Dr Surindher D.S.A & Aesthetics Plus: Redefining You Since 2003

Dr Surindher D.S.A & Aesthetics Plus

Step into the realm of beauty and transformation, where dreams take shape and stars shine brighter than ever before. Imagine a world where celluloid fantasies merge seamlessly with real-life wonders, and every individual becomes the protagonist of their own breath-taking tale.

Just as a skilled director crafts cinematic masterpieces, there exists a maestro of beauty, Dr Surindher D.S.A, an extraordinary plastic surgeon who weaves miracles with every precise incision. With the finesse of a leading lady’s performance and the artistry of a visionary filmmaker, Dr Surindher D.S.A, one of India’s Best Plastic SurgeonsDirector and Chief Plastic Surgeon of Aesthetics Plus ClinicsMentor and Author, stands as the silver screen’s embodiment of perfection.

Like a remarkable screenplay that captures hearts and leaves audiences spellbound, Dr Surindher’s expertise promises to be the enchanting solution to all your aesthetic desires. Prepare to embrace a new chapter of beauty and let Dr Surindher guide you to a realm where your dreams become reality. He stands as the embodiment of grace, precision, and innovation, making him

The Unrivalled Maestro of Metamorphosis

Get ready to embark on a journey where beauty meets expertise, and where your dreams finally take centre stage. Welcome to a world where, every face/body tells a story, and Dr Surindher is the master storyteller, who can transform you into the stunning leading role you were born to play, on this screen called Life!

Dr Surindher is one of the leading Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons in India, practicing for over two decades. He started one of the first “Purely Aesthetic Surgery” practices in Bangalore in 2003, when he found a big lacuna in the market for a purely aesthetic practice when most centres were doing a mix of trauma, reconstruction and aesthetics.

He shares, “Since then, we have grown strength to strength, putting India on the global map via Medical tourism since 2003. We now cater to clients from over 43 countries.”

He also noticed a gap in the aesthetic training of younger colleagues and hence has been an avid teacher and mentor to budding plastic surgeons and dermatologists, training them in

The “Art of Plastic Surgery”

Aesthetics Plus has grown over the years as a leading provider of aesthetic procedures and is known for its innovations by Dr Surindher, to provide more minimally invasive procedures and improve techniques to help minimise downtime, with a 99.97% success rate.

Aesthetics Plus is known for its “Patient First Approach”, which has worked very well for patients. “Instead of selling a procedure, we understand the client’s needs or reasons for undergoing a procedure and help them make an educated decision about what procedure is good for them.”

“We offer end-to-end aesthetic procedures, be it surgical or non-surgical,” says Dr Surindher, for whom the areas of special interest are Body contouring procedures like Liposuction and Lipocontouring, Breast augmentations, reductions or lifts, Hi-Def and Medium Def Liposuctions, Brazilian Butt lifts.

The Humane Aspect

Dr Surindher is one of the few plastic surgeons skilled in Closed Rhinoplasty apart from the open approach: facelifts, hair transplants, calf and buttock implants and Non-surgical procedures like Botox, fillers and threads. He was awarded the Rotary Young Surgeons Award for operating over 4000 cases of Cleft Lip & Palate patients free under the “Smile Train Project.”

He adds that they believe “patient comes first”, and their whole practice is based on that. Doing what is right and best for the patient and helping address their problem, rather than pushing a procedure on them, is their process. They strongly believe an ‘Educated patient is a happy patient’ because they are involved in decision-making.”

The other aspect that stands out is their “Human Touch” when dealing with patients, right from the inquiry stage to the follow-up stage and post-procedure.

The Healing Touch

Dr Surindher always says, “Under promise (realistic expectations) and over-deliver (go above and beyond) in service.” No wonder most of his clients come as patients and leave as friends for life.

The Aesthetics Plus Clinics’ journey started in 2003 when Dr Surindher noticed a lack of purely aesthetic centres and understood early that the needs of these clients were different and they needed to be dealt with differently. Over the years, he and his team have constantly evolved, guided by the feedback of their esteemed clients, and continuously upgraded themselves skill-wise, equipment-wise and service standards-wise. They have always tried to give their patient’s a personal touch and empathy.

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the aesthetics niche of healthcare, Dr Surindher says that, as with anyone who enters the healthcare industry, the first motivation to enter healthcare is to help people and make a difference. Depending on the skills then, one enters different aspects of healthcare.

For me becoming a Plastic surgeon was making a difference in people’s lives by reconstructing or correcting that which is lost to disease or trauma, birth defects or lifestyle and ageing changes, to improve the overall ‘Quality of life,” he adds.

Guaranteed Happy Patients

According to him, the most important quality their clients appreciate is Aesthetics Plus’s “Patient first Approach” because Dr Surindher and his team of compassionate experts practice Ethical Medicine. “We ensure that the procedure advised is for the benefit of the client,” he states.

“Another important factor is Transparency and education of the patients, giving them the right advice, giving them all the available options, and educating them about what is possible and what is not, along with our 99.97% success rate. We strongly believe that an educated patient is a “Happy Patient” because they are involved in the decision-making process.”

“The third most important thing our patients like is our aftercare and follow-up. We are there for them anytime, day or night and we ensure we follow up with patients properly for at least three-six months from surgery, to see they are healing properly and following instructions to get the best possible outcomes from the procedures done,” explains Dr Surindher.

Tech-Advanced Treatments

Being an experienced leader and opining on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the Healthcare space and how they are adapting to the change, Dr Surindher says at AestheticsPlus, they have always believed in keeping themselves updated, be it procedures or technology and how it can improve the whole interaction between client and them. They have been using telemedicine for many years now as many of their clients are from overseas, and now, since the pandemic, they are using it more and more for even local and national patients. Technology has helped them keep in touch with patients more easily and reach their bedside to help them and follow up on them.

AI&ML are going to be crucial in the future.” They are already using AI to better their processes and SOPs to achieve better interactions with their clients, be more responsive to their queries and reduce downtime. AI, for now, will not replace the “personal touch” that a patient requires, but it will be of great help in things that are information based.

They have programs that use AI to give the patient a decent idea of the change or look after a procedure, which helps the patient understand the procedure better. “I think Augmented Reality will be the way to go in the future of our speciality, to help doctors with procedures, improve overall outcomes and reduce complications,” believes Dr Surindher.

Ethical Medicine is the Only Way

According to him, as with all industries, there are new challenges every day, and the best way to overcome them is to “Adapt.” The pandemic was a challenge; regime change is a challenge; policies and taxation that change create problems; advertising policies of different platforms create challenges and, of course, new players with deeper pockets and big advertising budgets.

He adds, “We saw many ‘Big players’ entering the market with their media blitz and ad campaigns/celebrity endorsements worth millions of dollars, but most fizzled out because, medicine is still a ‘One on One’ practice. Patients need to know who their doctor is, and they should be comfortable with them, especially when it comes to surgeries. They need to know that if they have a problem, their doctor will be there for them.

Medicine cannot be ‘Company centric,’ where unknown, nameless operators can amass clients to play the ‘numbers game’ without follow-up or responsibility towards the patients. “It’s just not ethical and goes against everything we stand for as doctors.

Our motto is ‘Do your best for the client,’ even if it means going the extra mile. Adapting to changing situations is key for any business or organization to survive. What worked two years ago doesn’t work today, things are changing rapidly, and one who doesn’t adapt quickly will perish.

The procedures we used to do 20 years ago have changed, the needs and wants of the clients have changed, and we have constantly adapted to that, be it surgical skill-wise, technology-wise or service- standards wise,” says Dr Surindher.

A Beautiful Wisdom

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Healthcare space, Dr Surindher says, “I personally feel that it is my responsibility to give back to our fraternity and pass on the knowledge and experience and also the mistakes, to the next generation to make their journey in private practice smoother and shorter.

I aim to create a similar breed of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons who will do what is right for the patient and do it ethically and to the best of their ability.”

Towards that goal, we offer the ‘Aesthetics Plus Mentorship Program’ to train younger plastic surgeons in Aesthetic Surgery, help them set up their Independent Centres and teach them ‘Business Skills’ as well, which is very important in this day and age.

“My advice to budding entrepreneurs is that ‘Take the dive,’ it’s very fulfilling seeing what you have built.”

But, in spite of all the inspirational quotes you see on social media, it’s a hard process, and you need to have the grit, determination, and, of course, the skill to pull it off. But once you do, the sense of accomplishment is huge.

This is where the help of a Mentor can make a huge difference and can translate to lakhs of rupees saved while also cutting down the time to achieve your goal by many years. It will definitely save you many sleepless nights, when you know you have someone you can lean on and bounce your ideas off of and someone who has your back.”

Aesthetics+ Future for You

On envisioning scaling Aesthetics Plus Clinics’ operations and offerings in the future, Dr Surindhers says that they are on the lookout for Young, Dynamic Plastic Surgeons who want to pursue a career in Aesthetic surgery to join them to build a community of likeminded Plastic Surgeons who have similar ideals and want to provide the best service to the patient and grow themselves and grow the brand.

We want to train younger plastic surgeons to open their own centres to provide Aesthetic procedures by being a part of our Aesthetics Plus network in India, the Middle East, South-East Asia and Australia,” he concludes.

For more information, click https://aestheticsplus.in/ or email at hello@aestheticsplus.in or contact @ (+91) 99457 80075.