Organic Wellness Products Private Limited: A Beautiful Vision of Healing the Present for the Healthiest Future

Organic Wellness
Organic Wellness Products Private Limited

Our future drive for sustainability is fuelled by the mantra of going back to nature. Because holistic progress in the forward momentum must be free from past mistakes. Like faults of pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, deforestation, pandemic and climate and health crises, which in reality are severely threatening our existence.

While decreasing pollution, hazardous gases, particles, and toxic substances from our surroundings is half part of that goal. The other half is building our internally invincible immune system. For that cleansing our bodies of chemically induced artificial elements and consuming Organic Wellness Products are the most vital aspects.

A noble vision launched by Krishan GuptaManaging Director, the mission of Organic Wellness Products Private Limited was born as a creative solution with a unique, win-win business model that focuses equally on everyone in the chain, including the farmers, employees, customers, and our Mother Earth.

Having started his journey from a management trainee to founder and managing director of Organic Wellness, Krishan’s life has been full of learning, overcoming obstacles, and zeal. Since graduating as a gold medallist from LIT Nagpur in Chemical Technology, Krishan has worked for companies like Colgate, Palmolive, Gillette, Godrej, and Benckiser in India, as well as handling critical assignments in Europe and the USA.

Krishan enjoys working in a multicultural environment. He is a taskmaster, leads from the front, and has always delegated effectively to deliver time-bound results. He is well-travelled and has touched shores in over 70 countries. He has won many awards, such as

  • the Mother Teresa Excellence Award,
  • the Royal Leader Award,
  • the Lufthansa Pioneering Spirit Award, and
  • the FedEx Emerging Champion Award, among others.

Krishan’s exclusive interview is given ahead.

Please describe Organic Wellness Products Pvt Ltd in detail.

Organic Wellness was born as a creative solution with a unique, win-win business model that focuses equally on everyone in the chain, including the farmers, employees, customers, and Mother Earth. We established a state-of-the-art plant in the remote village of Babai, Bundelkhand, where no industrialist would ever venture out, providing a means of livelihood and reducing the exodus from villages. The remote location is free from pollution, which is abundant in cities and offers untouched lands that are used to produce a variety of authentic organic products that include teas, tisanes, and health supplements, formulated through India’s legacy of over 5000 years. Organic Wellness was created with a beautiful vision: Together, Let’s Heal the World.

What was your inspiration behind venturing as an organic products provider?

The news of farmers being driven to the point of taking their own lives has made a grievous mark on all our minds. The farming sector requires more support from its constituents, and that need for support has rightly been a catalyst for the drive behind the growth in the field. The need for more opportunities has also led to a big migration of people searching for livelihoods from their villages to bigger cities, which are already bursting at the seams. Along with this, over time, the medicinal remedies used in our childhoods have been fading into the background of our minds over the decades, despite their real-life efficacies. My father’s regular discussions during my formative days to live a life of purpose made me take the plunge.

What USPs make you stand out as the fastest-growing organic products provider?

The drive behind Organic Wellness is to be a business with a purpose, as every product sold supports a farmer in a remote village and is grown to be certified organic without any negative influence from pollution. Many Organic Wellness products have been formulated from the work of Dr Narendra Singh, seasoned by 40 years of intense research. Range of over 240 authentic Organic products, Original desi seeds and packed/processed in a modern manufacturing plant with Global and domestic quality certifications.

What were the initial challenges after venturing into the field, and what are the challenges now?

One of the biggest challenges we faced was establishing our plant in a remote location and dealing with the logistical and infrastructural problems that came with it. The remote area posed an issue for the transport of material, and the lack of infrastructure in the surrounding area meant a lot of issues with connectivity, such as poor WiFi, which had to be dealt with hands-on. The rural setting meant that many people were excluded from opportunities for education and skill development, which we were able to provide support and training to create meaningful employment opportunities. The current challenge is spreading awareness of the benefits of these products derived from India’s legacy among more people.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how technology is transforming the organic sector and what advancements we can expect in the future.

Technology has become a critical tool for executing every step of the business. The rapid advancement in communication allows us to keep in contact with the farmers, who can work with suppliers and connect with each other in real time. The boom in technology across the country has been vital to the success and functioning of our business model, bringing the initiative to life.

What would be your advice to aspirants willing to venture into your field?

One thing about the industry, in general, is the intense need for patience behind every venture; perseverance is the main resource behind every endeavour. I advise those aspiring to enter the field to do so only if they are passionate about its prosperity.

How do you envision scaling Organic Wellness Products’ scope and offerings in future?

The future of Organic Wellness involves constantly searching for new products based on the demands and concerns that can be identified, along with focusing on the spread of distribution across the world and broadening the presence of exclusive stores within the country.

Organic Wellness Products have been endorsed by internationally well-renowned doctors and scientist, such as

  • Dr Rakesh Arya— author, mentor, speaker, scientist of scheduling, and fire safety advisor —recommends Organic Wellness Products for all ailments.
  • Dr Ashok Jaiswal, a homoeopathic physician, has experienced immense benefits from the Organic Wellness Product Prostate-Fit, which helped him avoid the need for surgery.
  • Dr Sanjay Nagarkar, a scientist, has spoken very highly about his experience distributing Organic Wellness products in Hong Kong.

These testimonials and many more are on the Organic Wellness Products Private Limited’s YouTube channel

Organic Wellness Products Private Limited has received many accolades, including recent awards for ‘Agriculture and Farming’ and the ‘Most Promising MSME in North Zone’ by Thinkers of Tomorrow. As well as others, such as the Ayush Abhinandan Award by the Namo Ganga Trust.

I was also recently awarded the honour of ‘Top Most Food Industry Official’ by the Asia Food Congress. As well as the Top Rankers Excellence Award for ‘Fast Emerging FMCG Brand’ and others. I will continue our pursuit of perfection in the future, too.