Dr Manish Das and Rupali Baruah Das: Educating and Inspiring Young Minds for Future Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Manish Das
Dr. Manish Das | Rupali Baruah Das | Co-founders

Have you ever been in a group where someone asserted authority by articulating a clear understanding of the group’s goals, a genuine enthusiasm for the task at hand, and the ability to energize the other members of the group? These proficient personalities fit in the description of transformational leaders. These passionate and energizing leaders are Advocate Dr Manish Das and Rupali Baruah Das the Co-founders of IIPA and supercounsellers.com

Dr Manish Das has over 22 years of expertise, or two decades, since 2000, in the fields of career counseling, corporate education, academic research, training, and consulting. In his role as a marketing and HR consultant, he combines incisive hands-on expertise in business strategy, HR, and organizational development to execute practical and high-impact solutions to business difficulties. He has a wealth of experience as a career counselor from the University of California, Los Angeles, CDA, Mindler, and Edumilestones from the UK.

He is also a career analyst and government trainer with expertise in the creation of policies, the improvement of HR processes, performance management, organizational effectiveness projects, and career counseling. He has assisted numerous SMEs in setting up their legal, career counseling, and human resources departments.

He is currently employed as an advocate in the Supreme Court of India, a Moot Court judge for several organizations, a guest professor in the Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL), a government trainee under projects, and a career counselor. He has taught a range of courses, including HRM, performance management, organizational behavior, and law.

The Journey of Inception

Dr Manish Das along with his mother Mrs Rupali Baruah Das started career counseling in 2000, when it was still quite new to individuals in North-East India. They launched the campaign and used marketing techniques like presentations in colleges and word-of-mouth advertising. Manish states, “We started to do the best we could with our limited resources.”

“We spread the message loud and clear that making the right career choice at the right time is the best thing to do, and we began educating people about the right career courses and selecting the right institutions and colleges.” Additionally, the ideal course of action is to choose an institution that offers a suitable career with potential.

Any person’s career is their foundation; thus, it should be chosen carefully and with the best possibilities that are practical. Careers are essential to an individual’s development; thus, it is important to choose them intelligently with the aid of specialists and career guides. In addition, career guidance goes beyond art and science because it calls for experience, the proper acceptance of potential, faith, and support for the best conclusion that is practically possible. Impact of Intelligence among Professional Aspirants, or IIPA, stands for the idea that an impact is crucial for improvement and the best outcomes.

By providing the finest possible service to the public and working toward improved results, IIPA has today overcome many formidable obstacles in life with flying colors, thanks to excellent effort and results. Although there are no guarantees in life, with careful planning and foresight, one can achieve hitherto unattainable goals. Beyond this, the best course of action is to try something new, whether it’s a course, job, project, or something that has national or international acceptance.

Dr Manish Das shares, “We won lots and lots of awards as the best education counselor, best edupreneur, best career guide, and lots more from different organizations and sources, namely the government of India, the government of Assam, Indian Army, IIT, NLU, NSD, MSME, DIC, Skill India, Bangladesh, Nepal, the UAE, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, and South Africa and many more.” 

Career Guide Book from supercounsellers.com is a book that will help you to choose a course to blend your career towards the right direction. Always ask yourself why, where, how, what, and when your career will get shape with the best outcome. A career is the backbone of everyone’s life that’s why we have to choose wisely at right time, looking with the right attitude the best you can do it. Career Analysis from the right person is highly required; we shaped many people’s careers with the right prospects and concrete theories and accelerated the milestone practical results. This book is handy for all students, career-seeking students for higher education, job-oriented people, professionals, Postgraduates, Doctorates, and Others.

Higher Education and the Right Career selection is the best way to make it happen in the best feasible way to change your life from better to best. The right decision at right time is the key to success, so one must choose wisely by seeking the consideration best out of the best which will be helpful for him or her considering their SWOT analysis and other Career Analysis and techniques and consideration of one’s ability to do better. One must know Do’s and Don’ts clearly with visible outcomes.

Choosing the right Career is not rocket science; it is the right approach at right time with proper analysis. A career needs to be shaped in the best possible way without losing enthusiasm. Careers have different options and demands at different locations, for the right Career adaptability is important.

The Exceptional Odyssey

Mrs Rupali Baruah Das (Co-Author) – She was born and brought up in Dibrugarh, Assam, India, and after her marriage, she started working as a Teacher cum Career Counsellor since 1989 and in the year 2000 along with her son Dr. Manish Das – she officially started her Career Counselling Centre, Computer Institute, and her Education Venture. Later she was awarded by Govt. of India, the Govt. of Assam, the Indian Army, and different Elite Organizations of India and Abroad. She had worked for MSME, PMKVY, NSDC, DIC, Skill India Etc. About her academics, she graduated in Economics, bisarod in Fine Arts, Dance and also involved in many social cultural activities. Also Certified Career Counsellor from CDA, USA and Edumilestones.

She worked in Many Schools as a Teacher, namely: – Peace Cottage, Kendra Vidyalaya, Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, and Salt Brook School. Besides this, she was President of the Gabharupathar Durga Puja Committee for seven years and Gabharupathar Mahila Bihu Committee for three years and also associated with many poetries and writer associations. She has been honored by many esteemed organizations in India and awarded as Edupreneur, Career Counsellor, and Entrepreneur at different times.

Dr Manish Das (Co-Author), also known as Rojmann, his pen name and works as – An Advocate at the Supreme Court of India, a World Record Holder of the Longest CV from India at Kathmandu, Nepal, Ph.D. from Canada, wrote – his First book -The Assam Municipal Corporation Act, 2020, Second book- 10 in 1 – Combination of Ten Different Law Acts consisting of Prison Act, Police Act and Others, Third book- Rojmann’s Life is Beautiful, and supercounsellers.com Career Guide Book is his Fourth Book. And his fifth book “National Education Policy” and his upcoming 6th book is Rojmann Dairies”

He is a Certified Career Counsellor from CDA -USA, UCLA – USA, Europa from UK, Skill India, MSME, and many more. He is also Awarded by Govt. of India, the Govt. of Assam, the Indian Army, the United Nations Centre of India and Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Turkey, Greece, UAE, Great Britain, and Africa.

Besides this, he is a Guest Faculty/Jury at Nef Law College of Gauhati University and the Centre for Juridical Studies of Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh. Dr Manish Das is the son of the Late Kulendra Das – AFS at Assam Forest Department and Rupali Baruah Das – Edupreneur cum Entrepreneur of Assam and also DMD is the eldest grandson of Tamrapatra Awardee Late Radhika Ram Das – Former Freedom Fighter, Former Minister of Assam, Gold Medalist in Law from Calcutta University and Former Principal of University Law College of Gauhati University and many more great accolades.

Benchmark of Exceptional Counselling 

IIPA is devoted to quality, which is why it upholds ISO 9001:2015. Print media, digital media, and other surveys all acknowledged it. It had received recognition from both public and private organizations. It had been operating on a number of scales, including rural, semi-urban, urban, and metro, and overseas.

IIPA is present throughout India and Abroad. It has a global footprint in addition to India. Manish states, “We have good reviews and feedback. We have a long chain of satisfied students. We have a clear reason, mission, objective, vision, and foresight.” It has had an unparalleled experience for 23 years since the year of inception 2000 to the present, and 33 years since 1989, both officially and informally. In this area of northeast India, IIPA was the first to offer career counseling. The squad has a superior brand tie-up with top NAAC A+++, A++, A+, NBA, NIRF, and many more award-winning institutions.

Dr Manish Das asserts, “We had organized an education fair, a job fair, and general educational awareness projects both in Urban and Rural Sectors. We had college tie-ups within India and globally for better results outcome.”

The transformation over the Decades

Great institutions like IIIT, IIT, NIT, IIM, etc., as well as the Constitution itself, greatly assisted India in achieving a new milestone in the areas of administration, effective leadership, and planning for good governance.

A good private college really helped many talented aspirants become independent, and it has expanded internationally as new industries, such as the IT sector, textile industries, plastics technology, nanotechnology, supply chain, logistics, and finance, have emerged over the course of various historical periods.

Here are some sectors where transformation has been prioritized by the administration:

  • Government PPP Policy
  • Government introduction of IPOs and NPOs
  • The government plans for the best results in tourism, sports, rural India, and construction.
  • The government has plans for new edge technologies.
  • Placement hub for New India.
  • Best results in Six Sigma, Total Quality Management
  • National Education Policy 2020

Staying Ahead in the Competition

Dr Manish Das and Rupali Baruah Das both firmly believe that every kid approaches learning differently and necessitates personalized attention. IIPA Just created a test to evaluate them and force them to speak, write, and engage in other activities. During the pandemic Period, The team conducted online sessions using digitally driven technology with the aid of Google Form, Typeform, ZOOM App, Mentimeter.com, Padlet, Kahoot, Microsoft Team, Google Team, etc., where we have done different ways to specifically get in touch with different students from different locations. The team occasionally uses a projector and implements fun activities physically to Create Awareness.

IIPA never makes commitments that the team can’t keep and only offers true facts. The team is intensely focused on quality and constantly seeks feedback. Dr Manish Das asserts, “We believe in sustainable things and feasible commitments. “We never compromise on the ordinary because we are always looking for the extraordinary.”

IIPA sets a benchmark for others by bringing something new every year. It is the forerunner and overcomes all odds by facing the unknown every time. Dr Manish Das says, “We had been awarded, honored, and recognized by more than 1,000 people and organizations for the quality services we delivered till date.”

Adapting Modern Tech Advancements

Dr Manish Das asserts that IIPA is raising awareness about how crucial consistency is for both AI and Machine Learning. The technologies are actually a helpful edge, and IIPA uses them since they are time-saving and extremely effective. IIPA also holds workshops on this topic.

Dr Manish Das wants to outfit all IIPA offices with cutting-edge technology because he wants to be a part of 21st-century of India. He asserts, “Modern technicians are really commendable and highly appreciated. We want it to be the best possible way by educating more and more laymen people about this.” Additionally, Dr Manish Das says that technology is widely accepted, easy to use, saves manpower, makes life simpler, and will be incorporated into best practices to succeed in this sector.

Challenges that Made Journey Worthwhile

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans were not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal,” says Dr Manish Das. His early stages of growing his business were fraught with difficulties. He admits that it was a significant difficulty to overcome as he wants to introduce and implement new technology. He states, “Proper Road and transport communications are highly important; that’s why, we need to connect these services through high-speed internet, 24×7 electricity service, emergency backup power supply, and other essential services.”

Lack of fundamental education was another concern, which is why IIPA conducted free education sessions in specific areas. Dr Manish Das who is an RTI activist uses RTI and other government complaint tools to combat the adversities with the use of novel techniques and malpractice by a select few members of society. He also adds, “The best international corridor in support of roads and airports is why we have to reach the Metros. That’s why we have to pay for everything, which is why we go for sharing and check for the best suitable outcome.”

Manish claims that although IIPA demands the highest outcomes, there are obstacles in the way, so the team constantly needs to come up with brand-new, far more effective solutions. The team concentrated on marketing, consumer input, and the best results in a competitive market because the company needed the best outreach. He states, “We need to be disciplined in the informal market, and that’s why we try to refocus on the best consistency and results.”

Traits of a Leader

There are numerous ways to define a motivating leader. A leader should be accessible so that the gap between employers and employees can be readily maintained and new milestones can be reached each month that contribute to growth. As the saying goes, an appraisal is essential. “The best leader is someone who can see the potential very early or at the right time and who makes efforts to maintain good quality and a high global standards.”

Dr Manish Das asserts. A good leader, in his opinion, looks for viability throughout a crisis and supports innovation. Dr Manish Das contends that positive role models foster positivism among their peers and continually seek out new talent and support. A good leader employs rewards, awards, appraisals, and belief in his or her personnel after specific, regular intervals to maintain employees’ motivation.

Dr Manish Das outlines ten principles in his message to aspiring leaders that can guarantee leadership development and result in organizational success globally. The key points are:

  • It is good to show new prospects for improvement
  • It has come with better planning with new and global reach
  • Technologically sound
  • It is effective
  • Job security
  • Enhanced betterment
  • It is worth it
  • Good Public Policy
  • Best desired outcome
  • Flexibility in the scope of growth for the best outcome
  • International Acclamation and Acceptance

Aspire to be the Best in the Industry

Dr Manish Das and Rupali Baruah Das Firmly believe and wants IIPA to be acknowledged as one of the top 100 Indian brands and a recognized global player. Both are guiding IIPA to become a strong leader-oriented organization that must be consumer-friendly in order to be the best option in every rural and grassroots setting. They are putting IIPA’s foundation in place so firmly that it will be a self-sufficient organization.

“We want to be awarded as the top organization by world leaders and be the best organization in terms of maximum offers and true value for money.”

Dr Manish Das and Rupali Baruah Das are assembling a group of knowledgeable workers who are helping to develop IIPA into a global organization that is constantly growing and developing and obsessed with quality.