Mansi Rana: Triumphantly Driving Her Entrepreneurial Dreams

mansi rana

Enterprise after enterprise an astute, visionary, and adept entrepreneur brings unique solutions to those problems which many of us could not know even existed. Apart from their innately entrepreneurial drive, there must be something special about them that inspires them to be leaders par exemplars.

In the case of Mansi Rana, Managing Director of EZ Ranking IT Services Pvt Ltd, and further establishing three other organizations in a span of twelve years, that stirring drive has been her kids who became her biggest inspiration to venture into the business arena. Mansi reveals, “I always dreamt of spending more time with them, and launching my own Agency gave me that freedom. Fast forward 12 years later, my kids have got busy with school life so now the motivation is to check a lot of boxes from the wish list that my team and I have.”

A Passionate Dream Ride Begins

Telling the saga of her entrepreneurship from the beginning, Manasi says that the journey started in the year 2010 after her first child turned two. She initiated her entrepreneurship plunge after a brief discussion with her better half and a strong sense of security from her family. She does not shy away from saying and admitting that the journey started with full-on motivation at her end along with the team of people who joined her in taking this forward.

She shares, “It is surely a proud feeling to look back and see how far we have come with EZ Rankings and the confidence it gave me to venture into other spaces.”

EZ Rankings is now a well-known name in the digital world and has over 600+ clients across the globe. So, after ten years with her first venture, Mansi launched another venture two years ago by the name of Indian Parenting Blog.

It is all about building a community for Indian parents and currently enjoys over 50,000 visits a month and over 74000+ families on Social Media Platforms. “It was earlier this year that I decided on launching my own consultancy firm wherein I personally work with clients to identify and achieve their Digital Goals,” informs Mansi.

Crossing Over the Hurdles

Be it personal, professional, or entrepreneurial life, challenges, obstacles, hurdles, and struggles are part and parcel of the journey. In Mansi’s words, there were many initial challenges that she had to surmount to ensure her enterprise’s success rate reached greater heights. Gaining trust from people, be it clients or teams is always a Big Challenge while launching any business.

However, Mansi says that she looked at them as learning opportunities. Mansi states, “Along with lots of patience and perseverance, it takes persistent and genuine efforts to create Brand presence and register the name in clients’ minds.”

Emotionally Intelligent Quotient

Some leaders are good with their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and others are more skilled in their Emotional Quotient (EQ). When probed about her leadership skills, values, and qualities she thinks her clients admire in her and her many ventures the most, Mansi expresses, “I think I am being valued for the balance in EQ and IQ, I bring to the businesses I lead.”

Daring of the Entrepreneurial Kind

Daring is another quality that is essential to being an entrepreneur, as they have to constantly battle unforeseen adversities and competitive adversaries. Further, fearlessness is not only about solving people’s problems but it is also about knowing perfectly about one’s own limitations and being transparent and honest about them.

In Mansi’s situation, she says, “I also like to believe that I bring a fearless attitude to the workspace wherein we didn’t give in to unrealistic benchmarks or insane requests.”

An Empowering Passionista

Gender is another limitation stopping many women from identifying their own passion and venturing into their dream entrepreneurial enterprise. Here countering this trend Mansi has proven that if you are passionate about your dream then nothing and nobody can stop you.

She adds, “Last but not least, I believe I try and empower a lot of women I work with as I strongly feel that women should come forward and create a niche for themselves in any industry they feel passionate about.”

Unique Solutions Platforms

Moreover, by sharing the USPs that highlight her four brand’s uniqueness in the industry they are catering to, Mansi conveys that every brand comes with its own USP.

“With, I bring innovative techniques, aggressive tracking of impact, and close monitoring of results.

With EZ Rankings, we take a lot of pride in offering Premium Quality Work and Superior Customer Service.

With Indian Parenting Blog, we are one of the few platforms that is focused on modern parenting for both parents and not just one-sided parenting.

With EZ HR Consultants, we are known for our Honest and Ethical Approach around Drafting Policies OR rolling out the modern employee evaluation process.”

Wisdom Treasure

Also, as an experienced professional, when asked what would she like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world, Mansi states, “Be Patient, Be Consistent and Be Ethical. All three of these qualities will help you sustain and taste success over a period of time.”

Embracing Tech Automation

Finally, on envisioning her many brands and especially regarding her company EZ Ranking IT Services Pvt Ltd’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Mansi says that they are obviously very vigilant with scenarios and approach changing so frequently around them.

In fact, in the last year, we have gone 100% Automated with WhatsApp Support, Chat Support and we can clearly see the benefits the automation drive and advanced technologies adoption are bringing,” concludes Mansi.