Gagan Arora: A Source of Inspiration with Exceptional Passion towards Work

Gagan Arora | Founder & CEO | Vertex Group
Gagan Arora | Founder & CEO | Vertex Group

The top trends in industries are paving their way forward, elevating the success of IT space. Verticals like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Managed IT and Consulting, Staff Augmentation, 24×7 OneStop Help Desk, Virtual Reality, and other exclusive apps are proving to be major contributors in enhancing the business processes. Vertex Global Services enables these tech-wonders, which facilitates cutting edge solutions that helps organizations in achieving a first-mover advantage to be a leader in the better future.

Vertex Global Services is a leading name in IT, which is a market with ripe opportunities waiting to be utilized by growth-oriented players. It is one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world and is all set to transform the way it perceives different aspects of business.

One man that has made it possible for Vertex Global Services to shine is GaganArora, Founder and CEOVertex Group (Vertex Global Services, Vertex Digital Academy, Vertex Next, and Vertex Cosmos VCOSMOS), ChairmanForeign Investors Council, Delhi, Director – Global Education, Asian Arab Chambers of Commerce. Mr. Gagan possess every quality of the leader and promotes their Unstoppables’(team) in every way possible.

Mr. Gagan is inspired by technology and wants to constantly grow with it. His is an inspiring story with hurdles in the way eventually reaching towards success. His passion has always been giving innovative ideas to the world with improvement at cost-cutting rates and cutting-edge technologies.

Journey to Look Up To

While everyone visualizes the risk in entrepreneurship, Mr. Gagan Arora notices the reward. In a highly precipitous corporate world, there lies a simple truth that perfect people do not exist. The only thing that exists is the determination that humans have to achieve and succeed, despite being imperfect.

While Mr. Arora faced immense challenges and his initial ventures did not flourish, he refused to lose sight of the greater good. His motivation lies in the adrenaline rush of riding the wave of innovation, which led to the creation the brand ‘Vertex Global Services’ in a miniscule space. He left his job, sacrificed the comfort of a monthly salary and perks, invested money, to achieve my dream. He firmly believes that every failure and setback have a lesson to teach and is a step to glory.

Vertex Global Services was established in 2016, and it was a leap of faith. With limited resources and a firm belief in the power of technology, Vertex Group started from Florida. Vertex started from a small garage in Florida, and in less than five years, it has grown across the globe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Nepal, Middle East, and Africa. With operations in India, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines, the company skyrocketed and established a global footprint after just a few years in the market. Today, the company is ranked 19th amongst the most innovative companies in the world.

While staying committed to environmental and humanitarian causes, Vertex reached a major achievement by generating 100% revenue YoY and served 3000 plus satisfied customers in a very short span. It is now present in over six countries and is expanding with every passing year in order to bring elite services and solutions to the problems faced by the world.

Rewards to Cherish

Within a short time of its stirring journey, the company has bagged more than 100 awards in the ‘services and operations’ categories in the last five years. A few of industry leaders and media and publication houses recognised it as:

  • Best Place to Work in India 2020 by the Best Place to Work ® Institute for its best practices with ESAT at 94% and Global Score 92%.
  • Ranked 19th amongst the 50 Most Innovative Companies across the globe
  • Awarded as “India 5000 Best MSME Award 2021” by India 5000
  • Recognized amongst “The Top 10 Fasted Growing BPO Companies in India 2021″by Business Connect
  • Ranked amongst “The 30 Most Trusted Brand 2021” by Prime Insight
  • Awarded as Best Innovative Business Solutions Service Providers – 2020 by Brand Opus India
  • Recognized as Asia’s Greatest Brand 2020-21 by AsiaOne in participation with ET NOW
  • Ranked as Most Innovative Tech Company in India.
  • Ranked as India’s Best Company of the Year 2020 & 2021
  • NASSCOM accredited

The Genesis of Vertex Global

Headquartered in Times Square New York, Vertex Global Services has been recognized as the best place to work and is the fastest growing business optimization solutions provider globally. Ranked 19th amongst the 50 most innovative companies across the globe, Vertex Global Services was established in Florida in 2016 to deliver end-to-end services and solutions.

Vertex has grown to six countries in just five years. Along with its technology partners, Vertex Global Services has 1000+ employees, serves more than 3000 clients via its delivery network and operations globally.

Technology-driven enterprises then were at a nascent stage of becoming pervasive businesses. With operations in India, United Kingdom, US, Nepal, Middle East, and the Philippines, the company has skyrocketed and established a global footprint in six counties after just a few years in the market.

They are unparalleled, innovative, and strive for perfection with their single window services. Vertex offers managed services, AI, ML, Performance Marketing and its own E-Learning Platform, Vertex Digital Academy. With their milestone success of five years in the industry, they have expanded further towards Middle East marking global footprints with their verticals ‘Vertex Next and Vertex Cosmos’. Today the company ranks 19th amongst the most innovative companies in the world and is ‘India’s Best company’.

Vertex Global Services: A Tech Giant

Acknowledged as a thriving innovative company across the globe, Vertex has attained a repute of a reliable Business Optimization Partner. It also offers one of the best workplaces experiences to its employees sophistically. Hence, it decided to feature this extraordinary company in its special edition featuring companies with the best work cultures.

Be it assembling the professionals, integration of AI, automation or ROI optimization, the company is the one-stop solution for all needs. While developing some deep understanding and insights into tech-space, that strives to help growth-oriented players in the market. Today, the company witnesses a growth rate of 100% year after year and had been ranked 19th amongst the 50 most innovative companies globally.

A Palette Full of Services

Vertex Global has three additional service verticals globally: Vertex Next, Vertex Academy, and VCosmos, with key hub offices in the US, the UK, Canada, Nepal, Philippines, Middle East, and India. Honoured as the Best Place to Work, Vertex leverages the change to create value and shared success for its customers, people, shareholders, partners, and communities. Fruitful alliances with nation building stakeholders, central and state government partnerships, investors, and clients across the spectrum of industry have recognized Vertex as a single window end to end execution specialist for the gamut of digital services and human resource augmentation needs.

So far, Vertex has successfully deployed AI for a smarter future of multiple leading names with the extensive experience of hundreds of veterans. The company has been providing solutions as a development organisation to Fortune 500 companies where the tech- innovations help them stay ahead in varied realms of AI.

Moreover, with Vertex Digital Academy they are dispensing the seeds of technological education and are steadily expanding their reach across the Middle East and Africa via ‘Vertex Next’. Recently Vertex Group launched Vcosmos, which extends Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Call Center as a Service (CCaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) including AI, WFA, RPA, etc., and Talent as a Service (TaaS) as key engagement constructs to enable its client’s dynamic growth plans, keeping highest benchmarks of agility, performance, and optimized cost savings at its core.

Vision to Follow

The company’s mission is to make itself the preferred business optimization partner in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, and exceptional customer experiences by consistently fulfilling its ‘Expect More Affordable Brand’ Promise.

The company aptly links its employee centricity to the company’s values with a passionate adoration for success balanced with an obsession to imprint its footprints in the industry with its innovative services.

Its vision is to be a customer-focused and quality-driven organization that builds digital solutions using innovative technologies, while maintaining the highest ethical standards towards customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Vertex is committed to giving back to society as it has always acknowledged sustainability as the foundation of its business strategy. Favouring the idea of sustaining growth and building blooming eco-systems, they have created strategies that encompass nurturing a connection with communities, alongside stimulating major transformations in their lives while helping the destitute and underprivileged sections.

The administration heavily invests in the monthly CSR activities to perform its responsibility for the community. A pinch of happiness initiative, Sowing Green, each one teaches one initiative and Pandemic Career Support Platform — have been their keen initiatives to touch millions of lives in the best possible manner and make the world a better place to live.

Impediments in the Saga of Vertex Global

Growing business is complicated and faces a lot of challenges. As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions – what worked yesterday may not be fruitful today. Vertex ensures that it recognizes and overcomes the common pitfalls that are associated with the growth so that the business can continue to grow and thrive.

One of the few challenges that the company came across are as follows:

Adapting to market transformations and technological innovations is not easy at scale. Integrating the applications as technology sits at the intersection of management and operations.

Commencing a business is an intimidating thought. There are many unknowns to dive into. But if you want to be an entrepreneur, do not forget to be flexible and encouraging.

Hiring the right person is the most important part of building a strong team, of course, and delegating to give people more autonomy is a powerful motivator.  As an entrepreneur Mr. Arora has played many roles at Vertex but the most important is to keep his Unstoppables (team) inspired and motivated throughout.

Having experience with various industries. Gagan Arora thinks inculcating a vision and motivating people towards it is quite a task and is equally important. His motivation comes from the team and the experts that they are, he knows anything is possible.

Robust Tech-savvy Solutions

The company believes that by implementing AI and through constant enhancements in innovations it can do more with data and facilitate digital transformation. It is an absolute philosophy of forwarding elevation to improve every aspect of the business. It provides a line of intelligent means for everything and everyone.

Vertex Global Services is an organization that is committed to innovation, as the company advances to satisfy and exceed the customer’s expectations. With the emerging new challenges, Vertex Global Services harness latest technology to sail through the challenges. It believes that people are driven by technologies, the company uses them as a medium to influence the people and bring positive change across the globe.

“At Vertex Global Services, we ensure that we recognize and overcome the common pitfalls that are associated with the consistent technological advancements and develop the best-in-class solutions and services so that the business can continue to grow and thrive. We as a team, work, and update our GTM plans regularly to suit the needs. We bear in mind that every new development brings risks, so we are always prepared with contingency plans as well,” says Gagan Arora.

Strategically Driven Plans

With an experience of more than a decade, Gagan Arora has witnessed a major shift in economic and social changes. The way organization functions has changed majorly. This also means that there is significant growth and development due to the changing ecosystem of business during the current pandemic.

Technology has proven to be the key integrator in the current pandemic. Vertex Global Services is one of the global players investing heavily in technology, witnessing a tremendous growth in AI and allowing the company to automate multiple processes.

Vertex being one of the tech superiors has defined its pillars of recovery in the view of long-term scenarios where, it has planned to develop a very clear technically agile system reaching the digital pinnacle.

The company’s culture is ethically led to maintain a parity of transitory goals with scrupulous decision process to fortify company’s collective reputation. The way it nurtures new and young talent along with displaying flexibility towards creative minds keeps it closer to the path of success.

It has followed hierarchy structures wherein teams are made, who are very well enlightened and pellucid in taking decisions under their mentors, who have keen cognizance and the potential to foresee looming trends ensuring every decision under Mr. Arora’s supervision.

Sustaining in the Pandemic

The future is not predictable, and this past year has taught everyone to be nimble in the face of adversity, emerging victorious to the ongoing challenges. Vertex is one of the very few names in the industry that has successfully gained a 100% year-on-year growth rate.

Mr. Arora believes that sustaining a business performance and growing its competitiveness demands a company to plan proactively and straighten their innovation approaches as an inescapable ingredient of the company plans. Nonetheless, it should not be a reactive strategy to catch-up with the developing market or torch stoning with competitors.

The company believes in its unique competencies and successful innovations that are well-articulated, quantified, shaped, and followed by scalable strategy. Entrepreneurship is no longer a sustained province of business veterans. When the pandemic hit the company, it only had two things in hand – passion, and vision to make a difference in the industry.

The organization took all necessary precaution for the safety of its employees. It offered an indefinite time of work from home as well as offered vaccination support for the employees along with their families. It took every measure in order to safeguard its employees who contribute to the success story of Vertex Group. Vertex Group also came forward and donated USD 40,000 to aid in Coronavirus pandemic response. The fund was raised keeping in mind the concept of ‘Sharing the pain’ by the leadership team of Vertex Group who willingly were ready to forgo their salaries for six months.

Tackling Challenges and Fulfilling Client’s Expectation

The team at Vertex believes in its unique competencies and successful innovations that are well-articulated, quantified, shaped, and followed by scalable strategy. As the Most Innovative Tech Company in India and 19th across the globe. Its protocol is to scale for clients by embedding customer service as a prerogative into the business workflows and chart out plans with a vigilant vision of potentialities. The team envisions opportunities to invent a prodigious brand picture not only in India but in the world.

At the dearth of the company’s expansion lies innovation. The company will empower both learners for their career learning and companies to upskill their employees with the platform, mastery, and expertise to notch up for the future. Also, the pandemic triggered many opportunities for BPO industry, the work-from-home model into their business operations, BPO companies can reach a much larger pool of potential employees in rural areas and empowering differently abled people to be independent and earn their livelihood.

As Vertex thrives, it is investing in expanding and for that it has a robust plan to broaden itself across the globe with its development projects through artificial intelligence.

“I think, AI is coming of age, and 2021 is outlined to become the year that AI dominates every industry, by providing real-time feedback, predicting analytics, and in-depth analysis. AI is strengthening the customer experience while enhancing the lives of not only people but organization. AI is changing the game when it comes to world dynamics, and we are looking forward to making the change shortly,” says Gagan Arora.

Advice that Matters

As world moves closer to a new digital-first era, the future represents a period of tremendous opportunity for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. With emerging technologies revolutionizing industries and driving demands for next-generation services, the tech world is an attractive proposition for a young, innovative talent to pursue their ideas and bring fresh concepts to life.

For any budding entrepreneur, it is imperative to focus on community benefits. A particular source of encouragement is to focus on the benefits that your projects can provide to the local community. Individual success aside, one of the most rewarding aspects of being an entrepreneur is helping others.

Many factors will contribute to your success as an entrepreneur, and one of these is applying several characteristics simultaneously. Creativity is not enough on its own, and one should incorporate discipline into everything and ensure that one does not become too comfortable.

Gagan Arora expresses, “Drive your evolution through reimagination to drive sustained development and scale greater heights, you should regularly reinvent yourself and the ideas you have. Gaining deep domain expertise, which goes beyond the coding experience and technical aspects, is crucial. Why? Because today, tech solutions are more than just coding or learning new programming languages, it is about understanding the business challenge and domain expertise.