Lightspeed Photonics names Mahir Mehta as Chief Business Officer, with plans for global expansion

Lightspeed Photonics

Lightspeed Photonics, a pioneer in integrating photonics with electronics, has appointed Mahir Mehta as its new Chief Business Officer (CBO). Mehta brings extensive experience in business development and a strong track record of nurturing startups. In his role, he will be responsible for driving strategic business growth, forging key partnerships, and leveraging his industry knowledge to chart the application of Lightspeed’s technology across multiple sectors.

With over 25 years of international experience in various regions, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, the United States, and India, Mehta has held significant positions in finance, business planning, operations, and business development. He joins Lightspeed Photonics from Intel, where he served as the Business Development Director for the Internet of Things (IoT) and played a crucial role in the success of the Intel Startup Program.

During his tenure at Intel, Mehta fostered key partnerships and facilitated the growth of numerous startups within the program. His comprehensive understanding of emerging technologies, product roadmaps, and business strategies played a vital role in achieving significant results.

Rohin Y, Founder-CEO of Lightspeed Photonics, expressed delight in welcoming Mahir Mehta as the Chief Business Officer, emphasizing his experience in business development and finance. Mehta’s passion for nurturing startup growth and his strategic vision make him a valuable addition to the leadership team. The company believes that Mehta’s expertise will propel Lightspeed Photonics into new territories and enable them to disrupt data center systems while exploring applications in various industries.

Mahir Mehta expressed his honor in joining Lightspeed Photonics and highlighted the company’s innovative technology and potential to revolutionize the photonics industry. He is eager to work with the team to drive business growth, develop innovative use cases, and create value for customers, partners, and investors.

Prior to his role at Intel, Mehta held notable positions at Star and HP, where he excelled in portfolio management, treasury operations, corporate finance, and business planning.