Erasing Language Barriers by Simplibot Converting Voice into Text Transcripts


Online videos, audio, video conferences, meetings, sessions, and conversations are like whirlwinds. Yet, in the meet, greet, study-or-work-from-anywhere culture, they are our daily interpersonal necessity and intrapersonal reality.

On the one hand, they are exceptionally vital. On the other, when we need them in the text format to utilize afterwards, there’s no way to get so many videos-audios’ spoken in so many different languages transcribed.

Even if we sit listening to them forever, we need multiple translators only to help us transliterate different mother tongues of native people. Languages like Bengali, English (Indianized), Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Even though human intelligence is exceptional, it has language barriers that severely limit the rate and speed of translation and transcriptions. Furthermore, time, money, effort, resources, and everything required to see such an exercise bear fruitful results will be simply overwhelming.

What about, an artificially intelligent mobile app available at that can be easily downloaded to help you streamline your pre or live-recorded audio, voice, interviews, meetings, lectures, consultations, dialogues, conversations with transcriptions and diarization (an audio stream partitioning process of human speech into homogeneous segments).

Communicate Effectively-Transcribe Easily

It is the most pragmatic, easily accessible, time-saving, and affordable solution. I know, I know! So many questions are arising in your mind now that you might get caught in a kind of tornado yourself. Because you are definitely wondering, how does it work? 

Then don’t worry!

Shweta Nag, the Chief Revenue Officer, will answer all your questions. She informs that is a mobile service developed to provide audio recording and transcription on every mobile device with a registered user ID. Record a meeting on your mobile app or upload audio files to get your transcript. transcribes all local Indian languages like Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.’s other features include.

Voice-to-text transcription: Save time with automated audio notes. Structure your meetings better and deliver quality in your research.

Supports nine vernacular languages: Presently, Transcript quality depends on audio quality.

Accessible on your phone: Download the mobile application and use it on the go to record your audio for transcription.

Edit and analyze your transcripts: Capture key moments and categorize them with Snippets. Label them and add more context to your conversation.

Share your heuristical insights: Provide clear and detailed media information about the heuristic, including its purpose any limitations or potential biases. is more open to feedback and suggestions from others to improve your research.

Browse transcripts: automatically captures and updates transcript data across your teams, deals and pipeline.

Actionable records: Act on key heuristics to improve productivity for prospecting, pipeline management, forecasting and sales coaching.

Easy access: Coach and onboard teams faster, create unified insights into customer teams to turn bottom performers into A-players.

Amazing Interlink – Why

Shweta says that at, they understand the importance of accuracy and precision in all of their transcriptions. “So whether you’re in the medical, legal, education, technical, or any other industry, you can trust us to provide accurate and reliable audio transcription services.”

Data is communicated across internal stakeholders, boards, government regulators, insurance, underwriters and third-party vendor ecosystems while operating a is here to ensure that the transcribed words are spelt correctly and pronounced accurately.

Often, teams cannot capture on-spot heuristics, timestamp key moments, create clips from recordings, and search past meetings, hence missing out on important insights. Mobile Application is built for fulfilling various roles, including UX/user research projects, hiring and recruitment, sales coaching, and customer success benchmarking.

The tool is suitable for solo researchers, small businesses or enterprise-level research teams and is gaining traction within various industries. is also helpful in the fast and affordable onboarding of research participants, with the ability to target specific demographics and professions by their Email IDs. You can create, manage and run your group-based research activities using the app. “If you have used the app and want to actively improve the product, drop in your suggestions here on the website or just say ‘hi!’ on any of our social media,” appeals Shweta.

From the League of Future Champions

Shweta hails from a small city in North Rajasthan, Sri Ganganagar. As a banker, she has worked with HDFC Bank Ltd. and has been an active start-up enthusiast since 2017. She has put her knowledge in Accounting and Taxation to set up the sales pipeline at Her ability to quickly engage in meaningful conversations and advisory on Enterprise operations makes her a valuable asset for AI adoption and digital transformation.

Shweta embodies exceptional leadership, strategic acumen, and a keen understanding of market dynamics. She excels in revenue generation, forging client relationships, and driving business growth through innovative sales and marketing strategies. Her adaptability and vision make her a driving force in’s success.

Pushing the Limits of Possibilities

Shweta further explains that is pushing boundaries by enabling seamless processing of local languages. “Our guiding metric, the Word Error Rate (WER), in Speech-to-Text Large Language Models (LLMs) is the best for languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada and Marathi. It reflects our commitment to accuracy,” she adds.’s technology strives to minimize errors, ensuring effective and precise language processing, thus bridging language barriers for a more inclusive and accessible digital world.

Stop losing on any heuristic unit. can help. speech processing algorithms use heuristics to identify different phonemes or speech sounds in a speech signal. Three common heuristic units used for this purpose are:

Spectral Analysis: involves analyzing the spectrum of the speech signal to identify different spectral patterns associated with each phoneme.

Formant Analysis: involves identifying the frequencies at which resonances occur in the vocal tract during speech production to identify different formant configurations associated with each phoneme.

Contextual Analysis: involves using the surrounding context of a phoneme to help identify it, particularly when the acoustic properties of two or more phonemes are similar.

Outwitting Obstacles

Considering the current industry scenario, according to Shweta, encounters challenges such as awareness, user adoption, distribution access barriers, and distribution channel management. Building brand recognition, demonstrating unique value, ensuring accessibility, and maintaining trust is pivotal in overcoming these hurdles. Effective marketing, user education, seamless user experiences, and active engagement with users are essential strategies to tackle these challenges successfully.

Advanced Tech-Empowerment

She believes that artificial intelligence solutions are the future. The use of AI boosts user productivity through its intelligent and user-friendly solutions. By leveraging proprietary AI technology, streamlines tasks and simplifies complex processes by creating a structure for your storage, documentation and teamwork. It saves time. Its intuitive interface ensures easy use, allowing users to access powerful tools effortlessly. The result is an efficient and productive experience, empowering individuals and organisations to achieve more with less effort.

Embrace the Tech-Knowl-Edge

In her advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the AI Solution space, Shweta says that one should want to focus and invest in having the right strategy, enterprise deal sourcing, observing diligent management and delivering to partners you choose to invest time with. Various entrepreneurs and companies in India have invested heavily in AI over the past couple of years, and they have witnessed the power of technology to sustain both increased scale and hacking growth.

Let’s Simplify Our Today and Tomorrow

On envisioning AI’s role in transforming tomorrow and scaling’s operations and offerings in the future, Shweta divulges that is strategically focused on product-oriented growth to enhance its operations. She adds, “Initially, we are concentrating on developing a robust app, ensuring it meets users’ needs effectively. Once we establish a strong product-market fit and gather valuable insights, we plan to expand the offerings into an enterprise-level solution.”

This approach ensures’s growth is driven by a clear understanding of customer requirements and market demands, resulting in a scalable and impactful enterprise product.

By Mutually Better Understanding Each Other 

As a part of their expansion plans, Shweta has great news for aspiring professionals! “You can now experience the app for free for up to a month on us!”

Simply, download the app from the Play Store using this QR Code:

Google Play Store

Unleash the power of “To learn more about our services and explore additional resources, visit our website at Join us today and supercharge your productivity with!” concludes Shweta.

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