Dr Mala: An Aesthetic Physician Transforming the Skincare Industry

Dr Mala
Dr Mala, Founder

What do we actually know about skincare?

Skin is the largest organ of our body that needs to be taken care of. The most common cause behind not having a good skincare routine is a lack of knowledge and ill-served facilities for appropriate treatments. While many companies out there are trying to sell their skincare products without even acknowledging the actual needs of the customers, some hidden gems are contributing their shares to uplift the lives of their customers and their brand growth.

Directing such organizations is not everybody’s cup of tea, as the whole sector revolves around delicate skincare routines, spreading awareness and educating people about skin care for their better lives. Passion, persistence, the ability to adapt and transform and a knack for catering to customers’ demands make a true leader.

With an expanding beauty and wellness sector, a need for aesthetic wellness centres is paramount. In this scenario, Dr Mala, the Founder of ‘The Derma Studio,’ stands out differently in the race of powerful leaders with her unique approach toward driving change in the dermatology sector. She strives to offer ethical and top-notch treatment to her clients. She is devoted to fulfil her vision and pays attention to details for optimum customer satisfaction.

In an exclusive interview with the CIOLOOK India team, Dr Mala expressed her valuable thoughts about her amazing journey of becoming a leader in the dermatology industry and a story of how she contributes to the uniqueness of her company.

Please brief us about your journey in the dermatology segment and how you have made your clinic excel in the skin/hair care segment.

I am a former Indian Army Lt Col with a vast experience of 27 years. My interests and hard work attracted me to enter this field. They are the reasons behind the inception of big dreams, and I am also not an exception. I was always captivated by the vast and broadening medical sector and decided to start my medical journey with a degree from the Patiala Government Medical College.

After completing the internship, I joined the army and served as a medical officer for 14 years. Here came a turning point in my life, and I went on to find a new path for myself. Be it a specialization in Aesthetics from Apollo Medvarsity or post-graduation in clinical dermatology from Cardiff, England, I never looked back.

Tell us more about your services. 

To transform my love for beauty and wellness into a dream, I garnered the necessary skills and experience. With my in-depth knowledge in the sector and vast experience, I established a company named The Derma Studio, a skincare hub. The company’s inception is based on the concept of an aesthetic clinic. This concept is the backbone of the clinic and serves its customers with a vision to provide ethical and world-class skincare treatments. It not only deals with all skin and hair issues but also considers customers’ individual requirements and offers tailored solutions.

The clinic offers its patients various services, including skin treatment, hair treatment, laser hair reduction, slimming, permanent makeup, Medi facials, and whatnot. As a team, I proudly say that we help our customers achieve healthy skin and hair care. We persistently work for your flawless skin, smooth and healthy hair. 

What makes you a unique leader in the dermatology sector? 

  • Ethical approach, 
  • Long-term goal achievement, and 
  • A novel outlook towards anti-ageing treatments.

I always approach my clients intending to find the root cause of the problem. I make every effort to dive into the details of the problem and find a customized solution for that specific client. Making anti-ageing solutions is my expertise, and I have developed many unique treatments combining different modalities. These include Dermal Infusion, Double Meso Therapy, Ultra Lyft and many more.

Moreover, as human trials are very important in the dermatology sector, I also became part of the trial and tried every new product or device on myself first. These treatment modalities are only open to customers when they really work and produce good results in the trials. To ensure this, I work with my trainers and the staff and check the working conditions of every machine and treatment, whether it gives the required results. The team also takes care of my patients, and they are followed for their feedback after treatments. This procedure also involves guiding them about the correct skin care and precautions.

Please brief us about your opinion on optimum customer satisfaction. What steps do you usually take to fulfil the same? 

Satisfied customers are the tickets to your journey toward success, and their feedback is paramount. I focus on providing treatments by combining lifestyle modification and medications. While treating the customers, it is vital to consider their emotions behind the visit. For that, I also emphasize the importance of the clinic’s ethical perspective. It puts forward an honest, empathetic, customized approach that helps the customers.

Give us five primary reasons clients should choose you as their ultimate skincare friend.

The answer lies in the values and quality of the services we provide. We not only have enthusiasm in our profession but also have experts who dedicate themselves to helping our customers. Additionally, as a clean environment is crucial for the mind and body, we focus on cleanliness and maintenance of the treatment place.

The next essential value I must mention here is guiding the customers and educating our team on the latest trends and technologies. It helps spread awareness among people in need and with which we can satisfy the demands of our customers. Last but not least, spreading happiness through our services is what we work for.