Dr Ashish Davalbhakta: Combining Internal Wellness with Aesthetic Beauty to Help You Look Your Best, Feel Great, and Be Happy

Dr Ashish Davalbhakta
Dr Ashish

Everybody constantly desires to look their best, fittest and happiest. In modern times, using futuristic medical treatments, all the desires of everyone in terms of augmenting their beauty can be fulfilled.

At Aesthetics Medispa, our goal always has been to combine internal wellness with aesthetic beauty to help you look your best, feel great, and be happy,” says Dr Ashish Davalbhakta, the Managing Director and Chief Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa.

He is trained as a plastic surgeon to the highest level of qualifications and became board-certified in India. Having reached the top of his training in India, Dr Ashish went to the UK for further experience and worked in the National Health Service. He took several fellowships in the UK and then gained experience in the US before returning to India and starting Aesthetics Medispa in 2009.

Dr Ashish is the immediate past president of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and is currently the National secretary of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the board of directors for IMCAS Paris.

Fostering Solutions that Work Wonders

Dr Ashish furthers that his goal of integrating internal wellness and aesthetic beauty has helped him and his team to research and implement newer and more technologically advanced treatments. They are doing more complex and sophisticated procedures and delivering better results.

Aesthetics Medispa is built on the vision of offering holistic lifestyle transformation solutions to clients. Aesthetics Medispa’s services will include preventive and maintenance treatments such as detox, weight management, skin and body care, nutrition counselling, micronutrient optimisation, IV therapy and medicated facials, skin tightening etc.

Aesthetics Medispa will improve the quality of life its clients lead by guiding them towards a healthier lifestyle. The focus of Aesthetics Medispa is to assist clients in finding the right dietary and wellness solutions that “work” perfectly for their body and age. “We customise solutions that work wonders for every client!” adds Dr Ashish.

As the wellness aspect of Aesthetics Medispa was masking their Aesthetic Advances, they felt the need to branch out a section dedicated to it. Each section has an extensive array of services to serve its goal of making you look good and feel good. Dr Ashish proudly says, “We are happy to introduce a new brand under the umbrella of our clinic –

Advanced Aesthetics!!”

It is Dr Ashish’s internationally recognised state-of-the-art beauty transformation Clinic. The clinic, located in an upscale neighbourhood in Pune, offers Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery services that deliver stunning results for patients. The medical equipment that Dr Ashish has used at Advanced Aesthetics is top-notch medical technology. Combine this medical infrastructure with Dr Ashish’s rich experience, in-depth knowledge and passion for beauty transformations and what emerges is first-class patient experience with Advanced Aesthetics!

Some of the highly sophisticated services at Advanced Aesthetics include the following:

  • Hi-Definition Lipoabdominoplasty.
  • Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation can dramatically reverse the patient’s facial ageing by 10-15 years.
  • Keyhole Gynaecomastia Correction – Scarless and 100% permanent Gynaecomastia correction.
  • Super specialised Rhinoplasty, which provides enhanced definition and sharpness to Asian noses.
  • Complete Mommy Makeover.

Advanced Aesthetics is known for performing complex cosmetic surgical procedures most safely and effectively under the leadership of Plastic Surgeon Dr Ashish. He always ensures that the end results look natural and enhance the patient’s beauty and personality.

Embracing Adeptness in Wellness

Psychological wellness is closely linked to physical health. When we are psychologically well, we are better equipped to handle stress and adversity. A sense of psychological well-being contributes significantly to our overall quality of life.

It enhances our capacity for enjoyment, helps us engage in meaningful activities, and enables us to find fulfilment in various aspects of life. Psychological wellness is crucial for leading a fulfilling and balanced life. It influences how we perceive and respond to the world around us, impacting our physical health, relationships, productivity and overall sense of happiness.

This is increasingly important in the day and age of selfies and digital social media. It is important to help people feel good about themselves. “Mostly, we help people realize their best potential. And our cosmetology/cosmetic surgery helps them improve their confidence in social interactions,” expresses Dr Ashish.

It improves the quality of life and helps the individual achieve their best potential.

Signature Treatments

Advanced Aesthetics will provide Advanced Cosmetic Surgeries along with Non-Surgical Cosmetology Treatments with cutting-edge medical technology in Pune.

Dr Ashish informs, “You can now avail our signature treatments that are only available at Advanced Aesthetics,” – Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation, Precision Rhinoplasty, Keyhole Scarless Gynaecomastia Correction, VASER Hi-definition Liposuction, VASER Hi-definition Lipoabdominoplasty, Mummy Makeover, Micro and Nano Fat Grafting for Full Facial Rejuvenation, Composite Breast augmentation for more natural results using silicone implants and fat grafting, Permanent Buttock Enhancement with Silicone Implants or Fat.

Advanced Aesthetics’ Cosmetology services will cater to patients with pigmentation issues, hair fall, acne, and non-surgical facial rejuvenation using Botulinum Toxin, Hyaluronic fillers, and other Energy Based devices.

A 3D Virtual Video Consultation

Advanced Aesthetics always prioritizes the needs and desires of its patients. Bearing this in mind, we opened the doors to Virtual Video Consultation.

Dr Ashish says, “Now we have gone a step further and are proud to introduce the future technology – today! Our latest addition is “Crisalix,” a cutting-edge virtual simulation software that will take patient experience to the next level.”

Crisalix is designed to show near-reality results of cosmetic procedures to patients before they get the procedure done. This helps patients clearly visualize their post-procedure body well in advance, thus making them more comfortable with their decisions.

How Does Crisalix Work?

*Step 1: Sign in on Crisalix’s secure, encrypted platform. Click here to sign in.

*Step 2: The patient will upload their pictures (of themselves) from different angles according to the requirements of the procedure.

*Step 3: Dr Ashish takes over from here and makes the projected changes in these photos to give a simulated result of the procedure to the patient.

*Step 4: You can then discuss the projected results and details regarding the procedure through the Virtual Video Consultation with Dr Ashish. All you need to do is book an appointment using the online calendar.

Dr Ashish will explain the procedure, the impact, and the final result acquired through Crisalix and solve all of your doubts in a one-on-one Virtual Video Consultation.

Why Choose Us?

Dr Ashish furthers that if you are looking for highly qualified and certified cosmetic specialists, he and his team of experts are the right people to consult. The team is certified in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Cosmetology, Cosmetic Dentistry and Beauty therapy.

He adds, “In our state-of-the-art facilities, we use the most advanced medical equipment and the latest but proven scientific advances to provide superior quality care and treatment at par with similar facilities in the UK or US, with the same level of cleanliness, safety, and comfort.”

Advanced Aesthetics, a cosmetic surgery clinic, and Aesthetics Medispa, a medical spa, offer a broad range of aesthetic surgical procedures, non-surgical treatments, and spa therapies for both men and women. Under the perfect guidance of Dr Ashish, the team of highly qualified doctors, surgeons, therapists, nurses and friendly staff work together towards just one goal, to help you “look your best, feel great, and be happy.”

A 100% Commitment to Working Towards Your Goal

Dr Ashish believes that some features that would make you come to them for treatment are their high standards, extensively trained doctors and staff and accreditations that he and his colleagues working in the centre have. “We offer 100% confidentiality and hold-up to very high safety standards and features. Your health is our main concern,” he insists.

Dr Ashish reiterates that they also offer to guarantee 100% commitment towards working towards your goal. The probability of being satisfied with the treatment that you would have here is the highest among any centre in India. There will be absolute clarity in what to expect and 100% commitment to trying to deliver that.

Further sharing their USPs, Dr Ashish says, “We appreciate and respect your love and promise to continue in the same way, to improve our techniques, results, safety standards and satisfaction levels.

~Safety: The safety of your body and your health is paramount to us. We will never recommend or perform a procedure unsafe for your health or your condition.

~Trust: Our highly qualified team of doctors, surgeons and staff are board certified, and you can be rest assured to entrust them to perform the most important surgical or non-surgical procedures on you and your body.

~Confidentiality: We take patient confidentiality very seriously and respect your choice for anonymity and discretion.

~Comfort: Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art facilities ensure you the utmost care and comfort.”

“We’d be happy to help you. You can further check us or the Google reviews we received at our website, https://www.aestheticsmedispa.in/. The best way to reach us is to write to us at enquiry@aestheticsmedispa.in or call us on +91 9607938922, +91 9607938925, +91-2025670500 or visit us at our centres,” concludes Dr Ashish.

Dr Ashish Davalbhakta’s Hall of Fame:

  • Dr Ashish Davalbhakta has been recognized as one of the Top 3 Best Plastic Surgeons in Pune for 2023by Three Best Rated®a multi-national ranking website that discovers the top-rated health care providers, local businesses, professionals, and restaurants in cities all over the world.
  • Aesthetics Medispa has been consistently chosen as “The Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Pune” by the TOI Health& Wellness National Survey for three years. 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • Aesthetics Medispahas been awarded the WhatClinic 2018 Patient Service Award for great customer service. This rating is generated by WhatClinic’s Service Score. The clinic is ranked in the top 5% of the market.
  • Advanced Aesthetics is recognized as one of the Top Three Businesses in Puneby Three Best Rated®.