Dr Chethan Raju: Equipping Industry with Perfect Medasus Health Care Innovations 

Dr Chethan Raju
Dr Chethan Raju

Resolute leaders face all challenges head-on by successfully encountering crises with dedication, commitment, and unwavering spirit. As the entire world has been facing an unprecedented pandemic, Dr Chethan Raju felt the immense need to step up and help Medical establishments procure medical supplies and equipment promptly to overcome the problems of shortage and supply.

This is where Medasus Health Carefounded by Dr Chethan comes in, with a well-planned all-in-one website–medasus.com, where Medical Establishments can search for Medical supplies according to their requirements from Medasus’s wide array of cost-effective products featuring a variety of global healthcare brands, place an order and be well assured that the products will reach their door-step in time.

All Your Healthcare Needs in One Place

Dr Chethan is a practising Dental Surgeon and Director at Dental Hive – a chain of Dental Clinics across Bangalore; the Director of MEDHIVE Healthcare Pvt Ltd; and the Director at “PULSE”, a Healthcare NGO. His passion is not just in providing Dental treatment but also in reaching out to everyone who requires the best quality healthcare with cutting-edge technologies and innovation in the medical field. And hence Medasus Healthcare was started to make healthcare accessible and to ease the challenges faced by Medical establishments, especially in India.

Dr Chethan’s Educational Background is prolific. He has done BDS from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, a Diploma in Business Management, a PG Diploma in Hospital Administration, and an MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Administration.

He has extensive work experience in various Healthcare sectors, one of them being Dental Stem Cell Banking. He has done numerous programmes in Health Education and Awareness and Advancement of Health Services. He has a penchant for recognizing the latest technologies and innovations in Healthcare worldwide and making them accessible to everyone, and hence Medasus Healthcare was established as a way to give back to society the knowledge he has achieved through his experience.

As the Founder and Director of Medasus, Dr Chethan’s goal is to establish an all-in-one platform for all Healthcare solutions incorporating the latest technology and innovation combined with the best quality services and equipment available globally. He informs, “With state-of-the-art technology and medical innovation, we provide the highest quality healthcare.”

To make healthcare more accessible and to lessen the difficulties faced by medical institutions, particularly in India, he founded Medasus Healthcare – the highest calibre medical care combined with cutting-edge technology and medical innovation.

Fostering the Medical Solutions Ecosystem

Sharing their vision, Dr Chetan says that by making Medasus Healthcare a one-stop shop for all healthcare requirements from small to large hospitals, laboratories, individual clinics, and independent practitioners, they hope to lessen the current challenges faced by medical establishments. “To make all medical equipment and supplies easier to find and purchase. To easily optimise all services, including the initial setup and registration process. To lower inventory costs by offering the highest quality, most affordable products to various international healthcare brands.”

Further stating their mission, he divulges that it is to provide you with a huge range of products of the highest quality at competitive prices for both businesses and individuals. “At Medasus Healthcare, we place a high value on our commitment to providing excellent customer service. We have a team of experts committed to providing you with the best service possible.” They have received thorough training in all facets of customer care.

According to Dr Chethan, the healthcare fraternity faces some key problems.

  • Quality issue,
  • The high price due to the long supply chain, and
  • Lack of exposure towards updated and advanced innovative medical equipment and critical care technology in the Indian market.

Proposing precise solutions, Dr Chetan says that through Medasus,

  • They are producing products with the highest global standards in maintaining their quality.
  • Reducing the price for the end user, they are directly selling to hospitals as in the B2B model.
  • We are providing the hospital with various advanced options from Global technologies and advancements,” he ensures.

The Profound Impact

The impact that they are creating and will keep advancing are – manufacturing all the medical equipment in India, thus impacting on the import by reducing it through Make in India, generating employment opportunity for the engineers and other sectors, streamlining the Supply chain by reducing the number of channels resulting in the economical pricing of the devices and equipment to the end users, and economic development with the help of contribution in taxes to central government and taxes to state authorities.

Revealing their Target Market, Dr Chethan says, “Our target customers are Hospitals for their hospital care Service and the general public for their home care services.”

He further states recent statistics regarding the Market Size. “Supplies and Equipment for Hospitals, the market size estimated to be worth USD 39.21 billion in 2021, is expected to increase by 12.21% between 2023 and 2030 to reach USD 110.63 billion.”

According to Dr Chethan, Medasus’s unique selling point is that it is a one-stop turn-key solution to the entire hospital setup. Hence, healthcare setups can avoid multiple vendors for the setup process. Homecare services and home-based laboratory and diagnostic services are also provided.

Products and Categories:

  • Covid-19 Essentials
  • Radiology equipment
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Medical Implants
  • Disposable Products
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Lab Diagnostics and Instruments
  • Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation-Medical Aids
  • Hospital and Clinic Establishments

Patients Services

Homecare Services: De Novo Healthcare is the most reliable and trustworthy Home Health Care Company — providing excellent home care solutions to allow quick and convenient recovery within your home’s comfort. Dr Chethan assures that they are committed to meeting all your healthcare needs and go above and beyond to ensure you get the best care.

  • ICU Setup at HOME
  • 12/24 Hrs. Nursing Care
  • 24/7 Bedside Attendee
  • Elderly Care
  • Physiotherapy Sessions at HOME
  • Stroke Rehabilitation at HOME
  • X-Ray, Doctor Visits, Dialysis, Dressing, Psychological Counseling.
  • Dietician and Nutritionist Consultations.
  • Medical Equipment for Rent/Purchase.
  • Intercity and Inter-State Ambulance Services and much more…!

Additional Services Provided at Home:

  • Doctor Consults
  • COVID–19 Care Programs
  • COVID–19 Home Management Kits
  • Lab Investigations & RT–PCR testing at Home
  • Dietician & Nutritionist Care Support
  • Single Nurse Visits
  • IV, IM Insulin Administrations at Home
  • Psychological Counselling
  • Home Sanitization
  • Ambulance with Life–Support on wheels
  • Specialists on Call and much more.

Laboratory: Medasus strives for excellence in patient care with its highly efficient and accuracy-oriented processes.

Clinical and Imaging Services: “Our advanced state-of-the-art technology helps the patients achieve a detailed and progressive inference,” he says.

Physiotherapy: “we provide services, including

  • Manual Therapy.
  • Exercise Therapy.
  • Electrotherapy.”

Vendor Services

Registration: It is mandatory for all Private medical health centres, Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, and Homeopathy Labs, to register and get the License Certificate under the Karnataka Private Medical Est act.

One-time authorization is granted to non-bedded health care established generating Bio-Medical Waste. It is mandatory to apply for the grant of permission from the authority irrespective of the generation quantity.

(NABH) has partnered with (IRDA) to carry out entry-level certification of hospitals, which has been made mandatory for providing cashless insurance facilities to the citizens at their premises.

All the medical Diagnostics X-ray equipment users from clients, labs, Dental, and medical to register and obtain operation certificates from AERB as per atomic Energy rules.

Licensing and Approvals: PC&PNDT/MTP: No Genetics Counseling Center, Genetic Laboratory or Genetic Clinic, unless registered under this Act, shall conduct or associate with, or help in, conducting activities relating to pre-natal diagnostics techniques;

Shop & Establishment: A shop or establishment registration certificate gives businesses the right to conduct work in a particular state and to open a current business bank account.

Food Licence: It is illegal to Operate a Food Business in India without These Licenses and Certificates, Licenses required for a Food Business in India | FSSAI and Eating House Certificate.

Drug Licence: This department grants a license to manufacture Drugs and Cosmetics/sell Drugs. It approves for the laboratories to carry out tests and analyses on behalf of the manufacturers.

Interior, Biophillic Designs, Planning and Building: These are the stepping stones of every Medical establishment, and we at Medasus have the best expertise at your service.

Dr Chethan informs that they collaborate with the best in class interior designers who are well experienced, especially in hospital interior setup designing. Their designers give you a customized design plan by evolving your ideas and thought process, incorporating your organization’s brand image, and delivering a smart interior design plan with effective space management. “We strive to identify our client’s needs and to provide them with the most cost-effective and premium quality interior solutions,” he adds.

This is a crucial aspect of any Medical setup, and they at Medasus understand the hurdles the organisations face in planning phases. Their expert team is well­ equipped with advanced softwares and designing tools with the proper knowledge for evaluating and bringing in the practical success of your project. Besides, their effective association with leading architects with rich experience in creating productive, patient-friendly infrastructure by drafting a specific strategic plan for establishing healthcare service centres like super speciality hospitals, single speciality hospitals, Health clinics, dental clinics, laboratories, Diagnostics, dispensaries, etc.

The core benefit of performing the infrastructural design and the facility planning of healthcare centres professionally is that you can create a welcoming healthcare infrastructure with optimum resources. This will earn the patients’ approbation and the consequential success of the healthcare provider.

Exterior Design and Sign Boards: According to hospital designers and planners, the first thing you notice is the institution’s outlook, which portrays your presence to the public and hence makes a good first impression on public viewing and exposure.

In the exterior and interior design of medical centres, it is essential to be efficient and improve the prospects of the establishment itself. The exterior design of the hospital building should be sophisticated and appealing, which can reflect the brand presence of a healthcare facility. Your architectural elevation should be harmonious with the location of the facility.

He furthers, “Keeping all this in mind, we at Medasus have teamed up with the best Hospital Designers and Architects who will deliver the best, smart and cost–effective exterior designs.”

Medical facilities are a type of business that can greatly benefit from well-designed and properly installed signage. Most of the market exposure depends initially on signage boards and its visibility.

Any thoughtful healthcare signage helps attract customers/patients to a medical facility or hospital and displays the message about the business presence. Medasus provides expertise in carefully choosing the right style, font, colours, and sizing of custom exterior signs.

Putting plenty of thought into the design of your sign will help communicate a list of healthcare services a medical facility provides and sets the tone for the level of attention and care patients can receive from the facility.

Complete Hospital Setup: Medasus is an all-in-one platform for all Healthcare needs. “We provide complete clinical setups for hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres,” says Dr Chethan.

The service includes:

  • Cost-effective Procurement of Medical, Surgical and Diagnostic Devices and
  • Supplying Medical and Surgical Instruments.
  • Procurement and installation of Medical
  • Grade Furniture for Hospitals, Clinics and Diagnostic centres.

Recognition and Accomplishments

Medasus Healthcare prides itself on being recognized by renowned government agencies and has all the licences and permissions in place:

  • Member of MSME Recognized by GOVT OF INDIA.
  • Member of GeM, Recognized by GOVT OF INDIA.
  • IEC LICENSE holder, Recognized BY DGFTGOVT OF INDIA.

We Aim to Scale Up the Future

Stating their Value Proposition, Dr Chethan says it is based on the fundamentals of a large range of products under a single roof, professional and technical guidelines directly by us to the customer, and good quality and Make in India products at a lower cost. Similarly, “Our revenue will come from the direct sale of medical equipment to consumers (B2C). In this, our customers are hospitals and the general public for home care service,” he reveals.

Disclosing their future plans, Dr Chethan says they aim for the growth of the company. “We will create an uncompromised supply mechanism and establish a reputed brand among a network of hospitals and new doctor fraternity to keep the business scaling up to new levels.

Sale of medical equipment, as he and his team Medasus work on both B2B and B2C models. “We have a large customer base major Hospital, minor hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics and individual public for homecare and diagnostic services,” he concludes.