Dr Aamod Rao: Redefining Cosmetic Surgery by Rediscovering the Most Beautiful You

Dr Aamod

A very beautiful person is living inside you, waiting to be rediscovered. You may have met that person in your dreams, but in reality, you might have thought it impossible.

How could it be possible to alter how you look on the exterior? You would have thought a million times and answered your own dejected self negatively. Again, you might have heard of the people or seen them changing the way they look for the best but thought it might be too costly and risky.

Or you could be struggling with a health-threatening condition which can only be cured by an expert plastic surgeon. What if I tell you that, fortunately, all your worries are going to evaporate in thin air when you meet Dr Aamod Rao, a leading cosmetic surgeon from Mumbai, at his clinic…

Redefine Cosmetic Surgery

Instead of me telling you about him, it would be far better if you keep it hearing from his completely satisfied and overwhelmed ex-clients in their praises for him.

With three reviews given five months ago, Md Ayaz Qureshi says, “I had difficulty breathing, which could only be cured by Septoplasty. I consulted Dr Aamod Rao and got my surgery done by him at Dr Shetty’s Nursing Home. The surgery was successful, and now I am very much relieved. Dr Aamod is extremely supportive, responsive and professional in all his work. Highly recommended.”

Lady Gia, from Toronto, says, “Dr Rao was very professional even in our conversations before I got to Mumbai. He was precise with the information he passed on to me and seemed to be very concerned with my safety and health before finalizing an implant size, which obviously was my number one focus, but… I was very comfortable with the over-the-phone consultation; honestly, I have no complaints.”

A Heart Full of Compassion 

Dr Aamod Rao pursued his surgical training at KIMS Hospital and Research Centre (Bangalore). And underwent plastic surgery training at the Bombay Hospital. He has also completed a Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery at the PUCRS University in Porto Alegre, Brazil- the world’s most renowned hub for cosmetic training.

With two five-star reviews given four weeks ago, Reena Rao says, “Dr Aamod is an excellent doctor. His diagnosis and treatment have given me instant results for issues I have struggled with for many yearsI am very happy with the outcome and recommend him highly to everyone.”

Uahena, from Namibia, says, “All I can guarantee you is that he is an expert, and you won’t regret it. I would recommend anyone from any part of the world to him.”

Dr Aamod Rao is the grandson of the famous artist KK Hebbar and the son of the renowned artist Rekha Hebbar Rao. Art runs in his genes which he expresses by beautifying people with his excellent surgical skills.

Nataliya Nyombi, in her review given two months ago, says, “I am extremely happy with Dr Aamod Rao. He is a very friendly person who makes time to understand your issues and concerns, discusses the options available, and gives you good advice. He did me facelift surgery three weeks ago, and I am still recovering, but he calls me regularly and follows up on my condition. I can already tell he did excellent work on my face, and my appearance markedly improved, and I look ten years younger.”

Naaz Saiyed, from Mumbai, India, says, “Excellent doctor, excellent job done. I am very happy with the results, and the doctor is very caring. Highly recommended.”

Mastering the Artistry

In the last 12 yrs., Dr Aamod Rao has treated more than 1000 patients. A predominant aspect in keeping his customers satisfied with the surgeries- certainly lies in his expert technical skills and knowledge. But what makes him the most sought-after surgeon not just in the country but across the world- is his innate ability to understand each patient’s needs.

Aditi Vora, in her five reviews, given a year ago, says, “Dr Aamod is extremely helpful and will treat you only when you need treatment. I went to him a few years back, and he advised me to lose weight and get back to seeing good results. He is an expert. Post-surgery care was excellent. Today I thank him for making me so confident about myself.”

Kyana Emmot, in her review given two years ago, says, “Extremely happy with my experience with Dr Aamod Rao! Post extreme weight loss. I had loose skin all over. He sat with me and showed me the best solutions, in his professional opinion, to give me the looks I desired. I needed an arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift, and tummy tuck. Trusted him with my full Body, I am young and wanted to embrace my massive change as soon as possible with little time taken off from work. He gave me solutions to give me still what I wanted in a safe manner that would have optimum healing results. My scars are so thin, and I’m very happy with them. The nurse staff during my recovery were so kind and helpful. It really nursed me back to great health. Dr Aamod was easily assessable during the whole process, constantly checking up and making sure the whole process from start to finish was smooth. Highly recommend!”

Performing Aesthetic Miracles

Dr Aamod responds, “My main USP is the personal attention I give to the patients.” And then tailor the aesthetic procedures to help them uncover the best version of themselves. “I truly believe that beauty is personal, and it cannot have a one size fits all theory,” he insists. Moreover, he is contactable at all times, even when he is on vacation.

In her two reviews two years ago, Geetanjali Wadia says, “I got my abdominoplasty surgery done by Dr Aamod almost two months back. He is truly an expert in his field, as my recovery has been astonishingly quick, and I am super happy with the result. I was up on my feet, walking around the next day, and actively moving by the end of the week. Not only this, I was off the pain medication in a matter of five days. 

Even during the recovery period, Dr Rao took care of regular follow-up calls to ensure everything was all right. This truly inspires a lot of confidence and gives you the comfort that you are in good hands. I can’t thank him enough, as I feel healthy and fit. And I am wearing all the clothes I could not fit into earlier.”

In her seven reviews, given a year ago, Rashmi Rawat says, “I have done a rhinoplasty recently (October 2021) with Dr Rao assisted by Dr Ankit Bhupatkar, and I am so happy with the results! Dr Rao understood my needs, and I got exactly what I wanted. Any kind of surgery is tricky because a lot could go wrong, but I was constantly reassured, and all my questions and doubts (no matter how many times I asked them) were answered with patience and clarity. Highly recommend to anyone looking to undergo any surgery. Thank you, dock.”

A Surgeon with Honourable Honesty 

Dr Aamod Rao’s professional values and qualities include

  • Personal care,
  • Honest opinion,
  • the ability to say no when surgery is not indicated, and
  • the best care possible.

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Healthcare space, Dr Aamod Rao says, “It takes time to be successful. Just be honest and think of the patient’s interests first. You will excel!

Along with treating patients, Dr Aamod Rao feels strongly for society and believes in giving back. He’s a well-respected trustee of two social service organizations – Mail Foundation in Bengaluru, which looks after underprivileged girls. And also, CCDT in Mumbai, which works with vulnerable communities.