Genid Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd: Providing Tailor-made and Creative Logistics Solutions throughout India

Genid Shipping and Logistic
Dr T Johnson, MD & CEO, Genid Shipping & Logistics,

The objective is to provide customers with customised, high-quality, large-scale comprehensive Logistics solutions that will give them a distinct competitive edge, which is rarely found. It is equally hard to find a dedicated team aiming to achieve the greatest levels of productivity and efficiency in all its shipments.

There is a clear demand for quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective transportation options in today’s competitive climate. One such company providing all necessary solutions related to shipping and logistic space is Genid Shipping and Logistics Pvt Ltd (GENID).

GENID was founded, just about when Covid 19 was creating headlines and global supply chain scenario looked gloomy. Nevertheless, nothing stopped Genid from adding several prestigious clients to its growing list and to be one of the best door-to-door logistics service provider in India within a short span of time.

GENID is ably steered under the dynamic leadership of Dr T Johnson, CEO & Managing Director, a stalwart with over three decades of experience in the logistics industry. He founded the firm in early 2020 with support from Ms. Sneha Britto, daughter of Dr. S. Xavier Britto, Chairman, Kerry Indev Logistics, a 35-year-old logistics company. Combining Ms. Sneha’s business acumen and Dr Johnson’s vast industry expertise, Genid offers extensive range of logistics services backed by impeccable infrastructure.

The core activities of the organization include Integrated Logistics, International Freight Forwarding, Ship Chartering and Brokering, Global Project Cargo Logistics, Inland Transportation, Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Granite Stocking & Stuffing and Stevedoring.

Building a Global Presence

GENID meets the logistical demands of its clients worldwide, providing full supply chain management solutions across time zones. It firmly believes that each industry has its own set of logistical requirements, which is why it has created the specialised knowledge necessary in a wide range of industries, all of which are supported by a network of specialists with well-defined process flow and logistics methodologies.

Timely pickup and delivery of goods is the intricacy of the logistics industry. Ensuring adherence to the schedule, GENID provides a comprehensive package of door-to-door services which begin with shipment being picked up from the warehouse or factory, surface transport, custom clearance, sea transport and last mile delivery.

Staunch Inland Connectivity

GENID is one amongst the major transport and logistics service providers in India, offering value-added services in road transport, air and sea freight, integrated logistics, and customs clearing.

As a fully integrated transport and logistics provider, GENID can make your logistics network more cost-effective, regardless of any industry.

The company provides personalised service with highest efficacy to best serve its clients. GENID has gained a competitive edge by integrating transportation modes such as road, rail, and sea.

Granite shipments – Our Forte

GENID specialises in handling of Granite shipments across its facilities in India. The business is primarily about aesthetics and the quality of its labour. The team at GENID oversees the operations and guarantee that the quality of the goods is not compromised. The company’s technical team specializes in designing and building equipment used for safe rough block stuffing.

The dunnage wood used in the shipments is chemically treated and is ISPM certified. GENID’s centralised pricing desk negotiates competitive pricing with Shipping lines to provide tailor-made solutions for logistics needs.