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The post-pandemic times have opened our eyes to the unhealthy ways in which many of us professional people were living. The hectic modern lifestyle has bought with itself numerous ill effects, including increasing stress, hypertension, all kinds of lifestyle diseases, and decreasing free time. The pandemic has also alarmed us with the ultimatum that from this point onward, we have two choices. Either go downward toward our horrific doom or go upward by adopting a holistically sustainable, natural, organic, and healthiest lifestyle.

As life is ours, so is the choice. And being daughters and sisters of Farmers & Sons, we chose to go fully organic, and our journey began two years before the pandemic struck.

We, Sheetal Negi – Co-founder and Director, and Rupali Pachundkar Bathe – Director, welcome you all to join us in this mission to save yourself by becoming the healthiest version of your own self. It is easy. Just visit our digital portal

If you like to know more, here is our incredible story. Farmers & Sons was established in 2018 in Pune. As already stated, at the core of Farmers & Sons is our commitment towards nutritious living and contribution towards building a healthy society.

We sell 150 + certified organic Grocery products and several residue-free healthy food products through our online and offline outlets.

Based in Pune, we work with 800+ certified organic farmers to ensure our customers get the best quality and chemical-free groceries.

All our products are authentic and support good health. These products are grown and delivered following the applicable Government requirements and certification bodies.

Who We Individually Are

Sheetal Negi – Sheetal’s Journey from Aviation to Agriculture is an inspiration to many. Born and raised in the beautiful Sangla valley of Himachal Pradesh, Sheetal was privileged to access fresh and natural food from her ancestral farms. During her Aviation career of flying around the world for 15 years and having irregular working hours, she realized the true value of eating healthy. Her childhood, mostly spent on farms, inspired her to make a genuine effort to spread the health culture by providing food products free from harmful pesticides.

Rupali Pachundkar – Rupali comes from a prominent family of farmers from Ranjangav near Pune. Always active in her social life, she is keen to make a difference in the lives of small farmers and villagers. She firmly believes that organic farming practices are the way forward for farmers and consumers. Thus, she actively educates small farmers to follow Organic farm practices.

Sharing their inspiration behind venturing as an organic products provider, Sheetal and Rupali reveal that they belong to Farmer families.

Our most cherished memories come from farms. During our corporate lives, we witnessed the stressful work culture and deteriorating health levels of people. Some of us had experienced in our offices that colleagues in their 30s had medical conditions we had never heard of. We wanted to do something about it. Either we accept the current lifestyle of people, feel pity for them, and slowly become a part of that culture, or we can try to change ourselves and the people around us.

Our families have been farmers for generations, and we cherish our childhood memories on the farms where we always ate fresh and chemical-free food, played with friends and farm animals, and breathed much fresh air.

We know how to contribute to society; we believe that a business that makes people happy and healthy is good.

The idea was shared with like-minded farmers who happily came on board, which is how the journey began.

Our USPs as the Fastest Growing Organic Products Provider

Farmers & Sons is one of the most trusted Organic/Natural food brands in India and abroad. We achieve a prominent position by offering genuine organic and natural food products and high-class service standards.

We are committed to nutritious living and contribute towards building a healthy society.

Our core business principles are.

  • Product Quality and Reliability.
  • Unparalleled service standards.
  • Maximum market reach.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Revenue generation and optimization.

Overcoming Obstacles

At the initial stage, our major challenges were convincing farmers and consumers to shift towards organic farming as there was a lack of awareness among farmers and Customers about organic farming and its benefits.

Pricing and Marketing were other big challenges. Obtaining compatible pricing for the produce during the initial stage led us to losses.

Being experienced leaders, let us share our opinions on how technology is transforming the organic sector and what advancements can we expect in the future.

The Organic farming sector in India is getting organized faster than expected. From the Government of India to small scale, farmers are stepping up to meet the increasing demand for organic produce.

The government has initiated several schemes like Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana, Mission Organic, and Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme to attract more farmers towards organic farming.

There has been much research happening in this sector. Our experience in recent studies shows a significant growth in the organic industry, which is motivational.

With all this, the organic sector in India will be at the centre of attention in the coming years.

We are the Future’s Food Culture

Our advice to aspirants willing to venture into the organic industry is simple. Like any other sector, this also demands a lot of hard work and patience. It is not the field for those who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Society is going through a food culture change. It is exciting to be a part of this change. However, it will also demand that you be focused, innovative and patient.

Our vision of scaling Farmers & Sons’ scope and offerings in future is grand. We are already very proud that we connected with 1000+ organic farmers, and our customer base is increasing every day. Our concentration in future is also growing to be ready-to-eat health products as there is a huge market awaiting genuine products.

On the corporate social responsibility front, one of the huge initiatives we undertook last year was contributing to the orphan children of farmers who committed suicide. It has been recognised by our customers and several institutes.

Attain Your Healthiest Self with Us

As a testament to our success, here are a few testimonials from our beloved customers.

I have been using the groceries and other products for quite some time now. I must say that organic products like turmeric powder, whole spices, jaggery, etc., are excellent quality and have become our favourite. The prices are also very minimal for such good quality of products. Recommended for everyone to try and become a permanent customer!” – Dr Pooja Shah.

They have a very good range of organic products. As the name indicates, farmers and sons.. The promoter of the company belongs to a farmer’s family. They have MD and ayurveda Doctors on their mgmt body. Some products are very different as compared to the existing product. All are rich in nutrition and health value. Must try items…” – Ashutosh Navale, Orchid Holidays Pune.

They have a superb and fantastic range of Organic Food Products. Amazing quality, and all certifications and statutory registrations are in place. The team is well aware of Customer Choices and Preferences while launching any products! Must try for everyone.” – Mahesh Bagla, CA.

I have used Honey, Jaggery powder and pulses from Farmers and Sons. I found the products authentic and value for money. Now I plan to purchase my grocery items from them. Keep up the good work! Excellent products.👍” – Ruchi Mathur.

The search for organic products ends here. They have a wide range of quality products. Healthy Ghee and Amla to boost your immunity. Excellent products and great service. Very impressive strongly recommend to use and have a healthy lifestyle.” – Dominic Aguiar.

As you already know, for more testimonials, queries, or to clear your doubts, you can visit us digitally at

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