GraffersID: Creating Success Stories with Innovative Solutions

Siddharth Jain, founder, GraffersID

We live in times when we cannot alienate ourselves from technology. Every industry is adapting tech solutions for smooth functioning and branding. And while technology keeps evolving every day, Web and App development are growing with more incredible speed.

Every industry is keen on creating its app. Web development can make product branding and company branding happen smoothly. Therefore, it is no surprise to see several start-ups shifting their attention towards web development and venturing into this robust tech field.

One such solid company that counts in giving ace-level web and app developing solutions for every industry is GraffersID. It also provides organizations with the option of hiring remote dedicated developers from India on a contractual basis based on their project requirements.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Look India, Sidharth Jain, the proud Founder of GraffersID, shares some insights about his tech-savvy firm. Following are the highlights of the interview.

Describe us about GraffersID in detail.

GraffersID is an award-winning website and mobile app development company founded in 2017 to increase start-up success rates. The current start-up success rate is 10-20%, yet 80 percent of the businesses we have worked with have been successful and have obtained capital within one month. Some are incubated by YCombinator, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, Harvard’s Incubation, and other well-known venture capital firms.

As a development partner, we have worked with over 25 unicorns to date. We have received several awards for our services.

Some of them are:

  • Global Business Awards 2021 – Best IT Company for start-ups
  • Asia innovation Congress – Premium Product Development IT Company
  • World HRD Conference US – Most Trusted Software Development Company
  • Zoom TV Awards India – Impactful IT Company
  • Design Conclave Australia – Premium UI/UX Experience
  • Clutch – Top Web Developers India 2020
  • Mobile App Daily – Fastest Growing App Development Companies in 2021

Mr Sidharth Jain please brief us about your journey and shed some light on your professional tenure.

I am the proud founder of GraffersID, a website and mobile app development firm. I founded GraffersID intending to increase start-up success rates via the development of user-centric solutions.

I am from Barwaha, which is 60 kilometers from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. I completed my education in Indore before enrolling in a Mumbai Top College for higher studies.

I had a passion for coding and was keen to learn about new technologies since my undergraduate days. Only because of my perseverance I had the opportunity to work for India’s largest IT company at the time.

Because of my competence and love for my profession, I was blessed with a significant opportunity to work on the company’s most valued project. I also had a chance to be trained in a foreign nation and work on the client-side.

After a few years on the job, I decided to leave and establish my own business. I hired a co-working space and began working as an IT consultant using the money I had set up. I started writing articles on Quora, Medium, and LinkedIn to gain more business, to answer people’s questions.

Within a few days, I rose to the most famous writer position in the start-up category. People began to approach me for business consultation and development assistance.

I was rewarded as one of the “Most Influential 50 Youth Marketing Leaders” by World HRD Congress in 2018 for my marketing abilities.

What made you venture into the industry web and app development space?

When individuals started coming to me for advice for their businesses, I realised that this is what I want and love to do.

I began talking with people about their projects and realised that they were frustrated because their businesses were not producing the desired results. The difficulties that start-ups and entrepreneurs confront encouraged me to launch my firm.

What kind of offerings does GraffersID provide to its clients?

We are a software development firm with a strong emphasis on website and mobile application development. In addition, businesses can employ a devoted remote developer from India on a contract basis based on the project’s needs. As well, if our clients desire it, we provide SEO and maintenance services.

We are well-known for developing marketing-optimized customer-centric Websites and Mobile Apps.

We work in four steps:

Step 1: Requirement Gathering

Step 2: UI/UX

Step 3: Development

Step 4: Maintenance and SEO

What kind of challenges have you faced while entering the web and app development industry?

A handful of our early start-up clients failed, but we didn’t give up. We examined the errors and interpreted them as lessons to be avoided in the future. We realised that the customer and GraffersID suffered as a result of these errors. GraffersID lost its customer because the client lost hope.

If we provide customers with valuable services, they will be more interested in developing long-term relationships with GraffersID. With a few tweaks, we are already receiving excellent feedback from our clientele.

How was GraffersID affected during the pandemic? What steps did you take to curb the damages while helping your clients and maintaining the safety of your employees?

During COVID-19, all individuals and companies were severely harmed, and many entrepreneurs were forced to close their doors. Every other day, we lost a loved one. When I realised this, I took two key steps:

  1. a) In collaboration with other prominent IT businesses in MP, I established a helpline number via which patients could connect directly with doctors for Tele-Consultation. To combat the spreading of disinformation, we even launched a chatbot to dispel misconceptions and raise awareness.
  2. b) In order for businesses to thrive, I formed many WhatsApp groups of company owners. People may openly seek counseling, talk, network, and exchange business requirements in these gatherings. We even held many live seminars with industry leaders that provided members with practical tips and hacks. Almost 90% of the members of the group survived the pandemic and continued to expand.

What would you like to advise the young generation of entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts?

In my interviews and talks, I often bring up this remark –

“If you enjoy doing something, you will subconsciously improve. As a result, you should constantly work on something that you are enthusiastic about. And your learning should always be motivated by a sense of interest or a necessity.”

Any degree or education will not help you succeed; nevertheless, your attitude, enthusiasm, and desire for your profession will.

So, constantly keep your aim in mind and do things that make you happy.

Where do you envision GraffersID to be in the long run, and what are your future goals? How do you plan to embrace the changes happening in web and app development space?

We begin as consultants in a co-working environment to increase start-up success rates. We are currently a well-known IT firm.

Our long-term goal is to become a successful incubator so that we can finance and support start-up concepts financially as well as technologically. The main reason for this is that it boosts the success rate of start-ups and assists them in achieving long-term goals.

What is the current industrial scenario of the web and app development space?

Businesses and customers are increasingly moving online as technology advances. Businesses that want to engage with their internet clients must have an online presence. As a result, they are having software built for their company to address this need. According to research, barely 30-40% of organisations have business software.

As a result, we believe the software business will have several opportunities in the future.