Modi Declares Victory in the Indian election, but Must Rely on Coalition Partners due to a Decline in Support

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Even though his party lost seats to a stronger-than-expected opposition that retaliated against his inconsistent economic record and divisive politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared victory for his alliance in the general election in India, claiming a mandate to carry forward with his agenda.

Speaking to an audience at his party’s headquarters on Tuesday, Modi declared, “Today’s victory is the victory of the world’s largest democracy,” adding that Indian voters have “shown immense faith” in both his party and the coalition he leads, the National Democratic Alliance.
The NDA secured 294 seats, which is more than the 272 seats required to obtain a majority, but far fewer than anticipated, according to official results released by India’s Election Commission on Wednesday.

His Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party got 240 seats, significantly fewer than the record 303 it won in the 2019 election, but it failed not achieve a majority on its own for the first time since it stormed to power in 2014.

Modi, who had anticipated an overwhelming victory, will now require the backing of other parties in his alliance, which is a devastating setback for the 73-year-old. 370 seats will probably go to Modi’s party and another 30 seats to his supporters, he predicted during his campaign.

He now relies on the backing of important partners, such as the Janata Dal (United), which won 12 seats in eastern Bihar state, and the Telugu Desam Party, which has 16 seats in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Times of India newspaper wrote in an editorial that “Indian voters can’t be taken for granted.” Voters have made it quite evident that economic goals and employment are important. The outcomes’ economic lesson is that jobs are important.

The Congress party increased their number of seats from 52 in the 2019 elections to 99. Among its most important partners, the Samajwadi Party stunned the BJP by winning 37 seats in the state of Uttar Pradesh’s north; the All India Trinamool Congress won 29 seats in the state of West Bengal; and the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam won 22 seats in the state of Tamil Nadu’s south.

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