A Futuristically Reimagined Vision of Customer Engagement and Loyalty


Customer relationship management is as tricky as it gets. With daily augmenting online channels and digital touchpoints, the incoming traffic of data streams must be managed, analyzed, interpreted, and leveraged effectively. Deploying human resources to handle this cumbersome task is unthinkable.

Though ingenious, human intelligence cannot navigate through the monotony, boredom, and frustrating intricacies of drawing meaningful correlations and purposeful connections between the constantly amplifying data and continuously shifting consumer dynamics.

Can the ever-advancing artificial intelligence of do the unimaginable?

Let us see: 

***** “Beer Cafe Rewards is another access point to our consumers; a way for our guests to engage with our brand, products, and digital experiences whilst it is a way for us to say thank you for joining our mission of having a fun and connected world. Kringle’s AI-based loyalty program has helped us achieve that by personalizing our offers,” shares Rahul Singh, the CEO of The Beer Café.

***** “The BE WATER Membership Platform that Kringle built for us allows subscribing members a direct connection to Bruce Lee through daily inspirational messages from my father’s philosophy and teachings. Members will also be eligible to win rare memorabilia from the Bruce Lee Family Archive and various exclusive licensed products through our monthly membership giveaway,” states Shannon Lee, the CEO of Bruce Lee LLC.

***** “Kringle has built a custom technology stack for us to take Loyalty and Rewards beyond just traditional Customer Rewards. Instead, focusing on Employees and their mental health/well-being + protect businesses owners at Client locations throughout North America,” says Charles Lew, the Founder of HRmony.

The Art of Customer Intel

Our reimagined vision of loyalty is mobile, real-time, gamified and highly personalized,” reveals Sandeep Soni, the President and CEO of––a leading AI Solution Provider specializing in the Loyalty and Rewards Domain, committed to driving innovation and excellence with a Mobile First approach.

Sandeep adds that with a team of seasoned AI experts and state-of-the-art technologies, excels in delivering tailored loyalty and Customer Retention solutions that empower businesses to create lasting customer connections. “Our USP lies in our deep expertise in loyalty analytics, personalized rewards, and customer behaviour insights, positioning us as the go-to choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge loyalty solutions that drive exceptional customer engagement,” he says.

The Cutting-Edge Leadership of an Enlightened Sun

Sandeep, a visionary AI Personality, based in Los Angeles, California embarked on an impressive journey in the Loyalty Domain, having worked with Citibank and other Global Banks in Credit Cards and payment solutions besides other Global Tech Companies and with extensive experience of serving Industry leaders like Walt Disney and Unilever which has helped in driving the company’s excellence in this field.

With his extensive experience in Payments, loyalty analytics, customer segmentation, and AI-driven rewards systems, Sandeep has played a pivotal role in establishing as a market leader. According to him, their expertise has been instrumental in developing innovative loyalty solutions that enable businesses to foster customer loyalty, retention, and advocacy like never before.

Reflecting on Clients’ Insights

Sandeep says that in the Loyalty Domain, their clients value their unwavering dedication to clients’ success. “We deeply understand the importance of customer loyalty for businesses, and our solutions reflect this insight.”

Clients appreciate team’s ability to deliver personalized loyalty programs that resonate with their target audience, drive customer engagement, and increase customer lifetime value. Transparency, data security, and a customer-centric approach set the company apart as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their loyalty strategies.

Being an experienced leader, Sandeep’s opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI impacts the Loyalty Solution space and how is adapting to the change is highly optimistic.

Transformational Tech

The adoption of AI in the Loyalty Solution space is transformative. With AI-driven loyalty analytics, businesses can now gain deeper insights into customer preferences, behaviours, and patterns. Sandeep furthers, “At our company, we embrace these advancements and invest in cutting-edge AI technologies that enable us to provide data-driven loyalty solutions. By leveraging AI, we empower businesses to offer hyper-personalized rewards and experiences that strengthen their customer relationships and drive brand loyalty.”

Nullifying Challenges

Considering the current industry scenario, Sandeep reveals that the Loyalty Domain presents unique challenges, such as fierce industry competition, customer churn, and evolving customer expectations.

To overcome these challenges, Sandeep ensures his team remains continuously innovative and refine their loyalty solutions. “Our team of AI experts stays updated with the latest industry trends, allowing us to develop loyalty programs that resonate with modern consumers. By fostering a culture of innovation and agility, we ensure that our loyalty solutions adapt to the dynamic market landscape, helping our clients stay ahead of the competition,” he mentions.

Smart Analytics

Sandeep further believes that AI solutions are paramount in shaping the future of the Loyalty Domain. They empower businesses to move beyond traditional one-size-fits-all loyalty programs and embrace hyper-personalization. He says, “At, we focus on developing AI-driven loyalty analytics that offers real-time insights into customer behaviour. Additionally, we integrate AI-based recommendation engines to curate personalized rewards, incentives, and experiences, elevating customer engagement and loyalty to new heights.”

Smarter Wisdom

To all aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the Loyalty Solution space, Sandeep offers this advice:

‘Embrace AI as a strategic enabler. Invest in building a strong foundation of AI expertise and leverage it to create innovative loyalty solutions that delight customers. Focus on understanding your client’s unique needs and design loyalty programs that foster genuine connections with their customers. By aligning your business with the power of AI and customer-centricity, you can unlock tremendous opportunities in the Loyalty Domain.’

Smartest Future

On envisioning AI’s role in transforming tomorrow’s Loyalty Solutions and scaling’s operations and offerings in the future, Sandeep divulges that AI’s role in transforming tomorrow’s Loyalty Solutions is revolutionary. He adds, “We envision AI-powered loyalty platforms that deliver unparalleled customer experiences. By harnessing AI to analyze vast amounts of data, we will enable businesses to accurately anticipate customer needs and preferences. As we scale our operations, AI will be at the core of our offerings, supporting businesses in crafting loyalty programs that drive customer advocacy, loyalty, and sustainable growth.”

Sandeep also shares that their clients in the Loyalty Domain have expressed immense satisfaction with’s solutions, citing increased customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth.

“While we respect their privacy, we take great pride in serving Fortune 500 companies, iconic brands like Ben & Jerry’s and world leaders in Payment solutions and the Food & Beverage Industries. These relationships reinforce our position as a leading AI Solution Provider in the Loyalty Domain, recognizing our commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional loyalty solutions that create meaningful and lasting customer relationships,” he concludes.

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