ITOrizin Technology Solutions: Ensuring End-to-End Cyber Security

ITOrizin Technology Solutions
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Information has always been a valuable currency even before our economies became knowledge economies. And like all the other currencies, info has been under constant threat of getting hijacked, stolen, maliciously encrypted, or used for ransom and blackmail. In the digital age of Information Technology (IT) empowered public and private enterprises, its vulnerability has increased to the highest degree. Now, every bit of its precious data has to be protected, encrypted, secured, and must be safeguarded at all costs.

With global hacking, frequent data theft incidents, coordinated malware, ransomware attacks, and the increasingly unsafe scenarios of cyber crisis, it is imperative for the entire corporate world to protect their crucial data and IT gamut . ITOrizin Technology Solutions. is an ISO 27001: 2013, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000-1:2011 certified organization, CERT-IN empaneled security auditor, with STQC Approved IT Test Lab, specializes in providing consultancy and solutions in IT Infrastructure and IT Security domain. Under the adept leadership of its Managing Director, Basudev Gangopadhyay, ITOrizin focuses exclusively on the niche area of Cyber Security, providing end-to-end solutions to its customers.

Basudev states, “Our focus is to provide maximum ‘business value’ to our clients enabling them to prevent threats, manage their risk/compliance, and thereby increase their competitive position by delivering improved business results. Our client-first approach means our solutions are based on state of the art technology solutions that are needed to Add Value to their business.”

Giving Back Tech Control to You

An Engineer in Electronics and Electrical from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta, Basudev had his professional career with Tata Consultancy Services. Thereafter, he joined Cognizant Technology Solutions where he worked for 20+ years before joining ITOrizin as MD in 2017.  

According to Basudev, technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one. “That control is inbuilt into our core vision. We want to become one of the top five most preferred Cyber Security Service providers,” says Basudev adding that they will achieve their Vision by providing innovative, effective, state-of-the-art security services to their customers at an affordable cost that adds value to their business.

Further, sharing their core values, Basudev conveys that their team is accountable for delivering on their commitments. They develop relationships with their customers that make a positive difference in their business. “We value our people, encourage their development and ensure high standards of ethical practice and conduct business with transparency and integrity having people-friendly environment within the organization where we share and celebrate success,” he insists.  

Your Trusted Partner for IT Security

According to Basudev, ITOrizin’s services include

1. Consulting Services (IT Infrastructure & Security)

2. Security Assessment

3. Infrastructure Assessment

4. Threat Management Services (Security Operations Center)

5. Governance, Risk & Compliance

6. IT & Cyber Security Training

7. Security in areas of Emerging Technologies (OT & IoT)

8. Cloud and Mobile security Assessment

  • ITOrizin is a one-stop-shop for all IT infrastructure and security related services. It has expertise in both the domains of IT Infrastructure and security. Hence, can deliver end-to-end projects, starting from conceptualization till implementation and management. Customer has no need to look for partners for different service offerings.
  • ITOrizin has skilled people with knowledge in the latest technologies and can deliver solutions and provide services which are based on latest and emerging technologies.
  • State-of-the-art solutions which address customers’ specific needs.
  • ITOrizin not only provides consultancy around IT security, but also has the capabilities for remediation services required to mitigate the weaknesses found.
  • All services are modular in nature. The customer is free to pick and choose which ever service it needs, rather than going for a solution encompassing all services.
  • ITOrizin recognizes that every customer is different and their requirements are also different. It works on each solution separately taking the requirements and provides customized solutions which is best suited for each customer.
  • ITOrizin has a very nominal cost of business operations. Hence, it can offer solutions to customers at a very competitive price. However, the quality of service is never compromised.
  • ITOrizin has its managed service based on opex model. Customer need not invest upfront on the IT solutions to implement managed security infrastructure. These are offered based on usage and are billed monthly / quarterly / yearly.
  • ITOrizin is an E C Council approved training and exam center. EC Council is universally recognized as the leader in Cyber Security training. We offer the flagship courses from E C Council.
  • Being a flat organization, ITOrizin is extremely agile and all decisions are quickly taken. The turnaround time for any customer query is very fast.
  • The main objective is to transform and add value to customers’ business. We look at ourselves as our customers’ partner and wish to have long term relationship with each of them.