Anirudh Singh Tomar: Shaping Your Dream Architectures via Disha Enterprises

anirudh singh tomar

The Indian Engineering Genius Sir M Visvesvaraya once said, “The way to build a nation is to build a good citizen.” On a similar line, Anirudh Singh Tomar has always been taught by his father, Mr Virendra Singh Tomar, the Founder and Managing Director of Disha Enterprises. Anirudh learned from his father that good citizens put the nation above everything else–all their deeds are toward their nation’s sustainable growth, development, and prosperity by uplifting society, community, and our people. One way to do that is by developing national infrastructure and local real estate by shaping people’s dream architecture.

Disha Enterprises is a leading construction company in Indore, working in a diversified construction field for the last 15 years. Under Anirudha’s exemplary Directorship, the firm is on the path of realizing its CMD, Virendra Singh’s dreams. An expert professional civil engineer, Virendra has 35 years of solid experience in various fields, including construction, real estate development, urban, rural, and township infrastructural planning, and several other areas.

A Saga of Intelligent Teamwork

From childhood, Anirudh always idolized his father, Virendra and thus opted for BE Civil just like his father. He successfully received a degree in 2013 after graduating from the Sanghvi Innovative Academy Indore (SIA).

Soon he joined Disha Enterprises. The father-son duo worked hard, yet due to a global lull in the infrastructural activities and economic crunch affecting the real estate sector, the firm went into bankruptcy by the end of 2018.

However, due to Virendra’s indomitable willpower and his inculcating a never-to-die attitude in his son Anirudh, they decided to build the company again from scratch. “We began from the ground zero. It was a time of immense hardship. Nonetheless, our faith in our abilities and strengths never waned. Rather, we began with renewed enthusiasm and with an aim to emerge like a phoenix from the ashes and reach the top. Our current year’s turnover is ₹ four crores,” reflects Anirudh.

And in just three-four years, by surmounting mountainous challenges and weathering the pandemic storm, they rose to such heights that in February 2022, their firm Disha Enterprises received the globally recognized and prestigious award of ‘Most Creative Interior Designer of the Year -2021’ from Global Architect & Builder Awards (GABA). Anirudh adds, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Transforming the Architectural Visions into Reality    

Today, Disha Enterprises’ range of business verticals comprises residential, Commercial, Renovation and Heritage sites, Industrial Construction, Roads, Bridges and Telecom Construction works. “We are known for our qualities and values like smart and hard work, unwavering ethics, uncompromising approach, positive attitude, honesty, transparency, dedication, quick turnaround time, on-time project completion, and premium quality construction works,” shares Anirudh.

Detailing some of the unique services provided by Disha Enterprises, Anirudh says that they include,

*Communication Towers: “We have experience of almost 250 sites in MP and almost 100 sites where we raised telecommunications towers for telecom companies like Idea and Airtel. We have also done USO projects, pole mounting, strengthening, rigger services, line extension, BTS installation, and OFC Work.”

*Dams and Barrages: “We are a leading provider of dam engineering services with a growing portfolio of projects. We’ve been engaged in the study, design and construction of major dams and barrages for many years and have undertaken dam projects covering all forms of dam construction.”

*Intake Wells: “We are the experienced Intake well designers and construction contractors.” Intake Well Construction Services are carefully implemented by employing advanced construction techniques and using high-quality materials. “Our Well Construction is completely based on the parameters of slot sizes, Well depth and types of Well.”

*Pipelines: “We are experienced in all types of pipe materials and systems that deliver the water from the source to the plant and the end user.”

Rowing the Flag of Success

Speaking about the contemporary challenges he and his team of 25 employees at Disha Enterprises’ have to overcome, Anirudh says it includes dealing with compromised competition. These unethical competitors grab the projects by promising work at the lowest rate, leaving projects in-between completion. Then bureaucracy’s expectations from the best constructors and architects, like Disha Enterprises, to work at those lowest rates and provide the highest quality work becomes a deterrent in undertaking and delivering such work.

“We never compromise on our quality. Because we know that when some unfortunate mishaps and accidents happen because of low-quality constructions, your brand image is jeopardized,” believes Anirudh.

Revealing their other accomplishments, Anirudh says that so far, they have finished many projects all over Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh, including,

*Raymond’s Central Bungalow in Thane: Anirudh puts, “This was our latest project where we renovated an old constructed house and turned it into a heritage home in Thane Mumbai. This was one of the most important projects for our company as it belongs to a renowned person in India.”

*Raymond Racing Track: “We successfully completed our new project on time, Raymond Drifting Track and T97 RDC, in 2021. It became an event to witness a plethora of Vintage, Classic and Supercars on the last Republic Day!” reveals Anirudh.

*Joint Venture Project with MSKVA Eco Energy: Disha Enterprises built Madhya Pradesh’s first ever 100% Solar Energy powered Gram Panchayat in Bandka village.

*Factory and Road Work for Ring Plus Aqua Ltd: “We have completed the project in record time, giving the premium quality work at a very reasonable price. A win-win situation,” says Anirudh.

Fostering an Archi-Tech-Integrated Future

Speaking about advanced technological adoption, Anirudh informs that he is continuously researching Home Automation, Integrated System Engineering, Tech-Enabled Construction, and Advance Infrastructure Developments. “We are coming up with many home automation solutions where the entire house is interconnected with private, public, personal and professional spaces giving everyone a seamlessly connected experience,” he shares.

Further, under his adept leadership and his father’s visionary guidance, they are quickening their expansion mode. “You will see us in various prestigious projects soon. If you too want the best quality architectural work, you can contact us at or visit us at

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