Dia Mirza Finances the BabyChakra DTC Brand and the Parenting Community

Dia Mirza
Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza, the renowned actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador, has made an undisclosed investment in BabyChakra, a parenting community and direct-to-consumer (D2C) babycare brand. In her capacity as an investor, Dia Mirza will collaborate with BabyChakra to integrate sustainable and clean care principles into their product offerings. The brand is set to place a stronger emphasis on sustainable packaging and formulations in the future.

BabyChakra is committed to developing products tailored to meet the evolving needs of mothers, using natural, dermatologically tested, toxin-free, and allergen-free ingredients while adhering to the highest global safety standards. As part of the Good Glamm Group, BabyChakra aims to further empower mothers by engaging with its 30 million+ strong community of mothers within the Good Community division.

Dia Mirza, who has firsthand experience as a new mother, expressed her excitement about partnering with BabyChakra. She resonates deeply with BabyChakra’s mission of co-creating the safest and cleanest label care for children. Dia also appreciates the transparency that BabyChakra has brought to India through its National Label Literacy campaign, “Label Padho Moms.” She will collaborate closely with the BabyChakra team to advocate for sustainable care for families.

Naiyya Saggi, Group Co-founder of the Good Glamm Group and CEO of Good Community welcomed Dia Mirza to the journey, highlighting her passion for sustainable and clean care, which aligns perfectly with the vision of providing the safest care for mothers and babies.

BabyChakra, as a leading parenting community and D2C babycare brand, currently reaches 39 million moms and 10,000 doctors across India. It provides valuable information to expecting and new parents through intelligent communities and personalized content. The brand’s product line has been integrated into The Moms Co under the category “BabyChakra by The Moms Co.” In October 2022, BabyChakra launched a national awareness campaign on label literacy, involving thousands of mothers and doctors, to raise awareness about harmful chemicals hidden in the labels of many baby products.

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