Chinnmaye Praveen: An Eternal River Quenching Beings’ Thirst

Chinnmaye Praveen
Chinnmaye Praveen | Founder | Strategic Head

Water is our life, and our life flows like a river full of water. One of the essential aspects proliferating many of our significant needs besides drinking, like cooking, bathing, washing, cleaning, gardening, farming, and public and private utilization, water has always been our being quencher. The growing population, urbanization, industrialization, extensive farming, and global warming depleting our existing water resources like natural and man-made reservoirs has been constantly forcing us to look for water harvesting and other alternatives like waste-water treatment.

Generating more water is possible through water treatment solutions like treating sea water, sewage water, and industrial sources. Understanding the growing need to provide drinking water to everyone, treating wastewater has become one of the significant aspects of a sustainable future.

In this cause, a passionate researcher, and social entrepreneur Chinnmaye Praveen has taken up the responsibility of shouldering it by providing clean drinking water to most areas of Karnataka State. The Founder and Strategic Head of Gewinn Wachstum, Chinnmaye has been addressing the water needs by providing clean drinking water to the needy populace for more than ten years.

In the rendezvous with the CIOLOOK India team, Chinnmaye offered interesting snippets of her entrepreneurial journey, initial inspirations, challenges countered, the uniqueness of the organization, and her advice to budding entrepreneurs.

Please, brief our audience about Gewinn Wachstum and the concept behind Winn water.

Gewinn Wachstum is a decade-old organization catering to the need of society by dispensing pure safe and clean drinking water across Karnataka at affordable cost indiscriminately. Shouldering the health of communities at large, Gewinn Wachstum is a multi-product, multi-channel organization having millions of satisfied customers. Our company has always been on the front line to embrace extra responsibility, especially at alarming hours. Our portfolio encompasses water treatment units, EPs, Software Technology Parks (STPs), eco-friendly building technology, and solutions to liquid storage having a footprint in 18 districts in Karnataka.

Water dispensing units are conceptualized with not only shouldering the health of the community but also impacting the social economic development of rural patches across Karnataka. The customized solutions and seven stages of filtration at each kiosk help us stand unique in every way. Women empowerment is mounting by the culture earning in learning, our policies and practices are fair and transparent which are helping us achieve market leadership. Winn water is a flagship brand of Gewinn Wachstum and has been conferred with numerous state and national awards for its technology and ethical business methods.

What challenges did you face to establish your organization ‘Gewinn Wachstum?

For any business owner entrepreneur or for leader, generating goodwill and creating a work relationship network is the biggest challenge. In entrepreneurship, work takes up a large part of their lives, so it is very important to be happy with that as the next crucial challenge. Building a support system on the personal front and the professional end was a task, deciding best with a bundle of business ideas trafficking the action on grounds was tough.

The easy felt toughest challenges were, making people understand the value of water, training our staff to be proactive rather than reactive, constantly monitoring customer community relations which demanded water stewardship to develop public support, and making policies to balance the fluctuations of working staff on their hierarchy.

Share your journey in the industry and how you made Gewin Wachstum excel in its niche?

I have been an entrepreneur, social activist, and writer— has been a force of action that has enabled me in leading a life of humility, diligence, compassion, love, and empathy. A homemaker turned social entrepreneur; I consistently pressed the issue of water shortage. My startup, Gewinn Wachstum helps communities of the underprivileged stratum to get access to safe drinking water at affordable cost indiscriminately. As against shouldering to the health of the nation, it provides employment to women to help them secure financial independence, integrity to uneducated youth, and dignity of work for to physically challenged. This initiative has converted many littered and dumped areas into resourceful places by creating water points.

The project has offered leadership solutions for cities and citizens, addressing the social issue through a business model paving way for urbanization. Through novel applications and positive change in the health and happiness of communities has proven her business is for the greater social good and not just the pursuit of profits. Looking at philanthropy seriously, I started the Vistaara foundation where individuals are offered affordable and accessible shared spaces for social activities. These stimulate new discoveries to increase capacity broaden opportunities for inclusion, celebrate innovation and capitalize on both collective and individual learning.

The foundation has been involved in many activities like donation drives, skill development, mental health programs, community learning, and go-green initiatives and has done many collaborative projects to shape society for better living. I feel that age is just a number; I am young at heart as I continue to serve enthusiastically at YCC, a youth wing of the public relations council of India as the National Chairperson. I like to help youth with skills to build community resilience, awakening programs to create environmental sustainability and walk the talk that youth at community collaboration becomes the default approach to social change in creating a socially conscious society.

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you and Gewinn Wachstum—the most?

We at Gewinn induce a problem-solving mindset at each stratum of our workforce that helps create a map of changes as per customer needs helping us in customer retention and admiration. We create a sense of purpose in every transaction which ensures customer-focused strategies, casting a vision on sustainability and development which helps main good client rapport.

The very best thing customer admires about us is the way we provide clarity by having data at our fingertips, individualized connections with every customer, quick understanding of the root of their need, and instant decision-making, which have helped us grow professionally.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world?

First and foremost, I would like to say there is no hard n fast rule book to learning entrepreneurship, be humble to learn because as u set to see u as an entrepreneur it can be very tempting to pretend you know everything. 

Accept constructive criticism to construct your business, and always understand that a successful business doesn’t sell products or services, it sells solutions that solve the customer’s pain points. Follow your passion, and enjoy what you do!

Things will start happening when you stop making excuses and start making attempts.