Dr Rishabh Verma: The National Health Doctor Perfecting Global Health

dr rishabh verma
Dr. Rishabh Verma | Founder

To become extraordinary, you must rise above and go beyond the ordinary. For doing that you must be at your healthiest best to live up to your true potential. Being healthiest all the time is a constant race against diseases, illnesses, sicknesses, and ailments. Add to it an unhealthy lifestyle, modern hypertension-full routine, and increasing reliance on hazardous, junk, and fast food, and the adversities are enough for anybody to get affected with any of the health conditions common in almost all the developed and developing nations and their populations. The coronavirus pandemic then seems just an aspect of a health crisis looming large over the world even after COVID-19’s erasing.

The solution proposed by Dr Rishabh Verma, the national health doctor and the Founder of Nutrillion, on a mission to perfect global health, is profoundly simple. Dr Rishabh’s vision is to clearly distinguish general nutrition from personalized nutrition. According to him, it is a fact that dietary needs and factors have resulted in numerous diseases and health problems globally. Dr Rishabh’s number one purpose is to create a healthy country and world using Nutrition to correct the adverse changes in the lifestyle of people and promote healthy living. “We want to give people hope through real results that come from our personalized nutrition and dietary plans. Our vision is to create a healthy country with a healthy lifestyle through personalized nutrition, and genetic testing to know the root cause of any disease,” proclaims Dr Rishabh.

The Lifelong Learner

Born in the most beautiful city, Vikasnagar of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Dr Rishabh was brought up by his parents after his grandparents’ demise, in a nuclear family of an elder brother, and a younger sister. Then in 2015, he lost his father. Yet he took it as a part of life. Throughout his education–primary and secondary in Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, post-graduation in business management, till his doctorate in Nutritional Science in 2021–Dr Rishabh remained a brilliant youngster. He further studied Body Anatomy at Lionel University California USA and became a professional Anatomist.

Throughout his years, as he has gained numerous degrees and qualifications, Dr Rishabh innately and unintentionally followed on the path to becoming a doctor cum nutritionist. A few of his degrees and qualifications include Advanced Specialization in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics and various International and National Credentials in Nutrition, Gut Health, General Health, and Genetic Science Education, Qualified Advanced Diabetes Educator, and Qualified Cancer Nutritionist from Apollo Research Institute, Bangalore.

Always being a unique student, Dr Rishabh’s thinking process is distinct from his contemporaries. Having been taught that to succeed is to be educated, he is always ready to learn and learn some more. He was always ready to learn, having been taught previously that to succeed is to be educated. Although his early childhood days were filled with the usual academic challenges, he made sure to learn from all his experiences and push himself to become the best version of himself.

Following in the words of Anthony J. I D’Angelo, ‘Every man should develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow,’ Dr Rishabh attributes all his success to his ability to adapt and learn from his experiences and the experiences of the people around him.

Dr. Rishabh believes himself to be a lifelong learner because, “When you learn, your mind can live forever. The mind is like a sponge, it loves to soak up as much information as possible, and I’ve learned to only take in the most vital and useful information alternatively,” says Dr Rishabh. This has allowed him to faithfully advance in his successful journey.

Challenges Championing Conqueror

He has overcome a hurdle of challenges since he was a student because he humbled himself and decided to dedicate his being to learning and accumulating as much knowledge as possible. When Dr. Rishabh started college, it was a new and great experience. He experienced his fair share of challenges and his fair share of successes. Dreaming to be in the business industry, after completing his MBA, Dr Rishabh tried to pursue his love for the stock market in his youthful days, by investing in shares, doing numbers and market analysis, and building an enterprise for himself. However, being a business manager, he had to face monetary losses and several other dilemmas.

As a result, he took a step back and kept himself away from the stock market and business industry for a time. This was a crucial time in Dr. Rishabh’s life, but he didn’t let it take his motivation for success down. He finally realized that business management may not be the path for him, although he had learned much and gained valuable experience from it. He shifted from business management, ending up on a path where he was unsure of his life, career, and future.

He experimented for about two years, taking random courses, like B. Com and others. With no proper guidance from anyone, he ended up using a few years to find a new passion. Dr. Rishabh had never once regretted the time it took him to realize his dream and career because the years taught him a lot and allowed him to gain the vast knowledge that he uses in his current daily life.

The Daring Doer

Dr. Rishabh is confident in his strengths which are his love for taking on challenges, his self-confidence in crucial conditions and situations, and his love for knowledge and learning. In his full years of life, he has made sure to value each person he has ever come across, never knowingly harm anyone and always respect everyone’s opinions and beliefs.

Dr. Rishabh’s journey in life has not been a seamless and easy one. He has faced multiple challenges and hurdles from his career selection up to his established company, Nutrillion. The only way he faced his dilemmas head-on and succeeded was due to his strong belief that God was and is always with him, guiding him to do the right thing without harming anybody.

Some of the mistakes he made in his journey in life which have helped in his growth because he learned from them were trusting people too easily, waiting too long to make decisions, making decisions too soon, and not properly analyzing everything before acting.

Overall, the hardest decision he ever made in life was deciding to leave his job in 2019, to take the risk of becoming an entrepreneur and building his own company. He had no guidance and nothing to fall back on, no money, no friend, all he believed then was “I can, and I will” and in the end he did.

The Dreaming Disruptor

The idea of starting up his own company came from his love and interest in fitness and health. He says, “You see, India has been suffering from health and fitness issues for decades. And not just India but the whole world is also burdened by numerous diseases, deficiencies, and medical conditions.” Dr. Rishabh was concerned by the helplessness of people regarding healthy living and decided to focus his company on solving medical problems using the concept of personalized nutrition.

In 2020, he grew his company and started with normal nutrition plans, as of then, his company’s name was FZPro Healthy LLP. After taking the time and effort to push his company towards solving health dilemmas, Dr. Rishabh found out that everyone had a different body type and gene type. This realization was the start of his revolutionized company, Nutrillion Health LLP in September 2021.

Nutrillion now is a registered trademark and an ISO-9001-2015 certified company. Nutrillion is registered under Start-up India and MSME and due to its successes and fast-paced growth in providing health-related solutions, it has been admired and featured in various magazines in the nutrition and health industry.

An Awe-Inspiring Leader

As a leader himself, Dr Rishabh believes that every leader should have the humility to acknowledge people’s works and ideas and work alongside them to achieve set goals. He believes that leaders should mentor and guide and show the right path to others. As he never had a true guide in his life journey, Dr Rishabh has become a well-needed guide to his team and the people around him.

Dr Rishabh has gained numerous accomplishments over the years from his dedication and love for his work. His proudest accomplishment is whenever his clients and patients reached their health goals and move to their best healthy lives. He doesn’t see success as monetary but sees it as the ability to completely fulfill your purpose in life.

Dr. Rishabh describes himself as a ‘Dreamer’, a ‘Learner’, and a ‘Doer’. With his unique mindset and ability to grow as fast as he learns, he hopes to see his company and his team advance exponentially and help millions of people globally.

Dr. Rishabh has set himself apart from his competitors because his company is not just based on monetary success but works for the people by helping them live a healthier lifestyle free from diseases. Over the years he has gained numerous lessons and experiences, and one of the primary lessons he has learned is never to judge anyone, never to trust too quickly, and never to fall madly in love.

The best advice he gives to everyone around him is to live for your purpose, be consistent in your works and make sure to leave your legacy and make history. He has already started living for his purpose and feels, “I wish to be remembered not just as a nutritionist, but as a successful entrepreneur and a motivational counselor for the people.”