Pacific Consulting: Ensuring Constant Connect with a Unified Business Control 

Pacific Consulting
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The maxim ‘Unity in Diversity’ is realized in modernistic technologies like Microsoft that enable leading business consultancies akin to Pacific Consulting Pvt Ltd (PCPL) to offer innovative, simple, easily accessible, and seamless ERP solutions such as the latest inclusion in Microsoft’s array called Dynamic 365 Business Central.

In the words of Mohit Kejriwal, the Managing Director (MD) of Pacific, “Build and optimized for small and medium businesses, Dynamic 365 Business Central is an application for companies that have outgrown their entry-level business applications.”

Further explaining, Mohit says that growing businesses often outgrow their basic accounting software or legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that cannot handle increased inventory and transactions, lack integration with other line-of-business systems, and have reporting limitations. Businesses are also challenged with the logistics of providing services that have more scalability, increased mobility, and availability in the cloud.  

Turning the Wheel 

Pacific Consulting Pvt Ltd is an IT Consulting company practicing Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for various industries. Mohits shares, “We leverage Microsoft’s ERP and CRM solutions to help clients connect their entire business and achieve their organizational goals. Today we have the largest consulting team in western India for MS Dynamics 365 and are trusted by some of the largest accounts.”

Pacific Consulting is composed of a group of young pioneers organized to turn the wheel toward a new horizon. Mohit says their consultants are industry experts who offer professional advice, guidance, and actionable answers to unsolved questions. “We offer a broad range of services and professional expertise. Our consultants and developers understand the business need and align our technology with clients’ business and strategies.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 

“We focus our potential on assisting our clients to accelerate their profits through well-managed and advanced Systems.”

PCPL is an IT/ITeS firm specialized in providing Microsoft Dynamics Products and Services, including their Implementation, Upgradation, Enhancements, and Licensing. “Working with the most motivated and efficient team, we work in tandem with diverse organizations across different industries to provide tailor-made solutions to suit their needs,” says Mohit.

He says they can assert, with pleasure, that they are growing each day rapidly and can recognize themselves among the leaders in terms of service and quality of Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. “Along with focusing our passion on our Clients’ needs, it is of critical importance to be appreciated by them. This appreciation is our Holy Grail which we aspire to achieve.”

The Pacific team strives to redevelop and renew internal strategies to match client expectations. “Our workforce is our most valuable asset and is the pillar in our journey to continued Success and Prosperity,” claims Mohit.

On a Journey of Your Success

According to Mohit, they offer a wide range of services and products. Their product line of Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes Business Central, Finance, Sales, Service, Finance, Power App, and Power BI. Their services include Implementation, Support, Integration with third-party applications, enhancements as per customer requirements, cloud migration, and managed IT services.

“The services that we offer enhance the core business of our clients,” he says, adding, “In this competitive world, it is of prime significance to deliver beyond our client’s expectations. We identify the challenges of the existing system and processes while implementing the project. Also, a major focus of our team is to standardize the business process in the system with minimum customization.”

Sharing more about Pacific’s wide range of products, Mohit says,

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based CRM platform that focuses on customer relationships of different organizations. It unifies the capabilities of CRM Business Software and ERP Systems and works seamlessly across multiple business modules, including Sales, Marketing, and Service Modules.

Dynamics 365 combines previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics with additional features, including Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Power Apps. It is a perfect fit for any role, business, or industry, and you pay only for what you require. Very simple to use, it also enables you to grow with additional capabilities and easily run your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows itself to adapt and innovate in real time with a simple interface to compose, modify and extend processes.

Mohit says, “Its capabilities include Interactive Service Hub, Customer Segmentation, Campaign Planning and Execution, Analytics and Reporting, Forecasting and Sales Analytics, Service Scheduling, Powerful Tablet Applications, and Interactive Business Intelligence.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations has two applications – 

Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – to offer you more flexibility to adapt the capabilities you need when you need them. With D365 Finance and SCM, you can streamline production planning and distribution operations with uniform visibility across the entire supply chain. This ERP application has enhanced features to automate warehouse, transportation, inventory, and vendor management business processes, leading to increased profitability and productivity.

D365 Finance

Drive strategic financial decisions with AI, including in-depth reporting capabilities, financial intelligence, and embedded real-time analytics.

Flexible and agile financial reporting that supports multiple legal entities and currencies in a single instance.

Monitor global financial operations in real-time, predict outcomes and make data-driven decisions to drive business agility and growth.


  • Accurately project your cash flow
  • Reliably predict customer payments
  • Adapt quickly with intelligent budget proposals
  • Close books faster and simplify financial management

D365 Supply Chain Management

Build an adaptable supply chain that automatically reacts to challenges using real-time visibility, agile planning, and business continuity.

Predict demand using AI and make stock decisions with priority-based supply planning in near-real time, eliminating stockouts and overstocking.

Streamline procurement processes and improve cost management by using supplier collaboration portals and linking to supplier catalogues.

Build agile manufacturing processes using the Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality while working with your existing manufacturing execution systems.

Expedite delivery times by optimizing stock, automating warehousing operations, and increasing throughout.

Perform proactive equipment maintenance to reduce downtime and enhance stock accuracy with automated cycle counts to maintain operational excellence.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an intuitive and scalable all-in-one ERP solution. You can make more informed decisions with Dynamics 365 Business Central as it connects data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and operations; streamlining your processes while improving your customer interactions.

With corresponding data from reports, charts, and Microsoft Power BI dashboards across finance and accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory, your business is proactive about financial health.

Achieve a complete view across operations, purchasing, manufacturing, stock, and warehouse management.

Business Central is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business. Highly adaptable and rich with features, Business Central enables companies to manage their business, including finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services, and more. Companies can easily add functionality relevant to the region of operation, customized to support even highly specialized industries. Business Central is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simplicity guides innovations in product design, development, implementation, and usability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management – CRM) is designed to help you manage your client relationships by streamlining your processes, centralizing client information, providing analysis, and enabling responsive customer service. As a leading cloud-based business solution, this application is built to enhance the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams with data analysis, intelligent insights provided by business intelligence, and campaign management.

  • Better customer segmentation
  • Improved customer retention
  • Advanced data security and compliance outcomes
  • Enhanced knowledge of your customers
  • Much deeper engagement

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps allows you to build web and mobile applications with zero or minimal code, thus empowering you to turn your ideas into feature-rich apps that can digitally transform your processes, resolve business problems, or enhance business value. You can interact with intuitive visual tools that do not require code, work faster with a platform that enables data integration and distribution, and extend the platform with building blocks for professional developers.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power Platform is an intuitive, collaborative, and extensible platform of low-code tools that makes it easy to create efficient and flexible solutions for your business.

Discover actionable insights from data across the organization. Share insights through data visualizations. Make reports and dashboards that enable you to make informed decisions quickly. Display data that makes sense to users. Built-in governance and security allow businesses to focus on using data.

Towards New Horizons…

Mohit highlights their significant services: implementation, support and services, and ancillary services.

Implementation is the quintessential phase of any project. PCPL is indispensable in understanding the client Organization’s mission before the project’s commencement. 

Support Activities form an important function of our Organization. Our principal emphasis is on this aspect,” he says. Post implementation, maintaining the system as per the changing needs, laws, and the environment becomes the primary role of any vendor. 

Ancillary Services are offered by PCPL in the form of various additional services to provide a one-stop solution to its clients for all their needs. “These services include Systems Audit, Server Management, Licensing Services, Application Consultancy, Custom Application Development, and Mobile Application Development,” says Mohit.

According to Mohit, the major challenges an IT consulting firm faces are increasing competition, constant change in client behaviour, and profitability. Also, the global changes brought by the pandemic put significant pressure on consulting business. “To survive this, we are rapidly reacting to changing environment and adopting new strategies internally. We try to understand the current struggles faced by the company and our employees and plan our vision accordingly.”

Knowledge is Power 

“Increasing our knowledge has always given us the edge over our competitors. To be the best in your domain is the key in this industry. We ensure that our consultants are well trained and updated with the latest information on all the products, so they are always ready to face the client.”

Technology is ever-changing, and there is always something new in the market; it is of prime significance to remain on top of this to gain command. Along with mounting economic issues and constantly changing business climates, organizations must adapt to changes within their respective market and internal demands. “We keep a sharp eye on the trends that influence our services and employees.”

While in the service industry, managing personnel has a huge implication. Finding qualified and trained consultants and retaining reliable employees is a constant struggle. “We are focused on developing custom strategies that help us attract the right talent, and by far, it has worked for us in retaining our potential senior employees.”

Mohit further mentions that today’s remote and hybrid team management is yet another question raised in their business for a few years now. “Keeping up with our efficiency and productivity has been a constant grind. To achieve our goals with our team, we are clear with our expectations.

We thrive each day to frame solutions and develop innovative strategies to identify customer pain points to improve our customer experience,” he adds. 

Transforming Dreams into Future Reality

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the software solution space, Mohit says that the entrepreneurial path is not easy but “Embark on a journey that you believe in.” The focus has to be clear. “We knew the market and the requirement that clients had, and we built our marketing strategies on the same.” 

Also, it is advisable not to cluster everything at once. Step by step journey leads toward great success. Look to create something that is needed and important for clients. It is not what you wish to sell but what the customer wishes to buy. Your solution should make sense and help the customers with their discomfort.

While the work is in place, look for feedback to understand the gap or to realize if your service is up to the mark. Create something that has differential value over your competitors.

On envisioning scaling brand Pacific’s operations and offerings in the future, Mohit reveals that new challenges, market shifts, and opportunities are part of the growing economy today. Microsoft has now launched a new business solution portfolio ‘Dynamics 365.’ Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of cloud-based intelligent applications that help organizations run more efficiently. “With Microsoft, we have now embraced new technologies and services.” 

Customers want cloud and mobile solutions, so the focus has moved to possibilities and not limitations. “We are ready to combine digital transformation, intelligence, and mobile applications to create projects which deliver business value to the customer.”

Mohit furthers that they are training their professionals/consultants to tackle different industries in this ever-changing market. The future projects will be more complex and competent but. “We are matching the pace to deliver the best of our solutions. Future is automation and Microsoft is projecting it well and is constantly enhancing the product functionality,’ he concludes.