Hiren Thakkar: Creating Your Brand Avatar with Award-Winning Digital Marketing

hiren thakkar
Hiren Thakkar | Founder | CEO

The global village in the wake of digitalization is buzzing with the digital bees. The internet is pulsating with hyperactive fingers. The web herd is constantly checking for the digital nerve, where it is responsive to their needs the most. Their desires fuel their demands and expectations. Their ears are tuned to hear the sounds of their kind. Their eyes are constantly searching for the brand with which they as a community can completely identify. When their curiosity is at its peak, your brand appears with its most impactful buzz, amplified by Hiren Thakkar, the Founder and CEO, and his Brand Buzzar team behind the screen.

Your brand gets clicked upon, the lead is generated. The initial contact is established. Now the lead conversion, customer generation, engagement, and retention process begins. This is where Hiren and his Brand Buzzar team are making all the difference. They are using their vast digital marketing acumen, brand management expertise, and never-ending attention to detail to map the avalanche of data flowing in through the SEO filters. That is how they are exemplifying your brand’s impact with their award-winning digital marketing services.

A Dynamic Leader

Driven by Hiren’s charisma, Brand Buzzar is fast emerging as a leading SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Vadodara, providing performance-driven services for three years in the industry. Hiren ensures, “We are helping businesses get clients and leads digitally. We do everything from making your business live on the internet to getting high-ticket clients and leads.”

So far they have hundreds of satisfied clients and delivered over 200 projects successfully while increasing their expert team strength to 15.

Elaborating on the saga of his reputed business leadership from the beginning, Hiren says that it started as a freelancer and he always tried to satisfy the customers in various ways and believed that leadership comes from Initiative and first mover advantage who has the vision.

When I started there was no one in this domain as a Digital Marketing Area. Slowly and gradually we picked up and now we get different projects and leads from all over the world,” he adds.

According to him, in this day and age, it’s a must to establish a strong online presence to connect with your audiences and generate better revenue. As of now, it’s estimated that there are at least 1.14 billion websites in the world. With each passing day, not having a website could be the difference between more customers and staying static.

Brand Momentum Accelerator

He explains, “We at Brand Buzzar, want to help you accelerate your online presence through a variety of digital marketing solutions. We offer everything from pay-per-click, search engine optimization, content marketing, website development, and so much more.”

His inspiration behind venturing into this particular niche was searching for new business and also he had no big investment to start the business. So, he was searching for that required marketing skills and also huge margins.

Hiren had to surmount many challenges to ensure Big Buzzar’s success rate reached the height it is today. “To satisfy the clients, to satisfy the team and at the same time satisfy our passion it automatically achieves great heights.”

Needless to say, Brand Buzzar is the one-stop-shop digital marketing agency you need! Since 2018, Hiren and his team have been helping brands generate more leads and increase traffic. He cites, “To give you a better understanding of what we do, we’re going to share with you our inaugural client reviews on Clutch!”

Washington DC-based review and rating platform, Clutch is designed to help millions of browsers navigate through the complexities of the B2B industries. The site is widely known for its collection of data-driven insights, market research, agency rankings, and more. The entire Brand Buzzar team is extremely excited to get started on the Clutch!

Great Feedback Generator

For Brand Buzzar’s first 5-star review, the owner of ASM Pest Control wrote about its flexible digital marketing efforts for their business. To this day, Hiren and the team support ASM with SEO, SMM, blog writing, and YouTube marketing. “Since starting our partnership, we’ve helped them achieve a 20% increase in traffic because of our streamlined and effective processes. For them, we’re the all-in-one team that they need!” claims Hiren.

As for their second review, the owner of a financial advisory firm highlighted their website development services that ran back in 2020. Hiren and the team reinvigorated their client’s website and reinforced their SEO efforts. In the results and feedback section, they praised Brand Buzzar’s team for their professionalism and quick turnaround time.

He says in his gratitude, “We are genuinely thankful to both of our clients for taking the time to leave us their gracious feedback on Clutch. The support you have for the Brand Buzzar team is what keeps us growing. We couldn’t be more grateful for their trust and appreciation!”

According to Hiren, there are some significant leadership skills, values, and qualities in him greatly admired by his clients. “We never say No to the clients. We go the extra mile to satisfy them. Because we are in the service business we are very particular about that. We are a one-stop shop for SEO, E-Commerce Websites, and Marketing Campaigns, which are our USPs I believe.”

Digital Future Disruptor

As an experienced professional, his advice to budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is adept. He appeals to them to have patience and be ready for new opportunities. “Just be persistent as everyone is watching you. Once they have Trust in you there is no looking back and you will be the best and people will run after you to work with you.”

Hiren shares that as they’ve been in business for three years, throughout the years, they’ve had the honour of working on different projects and collaborations. “It’s because of the success of those endeavors that we’ve been acknowledged on Top Design Firms’ list of companies that excel in search engine optimization,” he informs.

Top Design Firms is a new B2B platform that compiles and curates’ insightful data encompassing the design, development, creative, and marketing industries. “Following their extensive research, we’ve been recognized for our success, effectiveness, and proven track record in SEO,” he says.

Celebrating this recognition along with our debut on Clutch is a great year-ender! “We couldn’t be more excited and thankful for this wonderful opportunity. We hope to unlock more thrilling feats like these in 2023!” he concludes.