Improsys: Accelerating Business Improvements with Fast ERP Software Implementation


A business must plan for the future to succeed in the long run. The planning must be failproof, giving absolute control to the business management. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software offered by Improsys helps businesses plan and control various resources like workforce, material, machines, money, processes, equipment, space, time, and most importantly, the organization’s intellectual capital.

Founded by first-generation entrepreneur Mr Laxmikant KathareImprosys provides business consulting, corporate training, and software development with a special focus on ‘Productivity, Quality, Delivery improvements’ resulting in bottom-line improvement for clients.

Connecting the Dots

Improsys software solutions are designed with manufacturing, engineering, and logistics businesses in mind, requiring customized software solutions to meet their specific business needs. All Improsys systems and procedures are audited regularly for compliance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards and ISO 27001:2013 information security management standards.

Improsys has been providing software solutions and products for more than 13+ years and provides services in the fields of ERP software, Production planning software, OEE Monitoring software, WMS software, CRM, Inventory Management software, Audit Management software, Quality Management software, Complaint Management software (8D), Change Management software, Asset Management software, APQP software, PPAP software, FMEA Software, Project Management software, Task Management software, Document Management software, etc.

At Improsys, quality is a continuous, ongoing process that is a key factor in ensuring the satisfaction of top management and end users. Improsys is committed to providing defect-free software products that meet customer requirements on time by adhering to quality management system requirements and continuously improving its effectiveness through management reviews of quality objectives. Improsys believes in TQM (Total Quality Management) in all aspects of the organization.

Improsys’ success can be measured by its number of satisfied customers in various countries and business segments. Laxmikant believes that Improsys can reach the Top 10 Service Providers in the world based on customer satisfaction, which has been achieved through strong support processes and a high ranking on various customer satisfaction metrics.

The result of satisfied customer feedback surveyed by independent US-based Market Research agencies has resulted in Improsys being ranked in the list of Global Manufacturing Inventory Software Market Top 10 Players, 2020, as one of the Key Players in recent years in Manufacturing segments.

Controlling the Change

Improsys web-based ERP software was created by a Manufacturing Industry expert with over 25 years of experience assisting organizations in improving profitability, cash flow, on-time delivery, quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Improsys ERP software is implemented by best-in-class leaders from Improsys’ functional domain consultants, who are experts in managing change in complex manufacturing environments. Improsys ERP software is based on Lean organization principles and Six Sigma DMAIC methodology, assisting organizations in continuously excelling by measuring actual performances of inputs, outputs, and processes, which are then compared to standards defined. Any deviations from the standards are presented as trend analysis to aid in correcting the input and processes.

At the Pre-Sales stage, Improsys appoints a dedicated business analyst who identifies and understands the client’s business requirements to identify gaps between the client’s needs and the software scope provided by the firm to propose a solution to meet the client’s business requirements.

Improsys uses the PDCA methodology for implementation, handholding, and support, deploying a dedicated support team to assist client end users during live software usage. The team is available and offers assistance via phone, SMS, email, and WhatsApp. Improsys also provides the client with a dedicated support portal after implementation, where end users can always log their suggestions, issues, requirements, and queries.

With fierce competition in the ERP market, Improsys stands out due to its tailor-made solution approach and affordable customized ERP solution. Improsys is preferred due to the expert implementation and long-term handholding support provided by Improsys’ business excellence leaders, who understand client management’s long-term needs while also understanding the requirement of simplicity and user-friendliness for end users.

Improsys ERP software focuses on key manufacturing business requirements such as complex bill of material management with the ability to manage frequent changes, production scheduling, and monitoring of machine OEE and workforce productivity. Detailed quality management modules such as change management, quality plan, APQP, PPAP, SPC, FMEA, MSA, GRR, document management, and customer complaint management by the 8D methodology as per IATS and VDA standards are available, which assists organizations in operating business operations by strictly following international quality standards. International customers prefer manufacturing vendors who use quality and productivity monitoring software, such as Improsys ERP software.

The Tech Empowerer

Improsys ERP software enables businesses to scale their operations and increase sales by ensuring consistency in quality and delivery. “Growing organizations prefer our ERP software,” says Laxmikant, a qualified Production Engineering graduate from Mumbai University with a post-graduation in Systems Management.

He has over 25 years of experience in business consulting, corporate training, system analysis, database design, software design, and implementing change management projects for various industries, including manufacturing, engineering, textiles, healthcare, logistics, and supply chain. He has successfully implemented Six Sigma, Kaizen, Lean, and 5S projects for various reputable organizations. After ten years of consulting experience, he identified a market need for customized ERP and other software solutions to meet the business needs of SME businesses in India.

He established the Improsys software division to meet in-house software development, testing, and implementation needs. By deploying word class technologies, a special emphasis has been placed on providing affordable ERP solutions, resulting in the development of web-based ERP software solutions that can be deployed in-house and on web servers.

Furthermore, the ERP software is designed to allow you to prioritize your business based on current pain points and implement the software in phases. After deploying the Improsys software solution, the customer can select the next priority software module for deployment. This approach assisted customers in resolving their top priorities within their budgetary constraints while also addressing the need for a long-term software solution that could help them scale up their business operations.

This customer-centric approach aided Improsys in establishing a market position as a provider of Perfect Business Solutions. Laxmikant has defined Customer Support as a top priority regardless of the commercial value of the project, which has helped Improsys to get repeat business orders from existing satisfied customers as their business needs have grown, as well as customer referrals, resulting in a satisfied customer base over time.

While adhering to the customer-first policy, he has also prioritized creating the best work environment for employees by providing opportunities for advancement in terms of pay packages, learning new technologies, and developing sustainable human values. This has resulted in retaining the industry’s best talent and providing consistent and dependable customer support to clients who expect long-term support when using ERP software.

As a technology leader, he understands the need to learn and relearn new technologies to keep software up to date with current technology trends while ensuring security. Improsys invests in R&D in cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, AI, VR, and AR under his visionary leadership. As a socially responsible citizen, he uses his expertise for social causes and provides software solutions to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on issues such as climate change, the environment, health, education, child labor, pollution, and so on.

Young leaders are motivated to develop the next generation of leaders under his leadership. Improsys operations team is led by Mr Raviraj Deshpande, who brings over 15 years of experience in managing customer satisfaction and handling technology teams for customized development and implementation of ERP software solutions for the customer. Improsys Business development and customer relationship team are well-taken care of under Mr Amey Bhawsar, who has more than ten years of experience designing innovative customer-centric campaigns for customer acquisition and customer support.

A Smart Revolution

Sharing their professional values and qualities, Laxmikant says they include,

*Improsys Focuses on People, their lives, their work, and their Dreams:

The Improsys User Experience team works to discover people’s actual needs, including the needs they cannot always articulate. Armed with that information, Improsys provides solutions that solve real-world problems, improving and simplifying people’s lives.

*At Improsys, Every Millisecond Counts: 

Nothing is more valuable than people’s time. Improsys software is designed to eliminate the non-value-added activities of end users.

*Improsys Believes Simplicity is powerful: 

Improsys believes that simplicity fuels many elements of good design, including ease of use, speed, visual appeal, and accessibility.

*Improsys Engages Beginners and Attract Experts:

The best Improsys designs appear simple but include powerful features that are easily accessible to those users who want them. We intend to invite beginners with a great initial experience while attracting power users whose excitement and expertise will draw others to the product.

A well-designed Improsys service lets new users jump in, offers help when necessary, and ensures that users can easily and intuitively use the service’s most valuable features. Progressive disclosure of advanced features encourages people to expand their service usage. Whenever appropriate.

*Improsys Dare to Innovate:

Improsys teams encourage new ideas to come out and play. Instead of just matching the features of existing products, Improsys wants to change the game through innovation.

*Improsys is Designed for the world: 

Our goal is to provide solutions that are contextually relevant and available through the medium and methods that make sense to users. The User Experience team researches the fundamental differences in user experiences worldwide and works to provide the right solution for each audience, device, and culture.

*Improsys Plan for Today and Tomorrow’s Business: 

Improsys keeps updated with the latest technologies and helps its customers to use the most innovative disrupting technologies for business excellence.

*Improsys Delight the Eye without Distracting the Mind:

If people looked at an Improsys product and said Wow, that is beautiful! The User Experience team would cheer. A positive first impression makes users comfortable, assures them that the product is reliable and professional, and encourages people to make it their own.

*Improsys, Be Worthy of Peoples Trust: 

Improsys demonstrates respect for users right to own and control their data. Improsys is transparent about how it uses information and never shares data outside without a user’s explicit consent.

Adding a Human Touch

Improsys is prepared to provide better ERP software solutions by leveraging advancements in IoT, Cloud computing, and AI to transform manufacturing organizations into SMART factories of the future. Improsys is leveraging 5G and internet advancements to redesign computing environments by using Edge computing to collect data at the machine, equipment, and instrument levels and transmit the data to cloud servers for further data analysis and BI purposes.

Improsys has already redesigned its application to fully leverage advancements in micro-service-based software architecture to improve the quality of decision-making for its clients. APIs are available to collaborate with other software solutions and leverage the competitive advantage of using innovative and cost-effective ready-to-use cloud solutions.

Leveraging on Global Technology Advancements

The current ERP market has reached saturation point. Customers now require solutions to manage their internal operations and their entire supply chain, which could help them reduce costs across the board. The ERP market faces the challenge of becoming more affordable while still allowing for cross-supply chain collaboration, which requires costly expert services.

Hiring and retaining new skill sets and providing services at reasonable prices have become two extremes. Improsys is attempting to overcome this challenge by outsourcing expert skill sets and expanding its customer base through the SAS model, which provides software on a subscription basis at reasonable prices.

Improsys will provide software solutions on the cloud via the SaaS model to scale operations and reduce costs. This will also assist Improsys in reaching out to customers worldwide. Improsys is expanding its global partner network to reach potential untapped customers in developing countries.

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