Kia’s Caren Model Hit Major Sales Milestone in Three Years of Rs. Five Lakh Unit

Kia’s Caren Model

Kia is a Korean carmaker company and is also available in the Indian market. The company has achieved a significant milestone in the country since its debut with the Kia Seltos in 2019. It has been one of the rapidly growing carmakers and highly competing with Mahindra and Mahindra, and it is also the fourth largest carmaker in India.

Kia has sold five lakh cars in the country since its appearance. Its latest three-row model, Carens, helped the company to achieve the milestone quicker than expected. But, especially since the launch of the Caren model in February, i.e., in the last five months Kia boosted its sales.

The Caren model helped Kia to sell their last unit in less than five months. Kia also declared that it had produced 6,34,224 units from its Anantapur manufacturing factory, which also incorporates export units. Kia India imparts more than six per cent in global sales.