India is Planning to Launch a Digital Gaming Research Effort Soon

According to a senior official, India is planning to create a digital gaming research project to develop high-end technology for an immersive gaming environment to promote and popularise Indian culture.

R&D in Learning and Leisure Gaming Platforms; Collaborative Technical Design Process: SERB Game Labs; and Immersive Game Prototypes with an emphasis on Indian Culture and Values will be the three verticals of the Science and Engineering Research Board’s (SERB) Digital Gaming Research Initiative.

The R&D initiative, according to SERB Secretary Sandeep Verma on Twitter, will connect academia, startups, and industry to rapidly evolve high-end R&D concepts for the development of Indian game engines, procedural content generators, and design patents/copyrights on the player and community-centric games.

According to Verma, digital games and simulations present fascinating S&T problems for study and translation, with enormous global commercial potential.

He stated that cross-cutting research in engineering, computer science, visual graphics, fine arts, and social sciences would be included.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advocated for a more prominent Indian presence in the international gaming industry.