Dunzo reports 320% rise in delivering medicines, groceries in India.

Between March and May, a Google-backed e-commerce company says it processed more than 20,000 orders for hospitals.

Working with volunteers, NGOs, and other organisations to supply essentials has increased Dunzo’s logistical service by a factor of two.

Orders for delivering drugs have increased 350% since January 2021, when India entered the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Dunzo, a Google-backed e-commerce company.

As of April 2021, consumer goods, such as groceries and fresh vegetables, and everyday necessities had increased by 318 percent. Dunzo delivered over 20,000 orders to hospitals between March and May. The supply of home-cooked meals, oximeters, and other medical supplies, according to the firm, resulted in a 204 percent increase in pickups and drops.

According to Dunzo, it has evolved into a necessary service rather than only a convenience. Dunzo’s objective is to make digital interactions with the real world more convenient, safe, and smooth, according to Kabeer Biswas, the company’s chief executive officer and co-founder.

“We’re gearing up to build a better, safer world of on-demand commerce and convenience for India, with additional micro-fulfillment centres in the pipeline, a firmer hold on supply chains, and moving closer to our target of 15-minute deliveries,” he said.

By partnering with volunteers, NGOs, and other organisations to provide essentials, Dunzo’s (business-to-business) logistics service has doubled in size.

Dunzo is beefing up its operations to ensure that it can meet the needs of everyone in the community. It is utilising the power of micro-fulfillment centres (MFCs) to respond to demand in a timely manner.

Dunzo’s MFCs will stock the top 1500 SKUs (stock keeping units) to provide a more consistent ordering experience as well as deliveries in under 20 minutes, with 250 micro-fulfillment centres set to serve 700+ neighbourhoods. Dunzo is using this approach to create India’s largest online convenience store, powered by local neighbourhoods and traders, with plans to expand to 20 cities.

According to a new estimate from financial technology firm FIS, India’s e-commerce business is anticipated to grow by 84 percent to $111 billion by 2024.

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