Gangotri Organics: Agro-Revolutionaries Driving Sustainable Bandwagon

Gangotri Organics
Gangotri Organics

The first step toward sustainability is changing our eating habits. Scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals worldwide have agreed that organic farming, naturally produced grains, fruits, vegetables, and all of our foods must be reembraced to live a healthy and prosperous life.

Chemically induced, a global food chain based on inorganic and fertilizer-enhanced food produce will be extremely hazardous in the long run, as evidenced by new-age diseases and disorders affecting an increasing proportion of the population in both developed and developing countries.

Thus, organic farming and providing healthy, natural, and organic food products could now be considered one of the noblest missions for which Gangotri Organics was founded in 2017. Pragnesh Patel and Bharat Maheshwari, the dynamic Managing Partners of this modernistic firm based in Valsad, Gujarat, guide it. Gangotri sells a wide range of organic farm products to domestic and international markets.

Seeding the Organic Woods

Gangotri is a certified ISO 9001: 2015 company that has been a pioneer in producing natural and organic foods from remote locations. These humble, down-to-earth, passionate farmers are the first organic farmers. The company farms and encourages farmers to start organic farming of vegetables, fruits, spices, and oyster mushrooms.

Aside from agriculture products, Gangotri is a merchant exporter of API, surgical items, packing material, construction material, Bamboo craft products, compostable cutlery, carry bags and the world’s most innovative herbal fuel additive. It offers a wide range of ready-to-eat products, including oyster mushroom powder and fresh, dried products. Oyster Mushrooms are high in vitamins and minerals, which benefit health and help alleviate the world’s malnutrition problem.

The company has a well-qualified team for handling its in-house pre- and post-shipment processes. It receives regular orders with upfront payments due to the strong trust developed with vendors over years of consistent, transparent dealings.

Gangotri Organics, in collaboration with its associate company, Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt. Ltd., is working to improve society by addressing the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Without making any changes or alterations to the vehicles or industrial machinery, the company saves more fuel and reduces vehicle emissions than expected. Gangotri has reduced the sulfur content of gasoline by 100%, a worldwide miracle. Another unique aspect of the company is its ability to successfully mitigate Sulfur by up to 50% from Furnace Oil.

  • SDG – 02 – Zero Hunger.
  • SDG – 03 – Good Health and Well-Being.
  • SDG – 07 – Affordable and Clean Energy.
  • SDG – 08 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.
  • SDG – 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities.
  • SDG – 13 – Climate Change.
  • SDG – 14 – Production Life Below Water.
  • SDG – 15 – Life on Land.
  • SDG – 17 – Partnerships for the Goals.

The Green Missionaries

True to the maxim, “Don’t count the days, make the days’ count,” Pragnesh, a First-Generation entrepreneur with over 13 years of management experience, has effectively contributed to Gangotri’s growth through his innovations and implementation of ideas.

He is the Managing Director of Gangotri Organics as well as the Co-founder of MK Farms. Before establishing Gangotri Organics, he worked in Nigeria, Lagos, from 2008 to 2012, for Dufil Prima Foods’ Indomie Noodles as Brand Manager for Marketing Department after being directly selected from campus placements after completing his MBA. Pragnesh developed a strong understanding of the Nigerian consumer market and assisted in developing marketing, planning, and various strategies for the new product launch, successfully managing all above-the-line (ATL) marketing strategies.

After more than four years in Nigeria, he returned to India in 2012 to work for Abbot Pharmaceuticals as a Strategy Manager- in the Strategy Planning Department at the Mumbai Head Office. Worked at various levels, developing strategies and collaborating with the Marketing team to increase the organization’s presence and market share. Following Abbott, Pragnesh worked as an Executive Assistance Manager- Business Analysis for the COO of Claris Lifesciences, assisting and coordinating at various management levels. Pragnesh’s job entailed facilitating various initiatives across functions and providing key insights to top management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of multiple processes.

Techno-Logical Dynamism

Pragnesh was inspired to enter the organic farming space and co-found Gangotri Organics by the plight of farmers and drivers in India. He believes that with the right technology and attitude, farmers can earn more and be white-collared. Pragnesh is a role model for enabling and empowering oyster mushroom production in South Gujarat.

Gangotri Organics is a pioneer in organic farming in Gujarat and one of the leading bio and eco-friendly mushroom product manufacturers. Gangotri Organics began organic mushroom cultivation in Valsad in 2017 and quickly expanded into international markets. On the other hand, it has trained over 200 women entrepreneurs to cultivate mushrooms most economically and to improve people’s and the community’s standard of living.

This company currently offers a diverse range of value-added oyster mushroom products. Gangotri Organics, a partner in incredible innovations, is empowering over 500 farmers to grow organic products like mushrooms and indirectly influencing a large portion of society to move towards a healthy society, leaving behind chemical-laden farm products for the betterment of India’s young generations. In addition, the company is involved in creating value-added products from mushrooms, another step toward eradicating malnutrition in our society.

It has also trained women from the ‘Mann Deshi Foundation’ as part of a ‘CSR’ (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative sponsored by ‘HUL’ and Accenture.

Gangotri Organics has a strong product portfolio with a distinct selling proposition to meet market demands with the following B2B and B2C business models. It is a globally scalable business from a rapidly growing Indian market with multi-fold financial growth capability.

Pragnesh strongly believes in taking up challenges and changes in life. He feels, “We should look beyond our boundaries, leave the comfort space, and explore, challenge ourselves to work on things that are diagonally opposite and work on problems that matter, thus making this world a better place. Also, as things come by, tackle them one at a time, step by step and piece by piece.

The Farsighted Leadership

Bharat Maheshwari, an undergraduate from the small town of Valsad in Gujarat, had an exciting and eventful journey with more than 30 years of rich experience in various fields in a drive towards a feasible and sustainable environment, transforming from warm regards to Green regards. From working as a professional in group companies and MNCs in HR and Administration to having his own Merchant Exports Business established in diversified products such as Organic Fresh Products, Biofuel Herbal Additives, Pharmaceutical Supplies, and Wooden and Bamboo items. When 2ml of additive is added to one liter of fuel, the average increases by 40%, and CO2 emissions are reduced by 80%.

Organic farming initiatives increase vital O2 levels by more than 80%, a boon to the world. Gangotri Organics supports the Green Revolution by offering organic oyster fresh and dried mushrooms and its products, organic pulses cereals, oils, fruits and vegetables, organic manure, bamboo mugs, plates, cups, and many other innovative products.

Finding natural organic food in modern cities is difficult due to pollution of various types, including air, water, and earth, which is found everywhere and harms both health and the environment. The organization has encouraged farmers to practice organic farming to make a positive difference.

Gangotri Organics has developed a ready market for their products and provided them with guidance and support in organic farming. Bharat Maheshwari travels nationwide and internationally to find the right entrepreneurs to scale his business with Gangotri Organics, which is researching new innovative products/startups interested in bio-degradable and eco-friendly products to expand this initiative.

Naturally Unique Inspirations

Gangotri Organics is capable of combating climate change and wishes to participate in resolving issues at COP27, UN, WHO, and SDG due to its products and sustainable methodology.

He invites everyone to join hands in making a better life with God’s unlimited resources, which must be used ethically and without further harming and damaging Mother Earth. “We can change today’s polluted air to good quality air #SHUDH HAWA, #CO2 to O2,” he adds. “During 2020, when the entire world was in pandemic lockdown, pollution levels had decreased significantly, improving air quality. This was a subtle message that should not be overlooked.”

A variety of sources inspired Gangotri Organics. The first was to effect change in eco-friendly and sustainable production, while the second was to assist farmers in obtaining the best rates and marketing their products in national and international markets they previously could not reach. This has increased the organization’s value and the farmers’ society’s ability to rely on it as a transparent and resource-supportive company.

The company’s unique selling point is its organic, fresh, frozen, and dried Ready-to-Eat products. Gangotri Organics is the only company that farms Organic Oyster Mushrooms and delivers them in fresh, dried powdered form, among other things. Furthermore, the company’s most innovative herbal fuel additive is a demanding business.

Towards a Greenest Future

Organic farming was a novel concept that required convincing both farmers and consumers. Because the current market conditions and industry practices were entirely based on the use of artificial products, the Gangotri Organics team had to explain the benefits of organic farming and its impact on customers, the market, and the environment.

The growing market has seen a steady increase in organic producers. Because there is no standardization in this segment, organic certification agencies are now a challenge.

According to Bharat, technology transformation plays a significant role in expanding businesses and maximizing their reach to all corners of the globe. Bharat defines IT as the Instant Transfer of Funds, Technology, Messages, Ideas, and People.

Modern technologies have helped a lot in aggregating things that were far-fetched and thought of as a possibility and have become a reality, powering the advancements in organic farming.

Farmers are now connected directly to us via technology, as are end users, leveraging technology for all of their needs, making it easier for Gangotri Organics to understand the requirements from both sides.

Gangotri Organics is an established provider of organic solutions. “We are the Next Generation Company, which is a need of the hour as well as the future depending on these business areas,” Bharat advises young professionals. “Our forefathers gave us this beautiful planet on which we live and enjoy our lives. It is now our responsibility to be accountable in developing clean, logical, and long-term businesses that will improve our environment and make it a better place for future generations to live and prosper happily.

Gangotri Organics has rightly devised its future projections based on a Clear vision. Its vision is focused on SCOPE – Sustainable Culture of People Everywhere. This is its scope with the offerings of instant ready-to-eat organic food and a living style called LIFE – Let’s Intervene Food for Everyone, addressing SDG Goals 2,3,8,11,13,15,17.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Honored and Awarded for World’s Most Innovative Herbal Fuel Additive – Bio Mileage Product.
  • Green Leadership Award by India CSR by Shri Rajiv Kumar Nitin Ayog Vice Chairman & Shri Bomaiji CM Karnataka in Dec’2021.
  • 10th Global Safety Summit Season 2 for Best Green Innovation Award in Dec’2022 by Shri Ratnesh Ex. Dir. UN Global Compact Network India & Mrs. Aswathy P. S. Secretary World Safety Forum & Program Director of Global Safety Summit.
  • Recognized by Your Story for Bio Mileager – 500 Challenger Brands of India in March’2022.
  • Global Achievers Award 2021 by Indian Achievers Forum in Jan’2022.
  • Young Entrepreneur 2021 by Indian Achievers Forum in Jan’2022.
  • Founding Member of the Association of Emerging Entrepreneurs.
  • Mentorship -Startup India – MAARG – Mentorship, Advisory, Assistance, Resilience, Growth