Dushyant Gupta: Transforming Global Insights for MedTech via Cetas Healthcare

Dushyant Gupta
Dushyant Gupta

There are some niches in the global industry where your credibility speaks louder than your words. That is why leaders who have repeatedly proven their mettle command unwavering respect, unshaken trust, and unending fame. Leaders are not born extraordinary. With their distinct perspective, constant entrepreneurial spirit, and resolute demeanour, they accomplish everything wonderful in extremely impossible situations.

The Global MedTech industry is where trust comes with timely proven achievements, accomplishments, and delivering excellence surmounting all the challenges one encounter. That is how Dushyant Gupta, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Cetas Healthcare, has achieved his fair share of leadership faith as an experienced MedTech consultant providing actionable market insights to medical devices, diagnostics, and Healthcare IT companies.

His extensive focus on new product development, market landscape, market-entry, M&A, competitive intelligence, and market sizing and forecasting has been responsible for making Cetas Healthcare one of the largest, full-service MedTech Market Research companies in the world.

Offering a One-Stop Solution

Sharing his firm’s USPs, positioning it as one of the best solution providers, Dushyant claims that Cetas Healthcare is one of the largest global market research companies with an exclusive focus on the medical device industry. They offer Market Insights and Regulatory services to MedTech companies through market research solutions, Regulatory and Clinical services, and Competitive Intelligence. “We regularly work with some of the top global medical device companies such as GE Healthcare, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Baxter, B Braun, BD, etc. We help them in product development and product management.”

According to him, Cetas is one of the few global companies focusing exclusively on the Medical Device industries. With the core team having more than 100+ years of experience in the global Medical Device industry, Dushyant and his team’s Market Insights are extremely actionable and enable their clients in evidence-based decision-making. They are extremely well-versed in the entire spectrum of the Medical Device industry. Be it diagnostic imaging, patient monitoring, interventional therapies, in-vitro diagnostics, robotic surgeries, digital and HCIT solution, and several other such areas. He furthers, “Our case studies boast a rich variety and diversity of projects that have been successfully delivered for the MedTech companies.”

Dushyant says that they exclusively focus on the global market devices and diagnostics marketplace. It is done through six offices spread across the globe and 75 countries researched so far. Cetas Healthcare have executed 400 projects for more than 100 happy clients. Its 13 out of 20 medical devices companies are regular clients, and it has a 100% client retention rate. All these and its 75+ global team makes it one of the largest MedTech focused firm globally.

Yet, showcasing the greatest trait of any great leader, Dushyant humbly says that his leadership skills, values, and qualities are because of his colleagues’ and clients’ admirable trust in him. “Our success is the combination of customer-centric focus, domain expertise, and high responsiveness that has helped us to build very strong relationships with our clients,” he adds.

Gaining Crowning Credentials

When they started, it was quite difficult to get new business from top MedTech companies as Cetas was an unknown agency in the market. Clients would hesitate to trust them (and rightly so) with big projects as these are complex and high-impact projects for their business strategy. But once they started working and the clients got to experience the expertise and professionalism of the Cetas team, there was no turning back. Now, very rarely a new client would have that hesitation. “Our credentials speak for themselves. The backing of our clients has been highly instrumental in the growth of our company,” he says, adding, “Another core value that is strongly engrained in our DNA is Respect.”

They treat their clients, team members (seniors, peers, juniors), interns, or vendors with thorough professionalism and mutual respect. Even in disagreements or constructive feedback, it is a mandate to deal with it professionally and respectfully. That has helped Dushyant and his team to build a culture that has played a big role in retaining good talent in the company.

The third important skill and value is that they operate with their clients as partners, not vendors. “This means that we don’t enter a project just to finish it and move to the next project OR be limited to the vision/instructions of our clients.” We are always on the lookout for ways to add more value to our clients. There have been several cases where we have gone out of the scope and over-delivered for which our clients have been highly appreciative of our outlook and approach. There also have been cases where if we have to disagree with the client then we will not shy away and put forward our recommendations backed by evidence and articulation to make the clients see Cetas’ point. “Our clients have repeatedly valued these qualities and have encouraged us to continue to be open and transparent,” shares Dushyant.

Ensuring Instant Tech Access

Telling more about Cetas Healthcare’s offering and aspects that make it stand out in today’s knowledge economy, Dushyant says their vision is to become the “Go-to” company for Market Insights for the entire Medical Device industry. They aim to make Market Insights accessible to all Medtech product managers irrespective of their company size, focus area, and location. They are constantly investing and innovating to make Market Insights Faster, Better, and Cheaper for their customers. “Our team is also busy innovating new ways in which Market Insights can be gathered and distributed to the end customers,” he says. Their singular focus on democratizing Insights for the Global MedTech industry makes them stand out in the industry.

Being an experienced leader, Dushyant shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts their industry and how his firm adapts to the change. He says that AI/ML can potentially have a huge impact on Healthcare and patient care. Healthcare has always been extremely data-dependent. The stakes are very high in Healthcare. As it is literally a life-and-death matter.

The Wow Factor

The advent of AI/ML is extremely crucial to the healthcare industry. It has the potential to change the way we understand healthcare today. “However, the major obstacle that I foresee is going to be the widespread adoption of new technologies. The current gap I see is that many entrepreneurs are doing excellent work building new technologies in the Healthcare industry. But very few are focusing on how to make it easy for the hospitals, doctors, or patients to adopt them,” he explains.

So unless there is an equal focus on how to help customers adopt the new technologies, the growth will not be able to meet the expectations. Currently, they are assisting many companies in understanding the unmet needs, behaviour, and perceptions of the customers towards the upcoming AI/ML solutions and the different ways in which they can be introduced into existing workflows. There have been some major ‘Aha!’ moments for the solutions provider to understand the reaction and perceptions of the users towards new AI/ML technologies which have helped build them more robust technologies and business models.

Dushyant’s advice to entrepreneurs venturing into any space will be to closely follow the fundamentals of the business. Too often, entrepreneurs get sucked into “action” mode without testing the fundamentals of their business. Questions such as What is the unmet need? Is it big enough to be solved? What is the product market fit? And so on.

Today’s Dream Tomorrow’s Reality

Entrepreneurs have the superpowers to be able to dream big and commit passionately for a challenging journey. However, a lot of times, entrepreneurs neglect to perform a systematic and thorough evaluation of their business fundamentals and end up making expensive mistakes.

On envisioning scaling Cetas Healthcare’s operations and offerings in the future, he reveals that they are currently offering five to six different types of Market Intelligence services to Medical Device manufacturers. They are building exciting market intelligence platforms and products. They will make it extremely easy for MedTech product managers to access deep, evidence-based insights. “Currently, we operate from six offices globally with about 75+ MedTech experts. We plan to double our team size in the next 12 months and ramp up our team size for all business units,” he concludes.