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Shreeniwas Innovations
Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt Ltd

The greatest innovations transform the present to solve humanity’s most pressing problems while maintaining the forward momentum of the way of life. Alternative fuels, renewable energy, and sustainable power sources are now significant steps toward the united civilized world’s zero-carbon goal.

Nonetheless, it will take a long for the general public to switch to alternative fuels when traditional fuels such as petrol, diesel, gasoline, and lubricants are readily available everywhere, even in the remotest areas. Furthermore, while these green options have their uses, people want to and prefer to rely on tried and tested customary ways of using readily available fuels in times of emergency, even though they contribute to rising levels of pollution, global warming, and climate crisis by emitting carbon dioxide from their vehicles.

In this regard, one of the greatest innovations in the automobile sector has come to our aid. The Most Innovative Herbal Multifunctional Lubricants and Fuel Additive – BIO MLEAGER, developed by Shreeniwas Innovations Private Limited (SIPL), is a revolutionary discovery that will allow ‘Vehicles Emit O2 instead of Co2 – CO2 to O2.’ Yes, you read that correctly.

The BIO MILEAGER was tested at the International Centre of Automotive Technology (ICAT), by the team SIPL, led by Prakash Rane, CMDDeepak Rane, MD, and Bharat Maheshwari, ED. For this revolutionary breakthrough, SIPL has been

  • Honoured and Awarded Green Leadership Award by India CSR, as the Most Innovative Herbal Multifunctional Fuel Additive on December 10th, 2021, at Bengaluru by Shri Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, NITI AYOG and Shri Bomaiji, CM Karnataka.
  • The Most Innovative Product 2022 at 10th Global Safety Summit Season 2 for Best Green Innovation Award in Dec’2022 by Shri Ratnesh Ex. Dir. UN Global Compact Network India & Mrs. Aswathy P. S. Secretary World Safety Forum and Program Director of Global Safety Summit. 
  • Recognized by Your Story for Bio Mileager – 500 Challenger Brands of India in March’2022.

Powering Mission Net Zero Carbon Emission

Also, the SIPL Management team, including Mr Prakash, Deepak, and Bharat, are the Founding Members of the Association of Emerging Entrepreneurs and Mentors at Startup India – MAARG – Mentorship, Advisory, Assistance, Resilience, Growth.

Shreeniwas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL), Survey No. 143/4, Belgaon Dhaga Road, Dange Mala, At Post Vilholi, Tal. Dist. Nashik – 422010, Maharashtra, India, is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company with its R&D center where research has been conducted since 2003.

Deepak studied Ayurveda with the assistance of his father, Shri Prakash Rane. He began working on Bio Additives and Clean Bio-Fuel Production under Prakash’s expert guidance. Deepak spent three years developing the basic formulation of a petrol and diesel additive that not only claims to save up to 40% on fuel but also extends the life of engines and other vehicle components connected to the machine.

Deepak worked for another three years to get the precise formulation and thousands of trials for the perfect formula, which was ready to use in the market by 2009. SIPL was founded in 2010 and has since obtained all of the necessary certifications and patented the product, which thousands of end users have used. As a result, the product’s responsibility is to be the one and only Herbal Multi-Fuel, Multi-Functional Bio Additive. Deepak proclaims, “The firm belief and clear vision to manifest a Clean Earth is no longer a pipe dream.”

He did not end his mission there. He believed that R&D should be a daily routine, and he brought more products to the forefront to benefit from economic fuel conservation for the nation’s growth and to establish a global benchmark for every country’s economic fuel conservation. As a result of stepping footprints in the “Green Footprint,” SIPL marked a larger scale globally.

The year 2010 began a new era for the company as it expanded into auto and industrial lubricating oil and greases. SIPL has since established a comprehensive dealer and distribution network throughout India, successfully selling additives, lubricants, and other products.

The following step was the development of waste plastic into biofuel, which was tested and launched in 2013. This revolutionary concept converts the threat of waste plastic contributing to global warming into clean Bio Fuel that both consumers and large-scale industries can use.

Decarbonizing the Environment

Our Motto is to transform the earth into a better place with a future with a cleaner and greener environment with freshest air,” Deepak says. That means eliminating carbon footprints and the effects of pollution and completely addressing the problem of global warming.

We instantly save fuel and reduce emissions by more than anyone’s expectations,” Bharat continues. “We have completely eliminated sulfur from gasoline, which is a worldwide miracle. In addition, we have reduced Sulfur from Furnace Oil by more than 50%, which was previously thought impossible.” SIPL is on a mission to address the following SDG Goals for the benefit of society.

  • SDG – 03 – Good Health and Well-Being.
  • SDG – 07 – Affordable and Clean Energy.
  • SDG – 08 – Decent Work and Economic Growth.
  • SDG – 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities.
  • SDG – 13 – Climate Change.
  • SDG – 14 – Production Life Below Water.
  • SDG – 15 – Life On Land.
  • SDG – 17 – Partnership’s for the Goals.

The Brilliance of Ever-Guiding Light

“Return to nature; it will provide you with numerous opportunities,” says Mr Prakash, who has always believed that nature has played a significant role in his life. When a person is connected to nature, GOD comes to help; thus, he has dedicated his life to connecting with nature through every work he does and plays a vital role in SIPL’s efforts to connect its products with nature. Being from an Ayurvedic background, his passion inspired the creation of this wonderful product, and the company now stands on Mr Prakash’s enlightening values and principles.

‘Don’t rest; always research and develop something new,’ Deepak believes. He is a Mechanical Engineer who is constantly working to develop and improve the current product portfolio, which has helped SIPL become the world’s most sustainable non-competitive company. “We proudly say that we don’t have any competition with all our range of products that are 100% ‘Herbal Ayurveda Based Products,’ ‘Made In India,’ and for the World,” Deepak insists.

From Warm Regards to Green Rewards, Bharat, a student from the small town of Valsad in Gujarat, has a journey of 30+ years of rich experience working for Group Companies and MNCs in the field of HR and Administration as a working professional. He now owns his own Merchant Exports Business. He has been with SIPL for ten years. His expertise has helped the company reach new heights of success.

As previously stated, Deepak developed a herbal fuel additive yielding moderate results, but Bharat accepted the challenge to demonstrate an ‘Innovative Fuel Saving Appropriate Usage Technique’ in his car and bike. That was a watershed moment for the product and SIPL. Bharat discovered that 98.15% of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) was reduced, and 80.84% of O2 (Oxygen) was increased. The discovery was made during the Pandemic times in 2021. This made the SIPL Team very happy; the rest is history written in gold letters.

Living in cities is difficult today because air pollution is everywhere, and waste is dispersed throughout urban habitats, endangering our health and the environment. As a result, Bharat travels nationally and internationally to find the right entrepreneur to help him scale his business. With the SIPL team constantly looking for new and innovative products, Bharat found his ideal partner Startup interested in biodegradable and eco-friendly products. SIPL is capable of combating climate change and wishes to participate in resolving issues with COP27, UN, WHO, and SDGs because the company has products related to this issue.

Providing the Perfect Solution for Pollution

According to Bharat, perfecting solutions and conducting R&D in renewable energy solutions will take years. Until then, billions of dollars will be spent, and how many lives will be lost? “We have to think about the implications in the present scenario. We are responsible for the situation we created in the first place. So, we must all decide and take the path of the green revolution,” he believes.

SIPL also sees this venture as a new way to create Green Jobs worldwide. The SIPL team, which includes Bharat, Deepak, and Mr Prakash, believes that the UN and WHO will be pleased because all SDG solutions are contained in this ‘One Product.’ It serves all by providing a simple and easy way to address all climate change, health, and employment issues the world is currently facing. “We believe in ‘Socio-Economic Growth’ that is clean, green, sustainable, and holistic,” says Bharat.

SIPL invites everyone to work together to make our world a better place to live by utilizing the unlimited resources provided by God in an ethical manner that does not harm or damage Mother Earth further. “By changing #CO2 to O2, we can transform today’s polluted AIR into the CLEANEST AIR #SHUDH HAWA,” Deepak adds.

Green Fuel Works Wonder

Sharing their inspiration behind venturing onto this mission, Mr Prakash says, “Frequent rises in fuel prices brought us to this stage to develop such innovative products that can save your fuel price by more than 50%. Because of these results, we now have a valuable company.”

Further, highlighting the uniqueness of their treasured brand SIPL, Bharat says that their USP is instant results that increase pick up and average by more than 40%. As a result, users save 45/- per liter, significant savings for both the individual and our nation. “So, the World’s Most Innovative Herbal Fuel Additive is the demanding business for us,” he says, adding that all their products are

  • Tested and certified by Automotive Research Association of India Pune (India) as per guidelines of PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Delhi.)
  • Tested and approved by NABL (Govt. of India) Accredited Laboratories as per BIS 2796 2000 ASTM, IP (Indian Petroleum), IS (Indian Standard) UOP (Universal oil Procedure) methods.
  • Over 12 patents for additives and research.
  • Registered in the Department of Electronics Science at Pune University
  • Authorized as the International Dealer for Global Business by the State Bank of India.
  • Registered as a Private Limited Company in India.
  • Appreciated by BCL Forging Limited Furnace Oil Saving by 40%.

Although, according to Bharat, gaining government support has been a challenge after ten years.

In their advice to the aspirants willing to venture into their field, Deepak describes themselves as the Next Generation Green Company, which is a requirement of the hour and future, as they rely on Sustainable Fuels. “So the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs are welcome to join us,” Mr Prakash says.

On envisioning scaling SIPL’s scope and offerings in the future, “Our SCOPE – Sustainable Culture of People Everywhere is our range with the offerings of making Instant Sustainable Green Fuels and a Fresh Green Clean Planet to LIVE – Let’s Invent Vibrant Energy and addressing SDG Goals 3,8,11,13,15,17,” Bharat explains.