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DynaTech Systems
DynaTech Systems

Embracing advanced technology is different for different organizations. These organizations might be for profit or not-for-profit. An NGOs requirement for digital transformation are completely separate from a vending machine manufacturing company.

Similarly, an organization dealing in projects and retail chain business with five-hundred employees demands diverse tech integration than an international steel and aluminium trading cum processing firm or a project service organization in building, material, and commercial equipment, or oil and gas, manufacturing, erection and commissioning, or a property management firm.

Their requirements range from transparent and streamlined workflows, quick data import from different sources, hassle-free experiences for management, and a user-friendly platform to improvised customer service, to system-wide visibility across all operations and real-time financial impact, and so on.

Luckily, all these diverse organizations and thousands more like them with their dissimilar, dynamic, and varied needs from digitalization have found a common partner in DynaTech Systems––a trusted and agile digital transformation solution provider.

Conceived, created and championed by Hardik Patel, the Founder, and his Partners, including Jinesh Shah, Mehul Thacker, and Krunal Patel in India and Nicole Grimm in the USA, and Harshit Shah, a Stakeholder, DynaTech helps businesses leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure Cloud Platform along with our unique, industry-specific offerings. The firm is a Microsoft Gold Partner with CMMI Level-3 certification for achieving excellence and delivering exceptional value to customers and also Microsoft solution partner as well.

Connecting Processes

A leading digital transformation provider, DynaTech is renowned for offering a comprehensive suite of solutions or business applications designed to streamline and optimize various business processes. According to Hardik, their USP lies in their ability to connect efficiently with customer’s CXO team and ground team and deliver the IT Solution. At times, even the customers may need to be made aware of the priority.

This is where their expertise comes into play as they tailor solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform to cater to the widest customer needs. Hardik and the team DynaTech have a proven record of delivering outstanding solutions to their clients and are widely regarded as one of the best CRM and ERP solution providers in the global market.

The company specializes in providing Business Applications that accommodate each of its clients’ unique needs. “Our core strength is the ability to connect with our customers efficiently and understand their requirements, even when they are still apprehensive about their exact needs,” says Hardik. This sets them apart from other Software solution providers. They use Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure cloud as our primary platforms for delivering CRM/ERP/Business Applications and personalize them to meet each customer’s exclusive requirements.

Hardik assures, “With such expertise, we help formulate the best digital transformation strategy for your business and implement D365, ERP, and CRM in a way that makes your journey to the cloud a success.”

The company is devoted to offering the best Business applications to accomplish its customers’ prerequisites from top to bottom. Hardik and the team understand the importance of meeting their customers’ KPIs and ensuring smooth business operations, which is why they take a consultative approach.

Firstly, their experts discuss with customers to analyze the perfect solution for their requirements and customize Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 applications to fit their exclusive business models. This way, DynaTech implements a CRM/ERP system and optimises it to work seamlessly with business operations. “From top management to individual employees, our solutions are guaranteed to deliver a competent and streamlined experience for all stakeholders,” says Hardik.

Connecting People

Hardik, Jinesh, Mehul, Krunal, Nicole, and Harshit (who became a stakeholder in 2020) are IT Consulting and digital transformation experts. Further, Hardik has advanced knowledge of the challenges businesses face due to a lack of automation in software or ERPs.

DynaTech emphasizes offering help to clients to overcome future hurdles in the next five years by transforming their legacy applications to highly advanced and productive technologies,

The company has grown to a family of 250 capable members. It has become a leading IT consulting company in India, the USA, UK, and Africa, supported by its multiple partners and Dynamics 365. And the firm is providing required resources. Industry verticals for which it works are–manufacturing, e-commerce, distribution, Project Services and others.

Hardik claims that their clients admire their capability to consult, and find a solution together, the DynaTech team’s emphasis on customers’ long-term success, “And our commitment to deliver exclusive tailored solutions. We believe in putting the client first and strive to exceed their expectations. Our values of integrity, transparency, and professionalism are reflected in everything we do, and our clients highly appreciate of such qualities,” conveys Hardik.

As an experienced leader regarding advancing techs, he says that AI/ML are game-changers and certainly will change the whole deployment procedure of Business applications or how a business process is digitalized.

Instead of simply mapping or automating a business process, using AI/ ML will change the entire business process model and working methodology for the organization.

He informs, “At DynaTech, we are ensuring that our team and customers understand the use cases of AI/ML. We are laying much groundwork, technology usage with AI/ML which are future ready.”

Integrating Solutions

Sharing the many challenges encountered by him and the DynaTech team, he says that every customer needs easy and quick access to readily available solutions. And why not? Industry dynamics are changing every other quarter. “We, as Digital transformation partners, must know what best technology and solution can work for a customer and how fast a customer can start using the solution, maybe not all but definitely a piece of it,” he counters, adding, “Training our employees is the only way to keep pace with customer needs.”

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the ERP space, he says to stay updated with the latest technology trends and understand the industry’s needs. Focus on building a solid solution with the help of a team that has diverse skills and knowledge.

It is crucial to have a profound understanding of customer issues, customer industry and their working region. Be attentive on offering a solution or business application instead of supplying an entire ERP.

The bottom line is that every solution must be scalable enough to prosper.

About their future, Hardik reveals that DynaTech is not a company that focuses only on revenue, “Instead, we invest in our people.” No company can scale high without its employees. “We at DynaTech, believe that our employees are our assets.”

Connecting Companies to Success

Currently, their company’s strength is 250 and planning to reach till 400 in next two years. They are planning to engage and invest more in Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure cloud services to develop a service ecosystem of digital transformation. “Our company follows bottom to top approach which emphasizes valuing its personnel,” he furthers. This type of bottoms-up approach gives equal opportunity to every member of the team to voice their opinions in every kind of decision making. This is where Hardik’s leadership and valuing his employees makes all the difference as every decision is taken collectively. That way all the team owns their choices.

DynaTech is constantly praised by its clients for Hardik and the team’s commitment to deliver top-notch solutions and exceptional customer support.

Some testimonials from their satisfied clients include:

  • From the Founder Director of Avasar Leadership Foundation, India, “DynaTech helped Avasar Foundation with Dynamic 365 implementation with their intense technological and efficient understanding. The team delivered amazing end-to-end support! It was remarkable to see their dedication and commitment to help non-advertising NGOs like us. This reminds me of a quote – “If you want to catch butterflies, no need to run behind them – just grow flowers.”
  • From the Director of Cloud Solutions Provider, USA, “We were looking for a Business central upgrade project consultant, and the DynaTech team delivered the project on time with their diligent efforts. The significant aspect that differentiates DynaTech from others is that when you communicate with their team, they have a pragmatic approach towards project challenges. We appreciate the entire work of DynaTech.”
  • From the CFO of Global Real Estate Service Provider, UK, “DynaTech helped us with Power BI implementation with their profound technical and functional knowledge. Great deployment! didn’t realize the team made so much development on reporting side until the point of delivery. Their deep involvement in the project along with excellent communication and accommodation, help us to go long way.”
  • From the Principle Information Officer & Founder of Technology Consultancy, USA, “DynaTech team did an excellent job of installing, designing, consulting, development, training, testing, and support for Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations with agile methodology. The project was successfully released on time. They truly have extensive business domain understanding and good expertise in Dynamic 365 solutions. We are looking forward to working on the Power project with DynaTech, again. The team knows how to deliver an effective and flexible solution that meets your business needs.”

Finally, Hardik says, “We have a vision of long-term success, and this is just the beginning of our success ladder.”