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Suryan Organic

In current health-conscious times, there are two ways to treat all our diseases and take care of our health. One is external treatment with allopathic medicines, which are undoubtedly lifesaving, but tends to leave the patient with several side effects in many cases. Further, diseases, including COVID-19, show signs of returning even after being fully vaccinated to torment the already weakened body.

The other method is holistic healing by changing our lifestyle- returning to the roots and healing the body by eliminating the root causes of all the problems. When we look at our parents, we can see that they lived in the truly natural era, where authentic and natural food and medicines were norms, not novelty. Similarly, one of the most significant branches of Ayurveda is GIR Gauveda, as developed by Suryan Organic ( by combining its forces with Bansi GIR Gaushala.

We, The Founding Family of of Suryan Organic (Brand name SOSE), believe that Gaumata has been assigned tremendous significance in the Vedas and Ayurveda. Vedas state that the ‘gavyas’ (milk, curd, ghee, ‘gomutra’ and ‘gomay’) of ‘santusht’ (satisfied) and ‘prasann’ (happy) Gaumatas are ‘kalyankari’ (auspicious) and ‘mangalkari’ (beneficial). As stated in Ayurvedic texts, such ‘gavyas’ are highly beneficial to the body and help multiply the healing qualities of medicinal herbs when processed appropriately.

In the Care of the Divine Mother

We are also ethical and Natural food, natural home care and handmade personal care brand from the house of Suryan Organic. We were born out of the need to start at the beginning, to go to the roots of our problems. As an enterprise inspired by Bansi Gir Gaushala’s mission, our aim is to contribute to the revival of “Gau Sanskriti,” an ancient culture that placed the Gaumata (Cow as the Divine Mother) at the center of all economic, cultural and social activity.

Agriculture is the foundation of such a culture, and with this paradigm, we seek solutions to the problems facing Bharat and humanity at large.

Our country and the world spends billions of dollars yearly on synthetic fertilizer and pesticide subsidies. It introduces toxic chemicals into the food chain driving health imbalances and leads to further spends on public health. There is an urgent need to develop natural methods to improve farm production and distribution.

With more than ten years of ethical and natural food research and development, our parent, Suryan Organic aims to introduce a new ethical revolution, guided by the expertise of being the 11th generation of farmers. We are associated with over thousands of trusted farmers all over Bharat who utilize ethical and natural methods in. We believe that if we have to make a difference in society, our influence must extend from the farm to the urban household.

For Farmers, we are

  • Resourceful Knowledge Partnershelping them turn to ethical and natural farming or improve their farm productivity. We are inspired by the mission of and work closely with Bansi Gir Gaushala, which helps farmers with the knowledge and materials required for Gopalan and natural farming using traditional Vedic methods. For smaller farmers, we help them get their produce tested in a laboratory if required. Our commitment to farmers springs from our vision of “Samruddh Kissan, Samruddh Bharat.” Our knowledge of ethical and natural farming, coupled with sensible intelligence of the natural foods market, is the formidable asset that we put at the disposal of our farmer partners whenever required.
  • Reliable Market Makersand buyers to help them find the best prices for their ethical and natural produce. We have loyal retail customers visiting our SOSE Pure Nature boutiques, and we can also arrange bulk buyers. Our efforts aim to reduce market uncertainties for our farmers, so they can do their best to grow the most nutritious natural produce. We help farmers develop their businesses with new products and marketing.

For Consumers and Resellers, we are

  • Extremely Dependable Suppliersto help them lead a natural lifestyle. We care for our health and want our farmers and consumers to be happy and healthy. Our commitment to ethical and natural sourcing springs from our mission to revive Bharat’s ancient roots, our Vedic “Gau Sanskriti”, and our vision of “Swasth Parivar, Swasth Bharat”. We often go out of our way, at a significant cost to us and beyond regulatory or legal requirements to determine if our products are truly natural and ethical. We don’t just go by the letter of the law and ask for natural certification from our suppliers. We insist on solid proof that what they supply is truly natural. In case of doubts, we often get the products tested in an independent laboratory ourselves. So, when consumers buy from us, they are assured of the purity and authenticity of what they buy. When resellers stock our products, they can be similarly confident that they partner with the best in the natural products segment.
  • Creative Knowledge Partnersto help consumers enhance their well-being in line with Bharat’s ancient Vedic traditions. We are inspired by Bansi Gir Gaushala and take full advantage of the Gaushala’s rich knowledge base and experience in Vedic nutritional and medical practices to help consumers. We design new products that align with ancient Ayurvedic philosophy while still appealing to modern youth. We also distribute Gaushala’s full range of products, including “Gau Veda” herbal medicines and supplements that exploit synergies between Gopalan and Ayurveda. We also wish to influence a change in society, to rouse in people a curiosity for what they have inherited from their ancient forefathers, but have so far failed to appreciate. We work to make a positive difference in how people think about food.

Today we have a huge product line of Ethical, Natural and Ayurvedic products: over 550+ Natural products available at stores and online. Our customer base, stores and farmers’ network continue to grow as we seek solutions to modern-day problems by looking back to our ancient Bharatiya “GauSanskriti.”

Illuminating the World with the Eternal Wisdom

Bansi Gir Gaushala was established in 2006 by Shri Gopalbhai Sutariya to revive, regain and re-establish Bharat’s ancient Vedic culture. In Vedic traditions, the Cow was revered as Divine Mother, the Gomata or Gaumata, and one which bestows health, knowledge, and prosperity. In Sanskrit, the word “Go” also means “Light.”

But as time passed and humanity entered the Dark Age (“Kali Yuga”), much of this wisdom was lost. In modern times, Gaumata has become a victim of human greed. The place of Gaumata in Bharatiya society has degenerated to being a mere component of animal husbandry. In worst cases, and which are not uncommon, the “Cow” has become an “asset” in accounting terminology, a factor of production for “industry”. Science has devised novel techniques to increase milk production, often at the cost of inflicting inhuman suffering on Gaumata and her family, while humanity enjoys the fruits that she continues to grant despite our transgressions.

However, Gaumata’s fall from her exalted position in Bharatiya society has had catastrophic consequences for Bharat and the world, giving rise to ecological imbalances and a multitude of diseases to which modern science has no answers. Bharat has lost much of the beauty, scholarship and abundance she enjoyed in the Vedic period.

The solution to the world’s problems as we see it is both external (material) and internal (spiritual). We believe it is now crucial to raise the “Cow” to her original exalted position of “Gaumata.” With her blessings, Bansi Gir Gaushala works as a living laboratory to revive Bharat’s ancient Vedic “Go Sanskriti” and introduce time-tested Vedic paradigms in all aspects of modern life, be it nutrition, health, education, agriculture or business.

Reviving Ancient GIR Cow Lineage 

Today, BansiGir Gaushala is blessed with over 700 Gaumata’s and Nandi’s of the Gir variety. Under Gopalbhai’s leadership, the Gaushala, in its scope and function, has gone much beyond being a centre of excellence in Gopalan. The Gaushala is breaking new grounds and developing novel formulations in Ayurveda, introducing new practices in ethical farming and making concerted efforts at reviving the ancient Bharatiya education system.

Every year hundreds, including Gaumata devotees, saints, Ayurveda experts, the general public and people working in the field of Gopalan and agriculture visit the Gaushala to learn from Gopalbhai or share their expertise. He strongly believes that farmers in Bharat can regain their health and prosperity by adopting indigenous Gaumata breeds and raising them ethically using the ancient Bharatiya practice of “Dohan.” He continues to work towards reviving ancient Bharatiya Vedic culture, traditions and spiritual practices.

Testament to GIR Gauveda

Bansi Gir Gauveda is an outcome of the holy foundation of service provided by BansiGir Gaushala. Our products are made using the highest quality herbs, under the supervision of leading Ayurvedacharyas of Bharat, using our proprietary processes consistent with Gau Adharit Ayurveda’s best traditions. Our supplements have helped to bring lasting health to thousands of people over the last few years.

Given below are brief notes from experiences shared by some of these people. We sincerely hope these testimonials inspire others to pursue Gau Adharit Ayurveda for their healthcare needs.

  • Suffered from serious left ventricle dysfunction and injection projection, was admitted to ICU and advised three months rest thereafter. Started Gauveda medicines Arjun Ghrit, Dhavalamrut, Arjun Chai and Phalamrut with daily Pranayam. Experience significant relief and improvement in 2D echo report.” Akash Dave (Ahmedabad).
  • Suffering from various ailments including obesity, depression, sleeplessness, joint pains, etc., since a long time. I tried many medicines, but there was no change in my condition. After starting Gauveda medicines, in just one month patient feels her entire situation changed and experienced significant relief in all symptoms.” Manjulaben Makwana (Ahmedabad).
  • Suffering from sleeplessness, muscle stretches anxiety, high BP and heart-related problems. After a few months of taking Gauveda medications, patient gets good sleep, stretch in muscles has ceased, anxiety reduced, and BP has reduced to 130/80.” Yogesh Parkhi (Ahmedabad).
  • Significant reduction in weight after starting Gauveda medicines.” Urvish Jaiswal (Ahmedabad).
  • Patient suffered from high BP, stress, sleeplessness, body ache and cholesterol. After three months of taking Gauveda medicines, the patient has experienced significant relief, better sleep, lower stress levels, etc. On one occasion, the patient also experienced symptomatic relief from cough using GirAyur Rub.” Akhilesh Mehta (Ahmedabad).
  • Obesity and cholesterol – treated with Arjun Ghrit, Akar capsule, GodhatriGhrit and Lasamrut capsules – significant weight reduction, bad cholesterol levels have gone down, and good cholesterol level has gone up. Also found relief from sinus & high mucus issues with GirAhinsakNasya.” Ravi Kumar (Ahmedabad).
  • Sharp reduction and normalization in fasting plasma glucose, HbA1C, post-prandial plasma glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels within 2.5 months of being treated with Gauveda medicines.” Prashant Parikh (Ahmedabad).

We are happy to announce that we have been awarded the ’10 Most Reliable Organic Brands in Bharat’ by The Global Hues for our outstanding performance and lasting contribution to the ethical and natural Industry.