Exponentia.ai: Transforming Businesses with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Exponentia.ai Pvt Ltd

Businesses in today’s world are heavily reliant on data generated continuously in every operation. The data can be vital in generating significant business insights, allowing business leaders to make more informed decisions. Yet, the constant inflow of data is already complicating matters to the point where manual and even digital analytics and interference cannot be relied on completely.

Modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) technological applications have simplified data analytics and empowered business organizations in identifying crucial aspects of the business. As a result, management can make timely and wise decisions in developing business strategies that are more customer-centric, save money, and streamline processes.

Established in 2014, Exponentia.ai was formed with the objective to offer AI-tech marvel of solutions for leveraging the power of data. From thereon, Exponentia.ai has built a reputation in the field of data and analytics thereby emerging as a leading AI-Tech firm in India. So far, Exponentia.ai has offered its solutions to more than 60 enterprises across India, the UK, Singapore, UAE, and the US by establishing and implementing analytics and AI solutions.

With the objective of supporting business organizations through data-driven AI solutions, Ramendra Shukla, CEO started Exponentia.ai, with Co-founder, Rohit Mathur.
The Saga of Business Acceleration

Exponentia.ai is a global award-winning company, that accelerates the data-to-action journey providing end-to-end data management solutions and services for business enterprises. The organization is structured with a team of more than 220 exponents and is a trusted partner for several Fortune 1000 client organizations across India, the UK, and Singapore.

Exponentia.ai was founded in 2014, with the aim to enable (Banking Financial Services, and Insurance) BFSI companies to derive insights from data. Over the years, Exponentia.ai has strategically positioned itself as a one-stop data management Solution Provider for clients in the BFSI and other industry verticals.

The company uses Azure and Power BI Certified resources and a COE focused on MS practice. It implements MS-related services not just in India but also in the UK, and Singapore. Exponentia.ai leverages Microsoft stack for Data Engineering, setting up and automating Data Warehouses and Data Lakes while ensuring Data Governance, and Data Visualization for actionable insights for Business Users across a large client base. These strengths position it as one of the leading MS Partners in India.

The Company has also developed proprietary products such as OneTap – a sales enablement platform that leverages Microsoft Azure stack and other Microsoft Services, which through conversational intelligence helps in managing the large sales teams and ensuring learning enablement, and productivity, hence, enabling them to achieve their targets.

Its commitment to delivering value has been recognized through several accolades such as
• Qlik Innovation Award,
• Excellence in Business Process Automation Award,
• Qlik Partner Award, and
• Recognition among The Top 10 Analytics Companies by Analytics Insights.

Partnering in Data Analytics
The biggest USP of Exponentia.ai is that it offers end-to-end data management solutions, offering services, encompassing the entire data-to-action journey of enterprises. Its clients see it as their thought partner in their data analytics journey, rather than just a service provider who works in siloes on one aspect only.

It offers data services advisory, data ETL and modelling, ODS, delta lake and data warehouse creation, and data governance solutions focusing on data dictionaries, and data marketplace. Once the data is organized, it implements dashboards/reports on Power BI as part of its active intelligence offering, as well as predictive and embedded analytics. The Exponentia.ai team also implements data alerts, automation, and omnichannel integration of Power BI with Teams and WhatsApp.

Over the years it has developed a proprietary product – OneTap, a sales intelligence platform that analyses each customer conversation and generates insights for faster deal closure. The platform relies on Azure Databricks stack for NLP speech/voice-to-text conversions and runs ML algorithms to generate insights for sales reps and sales leaders.
Furthermore, it has developed several knowledge accelerators such as NLP for insights from BI dashboards, a nudge engine for sending ML-based insightful and actionable notifications, a conversational analytics engine to derive insights from speech and text data, omnichannel integrations (Alexa, WhatsApp, etc.), alerts and workflow automation, migration to cloud/modern BI tools frameworks, MLOps framework etc.

A Passionate Tech-Expert

Ramendra the Co-founder, and CEO, has over 20 years of experience in leading Data Analytics and Digital Transformations. He began his professional journey with i2 Technologies as a Global Solutions Consultant for SCM software products. He was also associated with Infosys, Concept Management Consulting Limited, and UEM Group in techno consulting and business leadership roles.
An MBA from ISB, Hyderabad, and BE from BITS, Pilani, Ramendra is a hands-on leader and has been engaged in working with clients across Insurance, Fintech, CPG, and Infrastructure Industries amongst others. At Exponentia.ai, Ramendra has championed the use of modern technologies to develop new solutions per the client’s needs. He has been instrumental in driving Exponentia.ai towards end-to-end data management solution offerings, sales intelligence, and conversational intelligence solutions for large enterprises.

Leveraging Technologies, Boosting Businesses

Modern technologies like AI and ML have enlarged the scope of features and needs software solutions can help address. All AI and ML use cases for most organizations primarily revolve around revenue maximization, cost reduction, improving operational efficiency and leakage reduction. There is a need to have one or more of these models in-built into the software solutions being taken to market.

Ramendra provided the example: on the OneTap offering, Exponentia.ai has leveraged Azure Databricks’ for Voice Analytics and ML models for conversational intelligence. These capabilities have helped it to develop proprietary features to address the sales intelligence needs of enterprises.

Exponentia.ai has always been at the forefront to incorporate modern technologies in its solutions. Since its inception in 2014, the company has been leveraging AI and ML for its products/solutions. It has developed a BOT for data analytics by leveraging NLP in 2018, a nudge engine for sending ML-based insightful and actionable notifications, a conversational analytics engine to derive insights from speech and text data, omnichannel integrations (Alexa, WhatsApp, etc.), and alerts and workflow automation.

Countering Challenges through Data Solutions

Talking about the challenges, Ramendra says theirs are quite similar to anyone in the industry. Tech crunch and convincing clients and prospects to migrate to the cloud are the key ones.

To address the qualified tech shortage, Exponentia.ai has partnered with universities – it scouts for the best engineering talent and provides them with the required training and certification before gradually easing them on POCs and then actual projects.

To showcase the value proposition and advantages of cloud solutions, Exponentia.ai invests in Hackathons/POCs to demonstrate the value and impact of the proposed cloud solution. This has helped it address and allay concerns, especially regarding the reluctance of going on the Cloud because of data security, Data localization, and local DR availability for its BFSI customers. It has been able to convince a few of its customers to adopt cloud solutions.

Enlightening Wisdom

Ramendra advised the budding professionals to understand their core strengths and at the same time identify unmet or latent customer needs. “This will help them to zero down on a product/service to develop and focus on.”

Secondly, according to him, a “cloud-first strategy” may be more advisable for them, given the growing popularity of cloud-based offerings.

Ramendra further highlighted on building and strengthening OEM partnerships and focusing on product development and offering solutions as a service will help them to create their IP and have consistent cashflows.

Scaling Higher

Exponentia.ai’s future plans are two-fold – one focused on leveraging and developing its solutions and the second on geographic expansion.

Ramendra expressed, “We want to further develop our end-to-end data management offerings and be part of Enterprises’ “Data to Actions” journey. We also plan to continue developing new products that help address specific industry requirements – for example, our Sales enablement platform OneTap, which relies on the Azure stack for its features.”
Revealing the company’s plans for scaling its operations globally, he quipped that Exponentia is looking to further penetrate India market and grow its presence in Singapore, the UK and enter the US market.

“We are also looking to strengthen our partnership with Microsoft and the associated OEM partners such as Databricks and Snowflake,” he concludes.