Google Has Released an App Called ‘Switch to Android’

Google App

According to reports, Google has developed a new Switch to Android software that allows users to smoothly transfer data from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. The Switch to Android software is wireless, so customers will not have to worry about using a cable to link two phones. The Apple App Store has the app accessible for download.

According to the description, “Google’s Switch to Android program lets you quickly and securely move your most important data types – photographs, movies, contacts, and calendar events – to a new Android smartphone without fiddly wires.”

Now, since communications are not included, it appears that the program won’t be able to transfer messages, but it will teach customers how to turn off iMessages, so they don’t miss texts from friends and family.

The app is temporarily “delisted,” according to Google, which means it cannot be accessed via an Apple App Store search, but it may be downloaded via a direct link. The app also does not appear in search results on the App Store or on Google’s developer website. It is accessible only through a direct connection.