Greytip Software: Simplifying HR and Payroll with greytHR

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Sayeed Anjum | Co-founder | CTO | greytHR | Greytip Software Private Limited

As small companies expand into medium and medium into large, the employee strength also grows. With expansion, development and success comes the increasing responsibility of managing a web of offices, units and an ever-expanding workforce.

As more companies shift to the work-from-anywhere mode, it has become critical for them to have easy access to technological solutions that help simplify their operations. A human resource management system (HRMS) becomes crucial in this scenario. Greytip Software’s cloud-based HR and Payroll software, greytHR, helps automate, streamline and simplify HR processes across an employee’s lifecycle.

Founded by Girish Rowjee and Sayeed Anjum, Greytip Software provides
relevant and cost-effective HR solutions to companies worldwide.

“Since 2009, we’ve been working with SMEs and providing  40+ tools across core HR, payroll, leave and attendance, statutory compliances, expense claims, employee self-service and more,” says Sayeed.

Powerful automation options and cost-effective nature make greytHR a preferred choice of 15,000+ brands, including well-known names like  Wipro Enterprises, WeWork, Brigade, Lotte, India Post Payments Bank, Dunzo, HealthifyMe, Rapido, Instamojo, Acme Fitness, Greenpeace and Sheenlac Paints.

Steered by Inspiring Leadership

As CEO and Co-founder of Greytip Software, Girish has guided the company into the position of a premier HR and Payroll solutions provider. One of the early movers in the B2B cloud space in India, he’s been instrumental in positioning greytHR as a market leader with around 15,000+ paying businesses in India and the GCC countries. The platform also enables the processing of 15 lakh+ user records on a monthly basis.

Girish graduated in Engineering at SJCE Mysore. He is one of the founding members of iSPIRT (Indian Software Product Industry Round Table) and a Mentor at the Founder Institute, India.

Sayeed Anjum, Co-founder and CTO of the company, currently has the key responsibility of articulating the vision and strategy for the company. He leads the R&D, innovation labs and product development initiatives. As a passionate techno-marketing professional, he aims to establish Greytip as a thought leader in the HR tech domain.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from SJCE, Mysore. He is a corporate member of NASSCOM and a member of TiE. He teamed up with Girish to start his entrepreneurial journey right after completing his studies.

A perfectionist, Sayeed always goes the extra mile to produce the best results in the firm. He aspires to fuel SME growth through better people practices, superior employee experience, better employer branding and higher productivity of an organisation.

Adopting SaaS to Proliferate the HR Ecosystem

Sharing Greytip’s USPs, Sayeed says, “We want SMEs to have easy access to software and automation. Therefore, we provide HR tech for companies with five to 50,000 employees. We have adapted the classic SaaS model to the local requirements – be it in the way sales is done, the model in which clients are onboarded to the platform or our approach to support.”

Talking about Greytip’s offering and aspects that make it unique, Sayeed asserts
that greytHR is India’s first-ever fully integrated, cloud-based HR and Payroll software. “Our software is user-friendly and affordable,” ensures Sayeed.

He adds, “We provide a complete ecosystem for the HR fraternity.” Complementing greytHR is a training academy, compliance website, resources section with 200+ downloads, webinar series from industry experts, podcast series and many more.

Advanced Analytics for Enhanced Productivity

Sayeed, an experienced leader, shares his opinion on the impact of advanced technologies, like AI and ML, in the HR and payroll management solution space. He believes that AI is here to stay, and HR teams are widely using the technology. The use of AI, coupled with the digitisation of the hiring process, has also ensured a level playing field for all talent. ML can study the pattern of employee queries and design automated responses accordingly. Today’s advanced analytics tools help identify the gaps to enable productivity enhancement.

AI, ML and other technologies can do a lot more in the HR domain. But the adoption of the technologies would depend on the needs and goals of the organisation. “Our HR automation platform, greytHR, uses AI and ML to automate and streamline multiple tasks to be performed by both HR and employees. For example, our chatbot Bella facilitates better information access and quick query resolution,” he cites.

Connecting the Disconnected

Sayeed also sheds light on the challenges faced by this company. Recalling the times of pandemic, he says, “COVID and the ensuing lockdowns forced all of us to reinvent how we get work done. The biggest challenge with remote work was the sustenance of effective communication and team bonding. To address this, we introduced many connect sessions between teams and the leadership.”

COVID led to many physical and mental health issues for employees. Greytip tailored its policies to help employees cope and work better from home. “We introduced our employees to mental wellness apps and also organised expert counseling sessions for them. We brought in significant focus on upskilling and offered access to multiple learning platforms for our team to enable them to upskill and build their confidence,”
shares Sayeed.

“Our 600+ employees, spread across the country, are still working from home.
Today, our challenge is to ensure that all the HR functions, like employee onboarding, payroll, leave and attendance management, compliance, etc., continue to be performed remotely and smoothly,”
he informs.

Most importantly, we need to ensure business continuity for our customers. Going remote was much easier for a cloud-native IT company like ours. Our current thrust is to make remote work more efficient,” he asserts.

Envisioning a ‘greyt’ Future

Before sharing his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the HR and payroll management solution space, Sayeed recollects that he met Girish at college and realised that they shared the same passion. “We shared the same vision to start a company and build a notable technology brand. Since the day we rolled out our first successful software, we have remained committed to delivering user-friendly and affordable HR tech solutions. My advice to budding entrepreneurs will be to take a page from our approach to business and apply their own thinking. Success in business is all about the right blend of passion, commitment, and innovation,” he opines.

On envisioning the future of Greytip’s offerings and operations, Sayeed reveals, “We continue to add new features based on our customers’ requirements. In the short term, we want to serve 50K SME customers and five million employees worldwide. In the long term, we hope to serve millions of SMEs as awareness grows and the category attains mainstream status.”