Mohammed BaseerUlla: A Visionary of BUILDCRAFT URBANSCAPE LLP

Mohammed BaseerUlla
Mohammed BaseerUlla | Partners

Our passionate heart’s artistic dream envisions our future in a space crafted by the architectonics of our mind in the interwoven strings of our life and time. As we shape our environments, our surroundings reflect our personalities. The environment in which we live, as well as the time that shapes our today and tomorrow, to form an unbreakable bond that lasts a lifetime. We are emotionally attached to the places where we create our repertoire of memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Accepting the modernity of a changing world, we must adapt to the novelties that will emerge in all aspects of human progress. However, we are unable to cut the cord with our infinite hope and limitless optimism, which opens up a multiverse of possibilities.

That is why, when one sees architectural panoramas created by BUILDCRAFT URBANSCAPE, one gets the impression that the space has become a living entity encompassing universal grandeur in all its intricately ingrained elements of everlasting brilliance.

Eternal Elegance

Mohammed and team Buildcraft’s ‘Design Philosophy is grounded in sheer excellence. He believes that ‘Architecture is beyond the confinement of space, time, and material. “It’s rather Timeless, Experiential, Expressional, Explorational, Aspirational, and Influential and this increases the domain of architecture into various allied fields of design. Our design approach is human-centric considering factors like context/climate/art and culture/human psychology/socio-economics, technology, etc., as vectors.”

Mohammed informs that so far they have designed more than ten million sq. ft. of space and 150 plus projects over the past decade. Mohammed shares, “Our practice, over a decade, consists of explorations in various disciplines ‘architecture, interiors, advance design, urban design’ and various building typologies ‘residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, public–semipublic, educational, offices, community centers, transit stations, urban design interventions. It goes beyond providing technical solutions, specifically in its value additions and building clientele relations.”

Mohammed, holding a B. Arch degree from Hubli, and M. Arch in Advance Architecture from London, is equally supported by Raj Kumar Pandit, another Founding Partner, Architect, Urbanist, and Academian with a similar degree of B. Arch from Hubli and M.Arch in Advance  Design, from Manipal.

Mohammed explains that they try to identify a perspective through which they approach each individual project and the methods are usually tangents of that conversation.

Speaking about their associates, Mohammed conveys that a lot of people contribute to transforming the design into reality they are proudly associated with them, where few are since its inception. Their expertise and experience not only give technical solutions to the projects but adds value to the project by providing end-to-end solutions.

Talking more about their team, he says that it consists of diversified professionals like Architects, Draftsmen, Civil Engineers, Site Engineers, and Interns who make a perfect place for knowledge sharing. Office environment and culture motivate and encourage its team members beyond the teachings of professionalism and technicalities. Members coming across India create a lively culture of learnings/experiments and explorations in the process of co-working.

Mohammed and team’s vision is smoothly transitioned into reality through…


…which is founded by Mohammed along with Raj and Imran, coming from an Architectural stream, with a common goal to excel in the domain of ‘project management, construction, and development.’ Mohammed says, “In a world where possibilities are endless, at the brim, where human emotions meet, materialism is where we rise, Buildcraft Urbanscape.”

At Buildcraft, they have expertise in Project management and Construction for various types of buildings. Saying, “Look beyond your typical establishments. There we are crafting spaces and redefining luxury. Our proficiency in the domain of construction, development and project management has driven us to engage with the most preeminent clientele across the globe. Our project spotlight unique designs, exemplary finishes, keen eye to detail, while featuring an integral part of our philosophy evoking humane touch,” Mohammed reveals, “Our key philosophy is to have a holistic approach of execution, where our efforts go beyond ensuring Quality and Time. Our engagement is certainly about adding value to the project within a given time frame.”

Speaking about the USPs of Buildcraft, Baseer and Raj says that with an experience of more than a decade of in Execution and project management, they understand the nitty-gritty of project management and construction dynamics. “We not only believe in delivering a quality product in a given time frame but also give cutting edge solutions based on architectural knowledge and wisdom,” they state.

Imran Durvesh further adds, “In addition to our experience of delivering cutting edge architectural solutions while ensuring exceptional artistry, the focus, effort and dedication of our highly driven employees in executing our projects allows us to be a pioneer in this industry. Our collective goal to craft your locale to be class apart is what makes us different. We are Buildcraft Urbanscape.”

According to Imran, India has…

A Long and Unique History of Art

with several indigenous crafts and practices passed down across generations of artisan communities.

Unfortunately, with the accession to industrialization from the mid-18th to early 19th century, cheaper forms of crafts based on industrial labor replaced the craftsmanship of the Karigar. This shift was a substantial setback to the Indian craftsmen. Today, many artisans struggle for survival and their unique crafts remain endangered. With the lack of product design, modern marketing techniques and various forms of Indian arts and crafts are becoming redundant,

The idea is to explore the application of these lost art and craft forms into buildings and spaces, creating a tailored designed space that is rooted in a strong sense of belonging.

The integration has various possibilities, the approach to creating crafted expressions varies from developing narratives for an integrated architectural scale to small interior treatments layering in details. This fusion will breathe new life into these age-old forms and skills

Imran says, “At Buildcraft Urbanscape, we believe these interventions will not only revive and promote regional art forms but also honor and support craft communities and their livelihoods.”

Luxurious Indulgence

Telling more about their strengths, Imran says that an Execution and Management Firm founded by architects have always had an edge. “With a strong portfolio and association with international standard practicing agencies in construction, we ensure high-quality workmanship and professionalism.” The backbone of any company is its employees and Mohammed feels that they are privileged to have dedicated and tirelessly working staff, who joins them to achieve Buildcraft’s goals. “Our associates like Emaad and Kunj are like precious jewels to the firm.”

At BUILDCRFAT URBANSCAPE, their philosophy is again unique. Baseer expresses, “In the era of the human race for development and progress, somewhere we have lost our values and emotional connections, and buildings have become byproducts of our greed and technological achievement. Our attempt is to redefine the notion of the construction process by evoking human touch, where buildings are no longer structures but habitable spaces and hence need crafting.”

Sharing their long-term vision, Raj claims, “Anything we build, keeps building us, with this quote, we believe whether small or big, a project is an attempt to make a better neighborhood, a better skyline, and a better nation.”

On similar lines, he concludes, “We at Buildcraft envision achieving excellence through quality, ethics, and dedication to deliver the best results.”