Kanika Chopra: A Dynamic Travelpreneur Journeying on with Ghumorey

Kanika Chopra
Kanika Chopra | Managing Director

People often look forward to travelling to various scenic destinations to unwind from their hectic work routines and find peaceful relaxation. It’s a refreshing change to be in nature, eat delicious food, and visit beautiful places.

However, managing all aspects of the vacation, such as booking tickets, searching for hotels, locating local resources, and so on, can be difficult. People frequently prefer to work with a travel agency that can provide all services under one roof.

Finding a dependable, convenient, and feasible travel agency is critical in these uncertain and unpredictable times, where the risks of fraud or untrustworthy substandard services abound. By creating precise and personalised vacation solutions, the ideal travel consultants provide genuinely compassionate, caring, dependable, and customized services. Kanika Chopra, Managing Director of Ghumorey, with more than 12 years of rich experience in corporate and leisure, stands testimony to the immersive, rich, reliable, and trustworthy travel services she has already been providing to her thousands of happy clientele.

A Ghumakkad Girl’

as described on her funky website, a passionate travel enthusiast, Kanika founded this unique and exclusive travel planning service as a Brand in Faridabad, Haryana. Ghumorey offers the best of the solutions in travel including, air ticket booking, customized holiday packages, booking tours and cruises, VISA Assistance, and Car Rentals.

Kanika has been instrumental in ensuring the client are happiest with her deals and unmatched customer services. Kanika provides the best of the travel services via Ghumorey is well-supported by an elegant and resourceful website that is equipped with packages, video tours, online payment gateways and other essentials.

Where There is a Will, there is a Way

Kanika started her professional journey as a customer service executive in 2007 with MakeMyTrip followed by ITC and Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Soon she rose to the position of Team Leader. However, when she was expecting her first child, she thought to quit the job as it seemed to be a difficult task to balance the position in corporate life with motherhood.

So, with the thought of prioritizing her motherhood, Kanika took a break from the corporate world. With the passage of time she started searching again for a job, but due to a break in her career, it was not easy. Kanika opted for the work-from-home option to engage herself. It seemed to be like starting from scratch and again it was not easy as it was purely a sales profile.

Soon after that, the COVID-19 lockdown set in. Everything seemed to be shattered as the world was shut down and people were rendered jobless. So, there were no jobs in the Travel industry as a result she faced a huge crisis. 

Bugged due to the helpless situation, Kanika dug into her brain as to how could she work out something for herself. She couldn’t explain in words how tough the time was. Despite having such rich experience and knowledge from the customer service level to a team coach, it was very heartbreaking to see it all getting wasted.

Hailing from a service-class family and thinking to open up a venture without any professional support was giving her hiccups plus lockdown restricting the entire travelling movement. There were huge questions as to how, when, and what will happen to the travel industry. The big businesses were shutting down when Kanika was working on opening up her own travel business.

It was all clueless. With the help of social media, she put her day and night into hunting for new ways of beginning her start-up. It started with a lot of confusion, hassle, sleepless nights, challenges, and months of working on the website, and she had one big thought, ‘everything is shutdown.’

A Self-Inspired Spirit…

Kanika laughed at the situation and exclaimed that there was no such inspiration for her to start up wherein she didn’t know the pros and cons of the business, or how it worked. The inspiration began from within herself. The struggle for doing something all by herself made her explore new ways and try new ideas that she experimented with.

Crossing Over the Challenges

Kanika disclosed that her first profit was ₹2000, when everything was shut down, this was a big challenge. There was no professional support as such. She managed tiny bits by working them out by herself. Google was the only resource helping with things.

When the situation returned to normal, the first challenge was to promote the brand and create trust among the people. It was just a small start-up and handling customer service all alone was not an easy task in any field, including the Travel business. Kanika mentioned, “People actually pay you for their happy trips and you need to make it the best every day.”

Now with her hard work and God’s grace, Ghumorey has served more than 1300 clients in two years.

An Extended Family

Revealing the client’s faith in her and Ghumorey, she told, “With time, my clients have become my extended family. They admire my honesty, my relationship with them, and my best guidance in where they can spend and save. I am honest in all my dealing and transactions.”

The clients and associates admire her for her honest dealings, strong and dedicated customer service, quick refunds, best guidance, and 24X7 availability for the clients who are travelling.

Guiding Advice

In her advice to the budding professionals entering the travel industry, Kanika said “Technology has taken over the world, everything is just available with a click of a button. However, it cannot replace human connection. 

I believe to be available for people when they need you or have purchased anything from your business, what human communication can do, the technology can never be able to take over. That’s called connection. If you have good relationships with people sooner or later, they will connect with you and would be clients forever.”

Travelling the Future with Trust and Care

As Kanika already advised, human connections and communications one-on-one with clients is something the technology would never replace.

At Ghumorey, they book air tickets online quickly, but when anyone initiates any cancellation online due to any reason, they are tense as to when and how the amount would be refunded. Kanika pointed out that these customers keep on calling customer service as someone personally should acknowledge the request that a refund would be processed, and the request has been received.

In today’s modern age of the latest gadgets and technologies where get all the updates immediately, people still require someone to listen to their requests, transactional issues, on ground travel support when they are in need. That one person customers always know who would be available on call to assist even when they are travelling is something irreplaceable by technology.