Yende Legal Associates LL.P : Providing Affordable Timely ‘One Window’ Legal Solutions 

Yende Legal Associates

Although the law of the land has at its core a promise of providing peaceful legal solutions to the redressal of disputes of individual, or institutional parties. The cost incurred in a long-drawn legal process and the delayed timeframe are the most significant challenges for people involved in it.  The proliferation of the complexities, technicalities involved in the legal system, and an enormous increase in the quantum of litigation are eroding the confidence of the people in the justice delivery system.

Moreover, the persons/entities seeking legal counsel find that almost all legal advisory firms propose multi-point and fragmented solutions that make the entire process arduous, complex, and frustrating.

In such a scenario, those expecting advancement and perfection will ultimately get solace in Yende Legal Associates (YLA), a premier law firm registered as LL.P. with the Registrar, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, the Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa, and the Bombay High Court.

Devised by a legal veteran Adv. (Dr.) Ashok YendeFounder and Managing Partner. YLA has been recognized as Start-up by the Government of India. It provides legal services, consultancy, litigation, and mediation/arbitration.

A Portal to The Law

Distinguished from other firms, firstly, it provides ‘One Window’ services to all types of services to clients. Secondly, our panel of advocates consists of experts specialized in different fields, so depending on the legal matter, experts are allotted. Thirdly, we have collaborated with reputed academic bodies like the University of Mumbai, Government Law College, Mumbai, and international organizations like the United Nations.

Established in January 2018, Yende Legal Associates is located in a prime locality of Mumbai, making it more accessible to clients. The founder, Adv. (Dr.) Yende, and the Co-founder, Adv. Abhishek Yende, is highly qualified, with extensive experience in profession, administration, and academics. The firm has an Arbitration and Mediation Cell consisting of senior judges, including former judges of the High Court and District Court, senior IAS officers, and international experts with vast experience. Adv. (Dr.) Yende says, “Our law firm and its partners have the credit of successfully dealing with high-profile cases to the satisfaction of clients.”

The theme of YLA is “Providing Affordable Timely Legal Solutions.”  Its team’s commitment, dedication, and devotion strengthen the firm’s bond with clients. YLA runs on clients’ trust, respect for the judiciary, professionalism, integrity, and transparency. YLA is committed to providing quality, timely, cost-effective, affordable legal services and solutions. Adv Abhishek adds, “We listen and understand the client’s perspective and advice practical solutions.”

One of the fascinating features of the Law Firm is the “Legal Aid and Advice Scheme.” The scheme provides free aid, advice, and consultation to needy people, vulnerable groups, women, and children.

A Creditworthy Public Leader 

Adv. (Dr.) Yende is highly qualified with degrees from reputed universities, including LL.B., LL.M. M.A. (Pub. Adm.); M.A. (Gandhian Thoughts); Ph.D. (Law); D.Lit. in Law. He has more than three decades of rich and extensive experience in administration, teaching, and profession. He worked as a Professor and Head at the Department of Law, University of Mumbai, as Director University of Mumbai Law Academy, and headed several other leading law institutions in the country. He passed the “Public Leadership Credentials” program of Harvard Kennedy School, United States. He is a Mediator at the Maharashtra State Consumer Commission, Government of Maharashtra, Mumbai & Nagpur.

He participated in many National and International conferences, including those organized by the United Nations, the John Kenney Ash Centre, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the central academy of police training (Government of India). He has to his credit Eight Books and forty-five publications. The preface to one of his books has been given by Hon’ble Justice Bhushan Gavai, now Judge, Supreme Court of India. Adv. (Dr.) Yende has been honoured with many prestigious Awards. He has the honour of being a Life Member of many prestigious organizations.

An Emerging Stalwart

Adv. Abhishek, LL.B. from ILS Law College, Pune, and dual degree of LL.M. from Birmingham University, UK, and the University of Mumbai, has more than 14 years of practicing experience before the Bombay High Court and other Courts. He is ‘A’ Panel Counsel of Bombay Municipal Corporation and “B” Group Counsel of the State of Maharashtra. He is a Member of the Indian Lawyers Team and represented in World Cricket Championship Tournaments in various countries. He founded “The Courtying Cricket Championship,” which organizes cricket tournaments for lawyers from the High Court and different courts.

Adv. Abhishek participated in various conferences and acted as a judge in Moot Court competitions. He is credited with successfully arguing high-profile criminal cases before the High Court and the Supreme Court of India.

Tech-Powered Legal Intelligence

Being experienced leaders, sharing their opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the industry and how YLA is adapting to this change, Adv. (Dr.) Yende and Adv. Abhishek has no doubts that Artificial Intelligence will be a game changer in the legal profession. AI-powered legal research software allows legal professionals to quickly scan and search large databases of regulations, statutes, practice areas, jurisdictions, case laws, legal research, and more.

Automation can be used to reduce time-consuming and administrative tasks. Indian Supreme Court made virtual hearings mandatory at all levels and planning to adopt AI and ML in court proceedings. AI-powered chatbots are being used to provide legal advice and assistance to clients, which can improve access to justice. Unfortunately, lawyers from the mofussil area are facing difficulties due to poor internet connectivity. Judges and lawyers need to be trained in computer and virtual operations. It presents challenges, such as the need to upskill the workforce and address ethical concerns.

Outwitting Obstacles

Considering the current industry scenario, they say there are challenges that they constantly overcome. There is a paradigm shift in the structure of the legal profession. With the use of technology like AI and ML, there is a need to adopt ethical guidelines and ensure that technologies are being used fairly. Today, clients expect their lawyers to be more responsive, transparent, and prompt and want timely, cost-effective solutions. The Bar Council of India recently permitted foreign law firms to practice in India will increase competition, but will cater to cross-border clientele.

Therefore, Indian Law firms need to adopt innovative techniques and skills and focus on providing better value to clients. The legal profession is becoming more competitive, and clients are finding alternative legal services solutions like arbitration and mediation. Today’s clients need expertise, excellent service, and timely solutions. Moreover, legal professionals need to acquaint with regulatory requirements and compliance obligations.

Adept Legal Wisdom

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the legal field, Adv. (Dr.) Yende says there is no alternative to hard work and dedication. It requires a combination of hard work, expertise, and strong relationships to achieve success. They should focus on building advocacy skills, legal research, writing, and analysis.

They should search for opportunities, build relationships with other lawyers, law students, and professionals, attend networking events, join professional organizations, and participate in online forums. Since this is an era of technology and artificial intelligence, it is necessary to embrace new technologies. The legal profession is constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest laws and industry developments.

On envisioning scaling YLA’s operations and offerings in the future, Adv. Abhishek reveals that the firm presently has a head office in Mumbai and operates in major cities, Delhi and Nagpur. He adds that they plan to expand their work to more cities, including the mofussil area, by increasing the number of interns in our office and hiring more experts.

Leveraging technology, outsourcing,

They are planning to develop technological automation of routine tasks and improve efficiency. They are also considering outsourcing certain tasks, such as document review or transcription, to third-party providers. They want to coordinate with other law firms to handle overflow work or projects that require specialized expertise. “Our strategy is to engage young law graduates, building relationships with senior lawyers and professionals to expand your network,” adds Adv. Abhishek.

Adv.(Dr.) Yende says, “By leveraging technology, outsourcing, and focusing on specialization, I hope our law firm can scale their practices and achieve greater efficiency and profitability.”

Justice at Your Doorstep

They also mention their innovative project called “Justice At The Doorstep.” Justice at the people’s doorstep is being implemented through Legal Awareness Campaign. YLA feels that speedy and affordable delivery of justice is a legitimate expectation of people. Through this project, people who cannot afford access to justice due to expenses and complexities of procedure are provided legal assistance, legal counsel, and proper guidance for the Redressal of grievances. This project will assist the judiciary and the Government in fulfilling the Constitutional mandate of “access to justice”.

They further quoted Hon’ble CJI Mr Dhananjaya Chandrachud, who recently stated, “We must ensure that the justice delivery system is accessible to all, and Indian judiciary is adopting technology to do the same.”

Success Testament

Sharing some of the praise from clients, they state :

*Clients Testimonials:

  • I appreciate the efforts by Adv. Abhishek Yende, Partner YLA, in successfully defending my case before the Bombay High Court.” – Arman Kohli, Celebrity, Mumbai.
  • YLA works on professionalism, integrity, and transparency.” – Sanjay Bhat, Director & Producer, Mumbai
  • YLA is committed to providing quality, timely, cost-effective, and affordable legal services. It is assisted by young, dynamic associates.” – Gehna Vashist, Actress, Mumbai.
  • Appreciate the timely, affordable legal services and ethical guidelines adopted by YLA.” – Shrikant Chavan, Director, and CEO, Axis Makers Consultancy LL. P., Mumbai
  • I appreciate the commitment, dedication, and professionalism of Team Yende Legal Associates under the leadership of Adv (Dr) Ashok Yende.” – Harshal Hiwarkhedkar, a leader from Nagpur.


YLA won many awards like :

  • The INDIA-500 STARTUP AWARD(Nov 2019) and;
  • LEX-FALCON AWARDin Dubai (March 2022).

Adv.(Dr.) Ashok Yende has been honoured with awards like :

  • HIGH FLYER GLOBAL – 50 Award– 2022.
  • The MAHATMA AWARD– 2019,
  • PERSON OF EMINENCE– 2018, and
  • LAW DAY AWARD – 2018.