a computer networking professional. Gradually, his interest in the vast field of cybersecurity grew, and he began to focus on identifying network and application vulnerabilities. As a result of his research, analysis, and development skills, he gained a keen interest in the field of cybersecurity.

Mr Raj’s popularity soared when he conducted successful workshops on cybersecurity in Aurangabad colleges, which were well-received by the students. A newspaper featured his name and article the next day, which further boosted his popularity. He started his journey as a trainer and quickly progressed to becoming a corporate trainer, thanks to his exceptional expertise and oratory skills. His organisation entrusted him with the responsibility of performing corporate cyber security audits and Assessments, which he accomplished with great success due to his strong training fundamentals. Risk and compliance, as well as forensics, are areas that have always fascinated him throughout his 15-year journey in this domain. Mr Raj attributes his success to his students’ confidence in him and their supportive seniors in the initial days.

In 2017, the company moved to a bigger premise. The client base kept increasing. Right from IT companies to manufacturing companies. From design companies to production companies, financial companies to cooperative banks By 2019, Cybervault had a diverse type of clientele and an increased client base across PAN India locations.

Influence of Modern Technology

The adoption of AI and ML technologies has revolutionized computer systems, making them more efficient and effective. The ability of AI to mimic human cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving using math and logic has greatly improved computer capabilities. ML has made the process of learning and improving easier for computers by providing mathematical models of data. These technologies are being used in various sectors, including retail, banking and finance, transportation, healthcare, sales and marketing, customer service, and manufacturing. AI has brought flexibility to complex operations, making it a key factor for success.

AI and ML are also playing a vital role in cybersecurity by detecting anomalies. They analyse large amounts of data to identify patterns that may indicate the presence of cyber threats, allowing organisations to detect and respond to threats more quickly and accurately than with traditional methods. By adopting AI and ML techniques, organisations are gaining many advantages, such as better control effectiveness, improved incident response to mitigate vulnerabilities, and increased threat exposure, providing increased knowledge of global and industry-specific threats.

Adopting a Customer-Centric Approach

Cybervault has always prioritized quality in all aspects of its services, including deliverables, professionalism, and more. In addition, the company’s management places great emphasis on flexibility in customer service, adopting a customer-centric approach that puts the customer’s needs first. Approachability is also a top priority, helping Cybervault stay close to its customers, and establish transparency and trust. As a result, the company has established healthy business relationships with its customers.

However, Cybervault also faces several challenges, including employee attrition, which is a common problem even for many MNCs, a shortage of skilled resources in certain specific areas of cybersecurity, and high salary expectations from employees with no value addition to their skill set. Despite these challenges, Cybervault tackles them with enthusiasm, embracing the adage that “adversity is the mother of wisdom.”

Skillset and High Motivation are the Keys

According to Mr Raj, the field of cybersecurity has experienced significant growth since the inception of the “Digital India” movement in 2015. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns further accelerated the shift to online operations, leading to an increased demand for cybersecurity measures. As a result, many new entrepreneurs with technical backgrounds are now attracted to starting their own cybersecurity businesses.

Mr Raj emphasises the importance of maintaining a high level of motivation and focusing on quality services for new entrepreneurs in this field. They should prioritise the security of their clients and avoid compromising work deliverables. Transparency with customers is also critical, as it inspires confidence and helps to build a sustainable brand. It is essential to acquire relevant skills and certifications to back up your credibility and gain industry experience before starting a cybersecurity business. He highlights the vast scope of cybersecurity and emphasises that a strong skillset and network are critical for success in this field. With the right approach, new entrants can establish a name for themselves and achieve significant success in the cybersecurity domain.

Striving to Cater to a Diverse Range of Clients

Many organizations, including Cybervault, cater to a diverse range of clients such as multinational companies and Indian companies. Cybervault also undertakes several projects for NBFC and other financial institutions, where Information security audits are crucial as per ISO/SOC2/HIPPA/IRDA/SEBI and other compliance requirements. Mr Raj aims to expand the organization to public sector projects where specific statutory and regulatory compliances are essential. Therefore, the current goal is to meet the compliance requirements of the public sector projects by enhancing the skills and expertise of the organization. In Cybersecurity, every day presents a learning opportunity to add value to the brand and become more competitive, providing the best services to customers.

The pandemic has significantly increased the importance of cybersecurity due to the shift in business operations from offline to online or remote modes. Although this change may appear seamless, it poses many challenges to organizations, making it imperative to ensure secure migration. As a result, cybersecurity is currently in a phase of growth and evolution, with organizations striving to ensure safe operations.

Recent years have witnessed numerous changes in the cybersecurity landscape, including the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), which involves connecting devices and objects over the internet. IoT has several advantages, such as increased productivity, efficient resource management, and reduced operational costs, making customer service more efficient. However, IoT devices are susceptible to cyberattacks, necessitating security audits.

Cybervault is also in the process of obtaining CERT-IN empanelment, a certification provided by the Government of India to empanelled security auditors who meet specified guidelines. This certification will enable the organisation to cater to a broader audience.

Awards and Accolades

Cybervault has received numerous awards for excellence, including the following:

  • Global Achievers Foundation’s Talented Personalities of India for Outstanding Achievement in Cybersecurity.
  • Indian Organization for Commerce and Industry’s Asia Pacific Gold Star Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Information Technology.
  • Maharashtra Ratna Puraskar 2023 for “Most Promising Brand in Cybersecurity Audit and Consulting,” awarded to Anil Raj of Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • Insights Success’s “10 Most Trusted Cyber Threat Solutions Provider” award, presented to Cybervault.
  • Anil Raj of Cybervault was awarded the 2022 and 2020 EC-Council Circle of Excellence for the South Asia Region by EC-Council USA.
  • Cybervault Securities Solutions Pvt Ltd has been awarded ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) certifications.