Divami Design Labs Pvt. Ltd: A Blend of Uniqueness in UI-UX Niche

Prathima Divami | Divami Design Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Prathima Divami | Divami Design Labs Pvt. Ltd.

The field of user experience design is a conceptualized design discipline and has its root in human factors and ergonomics. Since the late 1940s, this area has focused on the interaction between humans, machines, and the contextual environments to design systems that address the user’s experience. But, what exactly do these designers do?

The primary role of these designers is to comprehend user behaviours, needs, and motivations through diverse observation techniques, task analysis, and several feedback methodologies.

They also conduct user and task analyses to rectify the areas of improvement in the overall user experience. Being a UI-UX designer is such a unique role that a person needs to think tech-related objectives outside the box, going from computer science to psychology and vice-versa.

Divami Design Labs Pvt. Ltd. is one such company that is offering UI-UX designs to its clients and helping them with these necessary elements co-related with the design aspects and assisting their clients by transforming these designs into pixel-perfect displays.

Divami not only delivers world-class designs but also helps its clients by enabling pixel-perfect precision.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Look India, Naveen Puttagunta Co-founder, and CEO of Divami Design Labs Pvt. Ltd., sheds light on the journey of the company, the current industry scenario, and his opinions on the future of the company.

Please brief our audience about Divami Design Labs, its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as a leading player in the UI-UX space.

Our company has been offering UI-UX Design services since 2008 with a focus on delivering UX Strategy, User Research, UI-UX Design, and UI Development services for a diverse set of clients.

As part of our collaboration with clients, we not only help them with the design aspect but also assist them with converting these designs into pixel-perfect screens for mobile, web, smart TV, and wearable devices. Our focus on user research makes us different from similar players because we deliver designs that are outstanding and stand out.

Consequently, we represent the best B2B SaaS Platforms, Enterprise Software Product companies, Consumer Apps and Platforms (including e-commerce), and Corporates undergoing digital transformation.

What other products/solutions do Divami Design Labs offer, and how are these impacting the UI-UX Space?

Our company specializes in providing UX-UI design consultancy services, including conducting user research, assessing the market, developing a UX strategy, planning UIs, etc.

We not only deliver world-class designs, but we also help execute them to pixel-perfect perfection. To our customers, we provide end-to-end services, starting from concept to complete deployment, and take their product or platform live by helping them with every process along the way.

Being an experienced leader, share with us your opinion on what impact has the adoption of modern technologies such as AI had on the UI-UX niche and what more could be expected in the future?

Keeping up with all the advances in technology is often difficult due to its rapid pace. Consequently, we must choose our battles wisely. We no longer have a guarantee of a future. Everything is already here; the change lies in scaling it up. With AI at the core of our current work, we are also developing IoT and wearable solutions, and now we are pursuing AR/VR applications.

As a technology company, we aspire to lead human interactions. We are excited to collaborate with companies across a wide spectrum of industries and deliver meaningful experiences to our customers because of our UI-UX design expertise.

Taking into consideration the current pandemic, what initial challenges did you face, and how did you drive Divami Design Labs to sustain its operations while ensuring the safety of your employees at the same time?

Staying optimistic is crucial during challenging times. Market trends must also be considered in this period. Even during a temporary low phase, one should remain optimistic because the low phase will eventually pass.

Nonetheless, if the premise of the business idea has changed, one should decide whether to proceed or not. If the company’s solution is not yet market-ready, research and analysis of the idea should be prioritized. This will keep the company optimistic even through tough times.

At all times, we try to motivate and engage our employees, whom I view as part of our family, and value them. We at Divami do not see ourselves as employees but rather as part of it. Most of the members of the team have been at Divami for more than ten years.

This is only possible if they view them as stakeholders rather than just contributors. I am trying to convey that it is not always about compensation. It is not about what you do to them but how you treat, encourage, nurture, and motivate them.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the UI-UX space?

For those embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, the best advice I can offer is to hold strong to your convictions.

You cannot just have a great idea. To succeed, you must follow through with your plan.

This is not something you can accomplish by yourself, and it will not happen overnight. The team must be composed of positive, motivated individuals who will carry out the plan. And finally, do not stay in a cycle of failure and trying.

How do you envision scaling Divami Design Labs operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond?

You know businesses can achieve success by scaling rather than simply growing. One must keep their costs low and achieve exponential growth if they want to grow their business effectively. Truth be told, scaling a business involves entirely distinct skillsets and systems that many entrepreneurs cannot anticipate. Many advisors warn against scaling too quickly.

Coming to our company, while we have already expanded beyond creating AI-driven mobile and web applications to developing IoT applications and wearable technology, we now also work on AR/VR applications. In the future, we hope to be leaders in human interaction technology.

Using our strong UX UI design capabilities, we are looking forward to partnering with companies across broad domains and delivering meaningful experiences for users.

About the Leader

Divami’s Co-founder and CEO, Naveen Puttagunta, moved back from the US with the idea of creating a family social networking portal. When he entered the UI-UX space in India, the concept was unknown. As a result, he established Divami Designs, one of India’s top UI-UX service agencies.

After returning to India from the US, he began his entrepreneurial career. Creating a social networking site for families to stay connected and create family trees was one idea. In terms of UX and UI design talent, India lacked.

Though Naveen had a challenging time putting together a team, he built a website. However, he was unable to choose a market and did not receive funding. Specific realizations and lessons realized during the development of Divami Designs in 2008 were a catalyst for its establishment.

Prathima Inolu

Truly the execution mastermind of one of the world’s top design firms, Prathima has over 20 years of experience in Platform Design and Development. She has been an integral part of Divami’s success and provides the vision and direction for the agency. She holds a master’s in Computer Science from California State University.