Rohail S Qadri: Transforming the World of Staffing with Quality, Trigent’s Flexible IT Staffing Services!

Rohail S Qadri
Rohail S Qadri

For an entrepreneurially calibrating mind, limits must be pushed, stretched and overcome with regular frequency to advance into one’s leadership endeavour. Rohail S Qadri, as the President of Professional Services at Trigent Software Pvt Ltd, has been doing that continuously for the last 19 years.

Rohail is a Business Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the IT and IT-enabled services industry. He is managing diverse key business-centric leadership roles. His areas of expertise range from strategic planning, delivery execution, transformation, org restructure, change management for IT Staff Augmentation, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment as a Service/Strategic RPO across India and APAC markets with a key focus on Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines. US region still remains the key strategic focus market.

With a bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sciences and MBA in HRM and Marketing Management, Rohail commenced his professional journey with an Entrepreneurial Venture as a Managing Partner in 2004 before joining IBM Global Services as an Assistant Operations Manager in 2005 and later CIBER, Inc as the Project Manager in 2009. After eight years, in 2017, he joined Trigent Software as Head TA for India and General Manager PS for APAC Region.

Rohail spoke in an exclusive interview with CIOLOOK INDIA, the excerpts of which are given herein.

Please, tell us about your entrepreneurship from the beginning and how you have made Trigent Software excel in its niche.

Right from my college days, I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. When I was given the responsibility to lead this company, I took this challenging role head-on. Initially, it wasn’t an easy journey. However, with the help of my team, my prior experience, and following globally agreed operational governance and business models, we were able to scale up this business in a big way. We have always stuck to the basics and kept our client expectations at the top of our priority list, making all the difference.

What leadership skills, values and qualities do you think your clients admire most in you and your company?

Trigent is an early pioneer in IT outsourcing and offshore software development business. We have enabled various organizations to adopt digital processes for almost three decades to achieve outstanding business results. Trigent has always been known for its long-term relationship with its customers and employees. Also, being in the services business, one needs to be innovative; by bringing in continuous improvement in the services and the solutions, we provide that innovation to our customers. It has been a big plus in our customer satisfaction and retention.

It has built great confidence in our services. Especially among our customers, it has created a unique brand value. That of Trust. It is a good legacy to have and carry forward in the coming years. Like any other player in this sector, we have been through many ups and downs. Be it recessions, pandemics etc. However, we have always shown our resilience in bouncing back. Trigent’s decades of experience, deep domain knowledge, and technology expertise deliver transformational solutions to ISVs, enterprises, and SMBs.

One of our most sought-after services is Professional Services. I’ve been an integral part of them and instrumental in growing Trigent from a small business unit to the scale we operate today. For the first time last year, we achieved phenomenal double-digit growth for our Professional Services division. A clear focus on our business goals and robust and inclusive leadership enabled me to achieve this unprecedented growth milestone for our organization.

Please brief our audience about Trigent, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of the best product/service/solution providers.

Trigent is an early pioneer in IT outsourcing and offshore software development business. We recently celebrated our 28th anniversary. We enable organizations to adopt digital processes and customer engagement models to achieve outstanding results and end-user experience. We help clients achieve this through enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and optimization of their IT environment. Trigent’s decades of experience, deep domain knowledge, and technology expertise deliver transformational solutions to ISVs, enterprises, and SMBs. We offer end-to-end consulting services, design, development, and managed services across Infrastructure, Cloud, Mobility, BI, Analytics, Product Engineering, QA & Testing, IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

I head the Professional Services business for Trigent. We offer a bouquet of services under our Professional Services division ranging from IT Staff Augmentation, T&M, EDC/ODC, RPO, and HR Shared Services. A high focus on Lean Six Sigma methodologies and being customer-centric has been at the core of our DNA.

Some of our unique selling propositions are:

  • Access to top talent: We offer our clients with staffing pool that is the best in the industry with verified qualifications and certifications through our deep understanding of their unique needs and business goals.
  • Flexible Staffing solutions: A robust team for maximum flexibility and interoperability that helps global IT companies manage transformational challenges while driving efficiency and improving service levels.
  • Commitment to Quality: Industry standard compliance adherence with a high focus on Lean Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Ongoing staffing support: Provides you with dedicated resources that work as true extensions of your teams.

Tell us more about Trigent’s offering and what makes it stand out in today’s knowledge economy.

In the post-pandemic era, any industry today is leveraging digitization and its evolution for optimizing operations and scale. The knowledge economy is the new digitally empowered economy. The IT domain is the underlying success enabler for it. We at Trigent believe in partnering with clients across their digital value chain. And assisting them in designing, building, delivering, and maintaining their products and services that make them the best in their industry.

Trigent’s digital processes and customer engagement models, such as ODC (Offshore Development Center) model, has helped our clients transform the consumer experience to meet the highest quality, reliability, and performance standards. We empower our clients across industries to apply technologies imaginatively to solve problems that matter and stay relevant in today’s complex, digital, and disruptive world.

Under Professional Services, we offer a gamut of transformative services with great agility, such as Staff Augmentation for both IT and Non-IT capabilities.

These services are delivered across India, APAC and USA. By leveraging our expertise, we provide flexible support to help businesses establish and implement their Staff Augmentation Strategy. HR Shared Services is a recent addition to our offerings. It is a new service line catering to our APAC customers. We see a huge scope for us in this business. And we have great potential to make it our next big service offering in scale and scope.

Staff Augmentation is a cooperative model where organizations expand their in-house staff to fill the talent gap or outsource IT Specialists for the project requirement. Our dual approach includes Client Satisfaction and Employee Welfare, which make us the preferred choice of your business partners.

As an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts your industry and how your firm adapts to the change.

Business process automation has been at the core of our strategy. Automating repetitive, less to moderately complex tasks has been our key focus all these years. However, with the changing tech landscape focusing on NLP, AI & ML, our automation strategy 2.0 has taken a new direction. We have invested in sourcing automation solutions utilizing AL/ML and brought in chatbots-enabled employee engagement solutions. We want to be part of this disruption that is changing the HR tech landscape around the globe. At Trigent, we exploit the promise of AI to improve customer experience by anticipating needs and optimizing work to provide faster and more effective outcomes.

Considering the current industry scenario, what challenges do you face, and how do you drive your firm to overcome them?

On the professional services side, our business is all about challenges. The important thing is facing and overcoming those challenges and not letting them become your limitation. We have always tried to work on our contingencies and have a broader and more diverse business portfolio. For Professional Services offerings, we have come a full circle with an ongoing operations in the US to explore the full potential in the APAC market. This approach has had highly fulfilling business results. And we have a fairly good presence in these markets now. We cover Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. Today our portfolio is more diverse and broad-based. We have extended not only our scale of business but also the scope of our services by adding new service offerings under three-dots, and HR Shared Services.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into your space?

I advise any budding entrepreneur to stay focused and resilient, find yourself a relevant niche, and ensure that it is also future-proof. You must have a well thought business plan. And don’t shy away from trying even if you encounter failures. Because they are stepping stones to your success. Learn to adapt and improvise in today’s ever-changing dynamic business environment.

How do you envision scaling your firm’s operations and offerings?

While we’ll continue to focus on our organic growth plans, we are also looking to scale through some inorganic channels, such as strategic acquisitions. The objective is to attain a strategic advantage in a new growth market or innovative solution.

Trigent Hall of Fame:

  • GoodFirms Recognition 2022: Trigent as “The Best Company to work with” by GoodFirms, a leading IT Research Rating Firm, a top B2B platform.
  • NAST (North American Testing Awards) 2022: Trigent, in partnership with PreVeil, is recognized as “Highly Commended” at the North American Software Testing Awards 2022.
  • Zinnov Zones Recognition 2022: Trigent was rated as a Leader in Enterprise Software for Small & Medium Service Providers by Zinnov Zones ER&D Rating 2022.
  • Trigent Professional Services received the “Global Outsourcing 100 Award” ( in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019.